Our Savage Ancestry

            Ascendants and Descendants of Robinson T. Savage, Sr.


Robinson T. Savage, Sr. of Accomack Co., Virginia, Sussex Co., Delaware

and early Pioneer of Allegany/Garrett County, Maryland.

By:  R. Blair Savage -  6622 Garde Rd., Boynton Beach, Florida.

               This paper is intended to supplement the book, SAVAGE IS MY NAME, by R. Blair Savage.

The information in SAVAGE IS MY NAME has been carefully documented, as described in the book, however much of the information in the following chart was put together with contributions from a number of other Savage family researchers and I have found several errors. Therefore, and I cannot overemphasize this; I cannot give my personal assurance of accuracy.

This Savage family tree was initiated on September 27 of 2000 and is periodically updated. It is important to understand one must do their own due diligence. Many years ago, a lady contacted me and said she had a lot of information on a portion of her Savage lineage beginning with Robinson T. Savage.  She asked if I could help her take it further back.  This was easy since I was also descended from Robinson T. Savage and I had already worked my line back to Thomas Savage the Carpenter.  Over the years the tree has grown, and many folks have joined in with information from old family bibles, etc. I have not validated their additions and I can only assume it is accurate since it is from their own family records. As such, I feel the need to add a small disclaimer. I can only attest to the accuracy of my own linage in this tree.

This chart should be used only as a guide and the authenticity of the information contained herein, about specific individuals, should be privately documented before one relies on it to construct an accurate family history. I have underlined the names of those who have contributed their family information and I have also listed this group at the end of the chart. Where brackets [  ] are used, I am indicating an undecipherable word or uncertainty as to spelling. Where part of a name is unknown I have indicated as; “_____”. For example;  _____  Savage, where the given name is unknown. No effort is made here to trace the ancestry of spouses who married into the Savage family. Tracking the Savage family alone is a huge endeavor so I will leave the history of the spousal families to those descended from them.

Garrett County was formed from Allegany County in 1872. Any reference to a birth or death in Garrett County before that time should read, Allegany County. If you are reading this on hard copy you may view a recent version on the internet at:

Those who are presumed to be living have not been included without the request of the donor

and beginning in 2013 I will no longer include any persons in generations #12 and later.

            Ascendants of Robinson T. Savage, Sr:            

   (Antecedents, Forebears, Forefathers, Primogenitors)

1st. Generation: Thomas Savage, Sr.  (the Carpenter) Found in a verified land record of the Jamestown, Virginia colony in 1632. The parcel of land transferred to him was 100 acres on Old Plantation Creek located in Northampton County, on the Delmarva Peninsula Eastern Shore of Virginia.  He died 1654 in Northampton County, Virginia.   ----  Wife: Rebecca Unknown

2nd. Gen: Thomas Savage, Jr.  b. 1646 Northampton Co., Virginia.  d. 1721 Northampton Co.     

3rd. Gen: Robinson Savage, Sr.  b. 1699 Northampton Co.  d. 1774 Accomack Co., Virginia.      

4th. Gen: Robinson Savage, Jr.  Probably born prior to 1723 Northampton County, Virginia. Relocated to Accomack Co. Virginia.  Relocated to Sussex Co. Delaware 1779,  d. 1786-93       

5th. Gen: Robinson T. Savage, Senior. (I do not identify this Robinson as “III” because of the known middle initial, T, which may have been used by Robinson, Sr. and Robinson, Jr., but I have no proof that it was.  I assume the initial was for, “Thomas”. Robinson T. named a son, Robinson T. and I have designated the two of them, Sr. and Jr.) Robinson T. Savage had two older sisters; Margaret “Peggy” Savage Coleman (John) and Nancy Savage Argo (William). Born 1774, Accomack Co. Va. Relocated with family to Sussex Co. Del. in 1779. Relocated to Allegheny Co., Md. 1787-93, on Dry Run, just north of Cumberland. In 1796 he relocated to western Allegheny County at Blooming Rose, along Buffalo Run. He died there in the1830’s. His wife's name was Mary.

Robinson and Mary had at least eight children; Lemuel, Evan, Robinson T. Jr., John R., Amos, Nancy, and two unknown females. This chart begins with the sixth generation son, Lemuel Savage:   

----6th. Generation: Lemuel Savage   b. 10-15-1793  Al. Co., Md -- d. 8 or 12-16-1872 Al. Co., Md.   

--------Wife: Mary Catherine Casteel   b. 6-25-1792 -- d. 4-27-1864          

-------- 7th. Gen: Nelson Savage b. 3-11-1818 Al. Co. -- d. 1892    

------------Elizabeth White 1820 -- 1859

------------8th. Gen: Mary Savage abt 1851 (info on children from Jeffery Fowler)

------------8: Amanda Savage abt 1853

------------8: Isabella Savage 3-29-1855

------------8: Tracy Savage abt 1857

------------8: Elizabeth Savage abt 1859

--------7: Israel “Ezra” Savage  2-14-1824 Al. Co. -- 8-12-1906

------------Mariah Benson  Mar, 1825  (however, age given as, 30, in 1860 census) (1900 census reports she had 11 children)

------------8: Ellen or Elma Savage 11-11-1848 (Joyce Glover lists as; Alma. Joyce gives some specific birth dates on this generation.)

------------8:  Preston Savage  10-7-1850 -- 6-28-1912 

----------------Lucinda Fearer July 1850

----------------9: Samuel Jackson Savage, 1874 -- 1957 (per Erica Sisler). (Mel Fike shows as Samuel Jr. and married to, Daisy, born 1881 and with a daughter, Minnie P., born 1898).

--------------------1st. wife; Jane Uphold, b. 1880 (per Jeffery Fowler. He says Sarah Kelly was second wife.)

--------------------10: William Ray Savage 4-15-1902. (per Jeffery Fowler).

-------------------------Cora Edith Ault 5-16-1912.

-------------------------11: Junior Ray Savage 10-3-32 - 9-4-2008 (Per Jean Siegrist)

------------------------------Ada Florence ______

------------------------------12: Timothy Ray Savage 1-31-1959

------------------------------------Cheryl Lynn ______

------------------------------------13: Timothy Ray Savage, Jr. 6-15-1977

------------------------------------------Melissa Ann ______

-----------------------------------------14: Larissa May Savage 7-29-2000

-----------------------------------------14: Hunter Rimington Savage 5-12-2002

-----------------------------------------14: Skylie Amber Savage 5-1-2005

-----------------------------------------14: Mekelle Jaden Savage 7-27-2007

------------------------------------13: Kevin Eugene Savage 3-3-1979

-----------------------------------------Angela Jean ______

-----------------------------------------14: Alexis Sue Savage 4-25-2004

-----------------------------------------14: Walker Ray Savage 9-26-2006

------------------------------------13: Nickolas Wayne Savage 12-19-1985

------------------------------------13: Kady Lynnette Savage 6-24-1990

--------------------2nd. Sarah Elizabeth Kelly 7-21-1890 -- 1966 (per Erica Sisler and Jeff Fowler).

--------------------10: Minnie P. Savage Nov. 1898

--------------------10: Cecil Isaih Savage

-------------------------Norma Xenia Davis, died 1998

-------------------------11: Norma Eloise Savage Cosner Sisler

------------------------------12: Erica Sisler

----------------9: Noah Savage 3-30-1877 – 11-16-1949

--------------------Sarah Catherine Sliger 9-25-1884 – 2-5-1965

--------------------10: Chancey Arthur Savage 7-23-1914 – 5-22-42

-------------------------Wilda Margarite Jordan 4-25-23 – 3-25-94

-------------------------11: Frederick Arthur Savage 3-7-42

------------------------------Sandra Lee Koontz 9-6-45

------------------------------12: Robin Lynette Savage 5-2-65

--------------------10: Betty Josephine Savage 12-21-26 – 7-9-2004

-------------------------Virgil Enis Knotts 12-27-21 –5-15-65

-------------------------11: LeRoy Milton Savage 3-20-45

------------------------------Patty Taylor 7-10-50

------------------------------12: Douglas Milton Savage 10-19-70

----------------------------------Not Married

----------------------------------13: Brittany Dawn Savage 1-9-90

------------------------------12: Brenda Lee Savage 2-13-72

-----------------------------------Patrick Jones 11-19-68

-----------------------------------13: Victoria Lynn Jones 3-20-90

-----------------------------------13: Amanda Rae Jones 3-24-92

-----------------------------------13: Tyler James Jones 3-13-93

------------------------------12: Leroy Milton Savage Jr. 7-13-73

-----------------------------------Not Married

-----------------------------------13: Cassandra Danielle Savage 4-29-91

-------------------------11: Bonnie Jean Knotts 5-2-47

----------------------------- Allen Gale Travis 9-3-46

-----------------------------12: Richard Allen Travis 6-17-69

----------------------------------Not Married

----------------------------------13: Michael Allen Travis 10-20-93

-----------------------------12: Dianna Lynn Travis 5-29-71

-----------------------------12: Lisa Ann Travis 7-4-74

-------------------------11: Virgil Lee Knotts 10-9-53

------------------------------Bessie Taylor

------------------------------12: Michelle Lynn Knotts 5-21-73

----------------------------------13: Kayla Christine Knotts 4-17-90

----------------------------------13: Megan Nicole Knotts 7-13-92

-------------------------11: Randell Linn Knotts 1-27-59

------------------------------Angela Lynn Friend 12-5-64

------------------------------12: Bryton Gregory Knotts 8-8-94

------------------------------12: Crystal Lee Knotts 11-4-82

------------------------------12: Joshua Allen Knotts 11-4-82

------------------------------12: Chasity Dawn Knotts 11-7-84

--------------------10: William Russell Savage 3/28/1918 – 9/10/2001 Albright. WV

-------------------------Erma Evelyn Jordan 3/3/1921 – 8/20/1998 (from Crellin, MD)

-------------------------11: William Russell Savage, Jr. 10/15/40

------------------------------Phyllis Jean Christopher 11/22/43

------------------------------12: Mark Brent Savage 9/10/63

----------------------------------1st Tammy Lynn Leggett

--------------------------------- 13: Michael Brent Savage 4/25/86

----------------------------------2nd Tammy JoAnne Phillips 6/4/66

----------------------------------13: Sarah Elizabeth Savage 6/26/98

------------------------------12: Scott Allen 11/16/65

----------------------------------1st  Cynthia Renee Kitzmiller

----------------------------------13: Nathan Scott Savage 4/25/88

----------------------------------13: Ashley Renee Savage 3/8/90

----------------------------------2nd Christine Schaffer 

----------------------------------3rd Belinda Rae Savage 10/31/66

----------------------------------13: Candace Whitney Cuppett 6/17/90 (stepdaughter)

----------------------------------13: Miranda Brittany Cuppett 6/17/93 (stepdaughter)

----------------------------------13: Robert Andrew Cuppett 7/3/96 (stepdaughter)

----------------------------------13: Autumn Rae Savage 10/23/02

------------------------------12: Gregory Lynn Savage 7/24/68

-----------------------------------Alyson Kristie Liston 4/26/70

-----------------------------------13: Hannah Lynn Savage 9/5/98

-----------------------------------13: Lucas Kyle Savage 2/5/03

-------------------------11: James Edwin Savage 11/23/46

------------------------------Janelle Ann Matthews 12/30/52

------------------------------12: Brian Todd 12/19/72

-----------------------------------1st xxxx

-----------------------------------13: Emily

-----------------------------------2nd xxxxx

------------------------------12: Darcie Lynn Savage 12/2/74

-----------------------------------1st Eddie Cunningham

-----------------------------------13: Devin Cunningham

-----------------------------------2nd xxxxx

-----------------------------------13: Kaylee

-------------------------11: Catherine Patricia Savage 6/25/39

------------------------------John Roy Collins 9/17/59

------------------------------12: John Roy Jr. Savage 9/17/59


------------------------------12: Tammy Lynn Collins Ord 9/13/62

----------------------------------1st Richard Shivers

----------------------------------13: Jesse Allen Shivers 6/2/88

----------------------------------2nd Robert Ord

----------------------------------13: Rachel Leigh Ord 8-21-96

-------------------------11: Carole Ann Savage 12/11/48

------------------------------William John Miller 9/1/45

------------------------------12:               Anthony Kent Miller 5/15/68

-----------------------------------1st Kimberly Ann Thompson 10/20/66

-----------------------------------13: Brandy Renee Miller 11/29/89

-----------------------------------2nd Kelly

------------------------------12: Chad Allen Miller 12/9/75


-----------------------------------13: Cordell


------------------------------12: Markel Noah and Micheal Arthur Miller deceased twins 5/30/66 – died same day

-------------------------11: Lois Lenora Savage 10/2/50

------------------------------Clayton Dean Christopher 11/8/49

------------------------------12: Steven Dean 11/28/70


-----------------------------------13: Courtney Noel Christopher 11/23/99

-----------------------------------13: Christopher

------------------------------12: Tracy Blair Christopher 3/30/74

-----------------------------------Sherry Snyder

-----------------------------------13: Courie Dawn Christopher 4/27/94


-----------------------------------13: Shane Andrew Christopher

-------------------------11: Jean Savage 8/14/42

------------------------------ Harold Blair Harman 2/24/42 (deceased)

-------------------------------12: Cynthia Dawn 10/25/64

------------------------------------1st Marty Hamrick

------------------------------------13: Rebecca Dawn Hamrick 12/1/82

------------------------------------Melissa Elaine Couch Harr

------------------------------------2nd Thomas Brewer

------------------------------------13: Justin Andrew Brewer Harr

------------------------------------13: Harr

-------------------------------12: Cheryl Jean 7/1/68 – 9/19/70

-------------------------------12: Wendy Lynn Harman 7/21/70

-----------------------------------1st Dale Bennett

-----------------------------------13: Bradley

-----------------------------------2nd Corric

-----------------------------------13: Benjamin

-------------------------11: Nancy Gay Savage 7/29/44

------------------------------David Ray Thompson 2/7/44

------------------------------12: Shelley Beth Thompson 7/18/68

-----------------------------------Christopher Alan Missimer 12/15/65

-----------------------------------13: Mikhaila Paige Missimer 12/22/97

-----------------------------------13: Peyton Christopher Missimer 10/19/00 

------------------------------12: Todd David Thompson 2/24/73

-----------------------------------Kelly Jane Teter 10/18/74

-----------------------------------13: Emily Jane Thompson 12/13/92

-----------------------------------13: Alyssa Kristen Thompson 8/7/99                        

--------------------10: Oakie Allen Savage 5-15-03 – 7-15-33

-------------------------Beatrice May Uphole 11-19-04 – 9-18-93

-------------------------11: Stanley Allen Savage 4-2-27

------------------------------Floratta Mae Schell 4-20-30

------------------------------12: Terry Allen Savage 5-21-51

---------------------------------- Carol Lynn Bergstom 8-29-54

---------------------------------- 13: Bethany Ann Savage 7-28-82

---------------------------------------Mike Hammer


---------------------------------------14: Cole Savage Hammer

---------------------------------------14: Reagan Valerie Hammer

--------------------10: Oliver Clearance Savage 7-22-10 – 1-28-85

--------------------10: Albert Henry Savage 4-21-21 – 8-4-58

-------------------------Loretta Bergman or Bergner 11-29-33

-------------------------11: John Albert Savage 10-7-45

-----------------------------Mary Kathern Deem 9-29-53

-----------------------------12: Neil Douglas Savage 8-26-69

----------------------------------Heather Renee Smith 12-18-74

----------------------------------13: Cody Douglas Savage 8-4-93

-----------------------------12: John Allen Savage 2-22-71

-------------------------11: Thomas Michael Savage 12-16-47

-------------------------11: Sharon Lousie Savage 5-7-49

-----------------------------1st Randy Kitzmiller 11-5-46

-----------------------------2nd David Koontz 4-1-xx

-----------------------------12: Michelle Koontz 2-14-77

-----------------------------12: Beth Marie Koontz 8-27-78

-------------------------11: James Patrick Savage 8-22-51 - 05

------------------------------Libby Elizabeth Dean 3-2-52

------------------------------12: Jennifer Patricia Savage 7-11-70

----------------------------------Clifford Manuel Moon 9-23-68



------------------------------12: Heather Savage 10-28-73

------------------------------12: Bradley S. Savage 3-16-77

------------------------------12: Randy Kitzmiller 1-29-79 (half brother)

--------------------10: Sadie Ellen Savage 4-20-00 – 2-17-73

------------------------1st Clarence Shope 4-20-00 – 12-8-32

------------------------11: Earl Milton Shope 3-3-26

-----------------------------Martha Lee Morris 7-14-29

-----------------------------12: Terry Lee Shope 5-24-48 – 2—28-59

-----------------------------12: Gary Earl Shope 5-27-50

----------------------------------Pamala Jean Dujac

----------------------------------13: Sheldon Ryan Shope 3-28-84

-----------------------------12: Cathy Lynn Shope 10-23-52

----------------------------------Ralph Arlington Cook 4-28-47

----------------------------------13: James Neal Cook 12-28-75

----------------------------------13: Russell Alvin Cook 5-7-80

-----------------------------12: Mark Jay Shope 4-24-55

----------------------------------Gail Sue Rohrbaugh 3-5-60

-----------------------------12: David Allen Shope 12-26-56

----------------------------------1st Lisa Tasker 12-25-xx

----------------------------------13: Terry Jay Shope 6-23-77

----------------------------------13: Amy Lynn Shope 6-22-80

----------------------------------2nd Robin Teets

-----------------------------12: Roxann Denise Shope 4-29-58

----------------------------------David Malcomb 10-8-57

----------------------------------13: Heather Lee Malcomb 4-27-79

----------------------------------13: Heidi Jo Malcomb 9-18-82

----------------------------------13: Nicky Todd Malcomb 9-16-84 Adopted

----------------------------------13: Patrick Wayne Malcomb 9-4-85 Adopted

------------------------11: Beulah Alberta Virginia Shope 12-12-27

-----------------------------Gerald Mitchell Crabtree 9-14-26

-----------------------------12: James Clarden Crabtree 12-21-53

-----------------------------12:Randy Gerald Crabtree 7-2-57

---------------------------------Brenda Sue Shaffer 7-6-59

-----------------------------12: Christopher Lynn Crabtree 12-26-60

----------------------------------Debra Sue Dixon 7-20-60

----------------------------------13: Brian Christopher Crabtree 7-15-85

----------------------------------13: Taylor Ryan Crabtree 8-24-88

----------------------------------13: Nicholas Lynn Crabtree 11-6-90

----------------------------------13: Lindsay Michele Crabtree 1-19-94

------------------------2nd George Henry Hinebaugh 12-31-03 – 1-9-64

------------------------11: Judy Ellen Hinebaugh 5-21-45

----------------------------Richard Lee Martin 8-24-41 – 6-14-89

----------------------------12: Karen  Sue Martin 4-19-66

---------------------------------1st William Michael LaRure 7-19-66

---------------------------------13: William Micheal LaRure Jr. 2-4-86

---------------------------------13: Chelsea Dawn LaRure 9-7-87

---------------------------------2nd Robert Paugh 4-19-xx

---------------------------------13: Whitney Paugh 10-1-91

----------------------------12: Rebecca Lynn Martin 3-21-73

---------------------------------Scott Wayne Ashby 6-12-71

---------------------------------Kala Renee Ashby 10-25-92

---------------------------------Melanie Taylor Ashby 1-26-96

--------------------10: Dessie Mae Savage 3-14-08 – 4-18-81

-------------------------George Walter Kisner 9-5-06 – 1-1-69

-------------------------11: Junior William Kisner 8-18-27 – 7-15-90

------------------------------Betty Beatrice Wolfe 12-5-26

------------------------------12: Rickie Lynn Kisner 6-15-48

-----------------------------------Phyllis Marie Skarzynski 1-14-51

-----------------------------------13: Tena Janell Kisner 9-17-74

------------------------------12: Candis Jane Kisner 5-3-52

-----------------------------------Donald Sylzesk Jones 11-23-62

-----------------------------------13: Rhonda Lynn Jones 10-1-72

-------------------------11: Harold Wayne Kisner 6-14-32 – 9-3-76

------------------------------Patricia Bell McCrobie 12-28-29

------------------------------12: Micheal Wayne Kisner 7-18-52

-----------------------------------Sandra Mae Parsons

-----------------------------------13: Daughter

--------------------10: Ocie Mable Savage 9-23-12 – 8-24-01

-------------------------1st Frederick Fike 12-30-11

-------------------------11: Ocie Lorraine Fike 12-30-34

------------------------------1stFrederick Carl Sims 12-10-35 – 7-11-94

------------------------------12: Wendie Kay Simms 1-31-57

-----------------------------------Randy L. Durst 5-13-67

-----------------------------------13: Joshua S. Durst 10-6-80

-----------------------------------13: Jennifer M. Durst 6-12-84

-------------------------------2nd Dallas Blaney 10-9-26

------------------------------12: Catherine Ann Simms 9-14-60 – 12-13-67

----------------9: Charles Savage 1881

--------------------Daisy Friend 6-20-1886

--------------------10: Ivy V. Savage 1905

------------------------_____ Carr

--------------------10: Arthur Savage 1906

------------------------Margaret _____

------------------------11: Shelby Jean Savage

----------------------------Dale Paugh

------------------------11: Lucille Savage

----------------------------_____ Glotfelty

------------------------11: Harold Savage

------------------------11: Betty Lou Savage

----------------------------_____ Roberts

--------------------10: Paul Savage 1910    (A Sadie Wilburn, b. 1915, married a Paul Savage per Vikky Wilburn Anders).

--------------------10: Pauline Savage 9-5-1913, Friendsville

------------------------Charles McFarland

------------------------11: Carolyn McFarland

----------------------------_____ Cottle

------------------------11: Richard McFarland 1942

------------------------11: Allan McFarland

--------------------10: Catherine Savage 1914

--------------------10: Beryl Savage

------------------------_____ Geohinger

------------------------11: Warren Geohinger

----------------9: Lizzy Savage Nov. 1881

----------------9: Isaac Taylor Savage 11-4-1884/85 MD

--------------------Nora Blanche Kelly 4-28-1896

--------------------10: Carley or Parley Savage 1915 MD

--------------------10: Dayton William Savage 5-21-1915 MD – 5-28-1977

------------------------Dorothy Beatrice Enlow 3-12-1922 Friendsville, MD
------------------------11: Darlene Rae Savage 10-2-1947
----------------------------Delmar Richard Brick, Sr. 8-2-1946
----------------------------12: Delmar Richard Brick, Jr. 2-17-1972
----------------------------12: Duane Kristin Brick 2-27-1975
----------------------------12: Darrick Kelly Brick 7-17-1977
------------------------11: James Dayton Savage 2-8-1952
----------------------------_____ Skeet 12-20-1953
----------------------------12: Grace Savage 2-17-1984
----------------------------12: Glory Savage 4-20-1985
----------------------------12: Bethany Savage 6-5-1986
----------------------------2nd wife of James Dayton Savage: Carol _____ 10-9-1952
------------------------11: Janie Carol Savage 1-18-1957
----------------------------Everett Milroy Coleman
----------------------------12: Taunia Sue Coleman 11-27-1973
--------------------------------Vince O'Neal
--------------------------------13: Morgan Elizabeth O'Neal 8-27-1997
----------------------------12: Michelle Dawn Coleman 12-23-1978
----------------------------2nd husband of Janie Carol Savage: Larry Ketterman, Sr. 10-11-1952
------------------------11: Joyce Marie Savage 12-8-1959
----------------------------Kenneth Wayne Martz
------------------------11: Gary William Savage 4-4-1966

--------------------10: Earl Savage 1918

----------------9: May E. Savage May, 1887

----------------9: Mary J. Savage Sept. 1889/91

----------------9: Catie H. Savage Aug. 1892

------------8:  Lucretia Savage  1852/54

----------------Samuel Milton Vansickle 1852/53 (An early contributor, unfortunately I don’t remember who, shows Cornelius W. Savage with a daughter, Lucretia, and her being married to Samuel Milton Vansickle. Jeff Fowler shows Lucretia, b. 1854, married to Vansickle, as the daughter of Ezra and Mariah Savage. Joyce Glover also shows her as the daughter of Ezra and Mariah and gives a precise birth date of 12-29-52. Ruth Snider Castagneri also shows her as the daughtrer of Ezra and has her mother’s and her aunt’s verbal assurance of this fact. James Friend shows Lucretia, married to Vansickle, as the daughter of, Amos Wesley Savage. The 1860 census shows Ezra Savage with a daughter, Lucretia, age 6, Amos Wesley with a daughter, Lucretia, age 4, and also shows a Lucretia, age 3, with Huldah Savage, age 38, in the home of John L. Friend. This gives us three Lucretias ranging from ages 3 to 6 in 1860. I can find no census record of Cornelius Ward Savage having a daughter, Lucretia. Jim Friend shows Lu’s middle name as, Preston. Ezra had a son, Preston, Lu’s brother – this is a good clue. Based on all the above I believe the Lu who married Vansickle is the daughter of Ezra and therefore this is where I place Samuel Milton Vansickle.

----------------9: Amanda Vansickle 1862 -- 1930 (Note that the given birth date conflicts with those of her parents).

--------------------Joseph Fearer 1862

--------------------10: Gracie Fearer 1881

--------------------10: Floyd R. Fearer 1883 -- 1966

--------------------10: Catie A. Fearer 1884

--------------------10: Samuel W. Fearer 1887

--------------------10: Joseph F. Fearer 1888

--------------------10: Leslie P, Fearer 1891

--------------------10: Earnest C. Fearer 1894

----------------9: Lloyd Milton Vansickle 9-3-1878 -- 12-11-1954 (Married 5-11-01 at home of Newton Savage)

--------------------Myrtle Anna Casteel  6-12- 1880 Buffalo Co. NE – 6-29-1936 Gar. Co. MD

--------------------10: Nora Evelyn Vansickle 11-4-1901 Friendsville, MD. – 1930 Crellin, MD

--------------------10: Bessie Esther Vansickle  12-23-1903 Friendsville, MD – Gar. Co.1927

-------------------------Andrew Savage

--------------------10: Leona May Vansickle 6-27-1906 Friendsville, MD – 12-12-1917 Friendsville

--------------------10: Mary Jane Vansickle 12-6-1907 Friendsville, MD – 12-10-1992 Washington, PA

------------------------11: Ruth Snider Castagneri

--------------------10: Beulah Irene Vansickle 2-15-1910 Friendsville, MD – 12-29-1988 Virginia

--------------------10: Charles Albert Vansickle 5-21-1910 or 4-23-1915 Friendsville, MD – 1-4-1980 or 12-1-1990 LA. Latter dates are from Ruth Castagneri and are more likely to be correct. (RBS)

--------------------10: Lottie Catherine Vansickle 2-17-1913 Friendsville, MD – 1978 .MD

--------------------10: Ruth Olive Vansickle 10-15-1917 Friendsville, MD – 12-23-2003 Monongalia, PA

--------------------10: William Edward Vansickle 1-21-1920 Friendsville, MD—Dec 1967 Baton Rouge, LA

--------------------10: Alonzo Milton Vansickle 7-7-1924 Friendsville, MD – 5-24-1947 Pentress, WV

----------------9: Ida N. Vansickle

----------------9: Mary E. Vansickle

----------------9: John Vansickle

----------------9: Charles Vansickle

----------------9: Effie Vansickle

----------------9: Rhuie Vansickle

----------------9: Clarence Vansickle

----------------9: Arena Vansickle

----------------9: Sadie Clare Vansickle

--------------------Jonas Fazenbaker

------------8:  James W. Savage  3-5-1855  

----------------Fannie Deitrick or Fanna Deidrich Feb. 1858

----------------9: Edward Savage  Mar. 1875/77 – 1962 (Listed as an artist in 1900 census)

--------------------Alice Van Sickle 1881/82

--------------------10: Arnold Savage 1903

--------------------10: Aubrey Savage 1904

--------------------10: Leona Savage  May 1905 -- Nov 2001

------------------------George Harrison Bittner, Sr. b. ? -- d. abt 1944. (Uncle of Barbara Lydzinski. Barbs mother: Lorene Jean Bittner.     Her parents: Silas Webster Bittner and Sadie Elizabeth Claycomb Bittner)

------------------------11: George Harrison Bittner, Jr.

------------------------11: Fredrickson Ray Bittner

--------------------10: Truman Savage 1906/07

--------------------10: Thelma Savage 1910

--------------------10: Kenneth Floyd Savage 10-2-1910 Friendsville, MD

------------------------Laurna Jane Friend 9-18-1917 Friendsville, MD.

------------------------11: Beverly Deann Savage 6-13-1949

-----------------------------1st or 2nd _____ Cramer

-----------------------------2nd or 1st Bradley Lewis 3-3-1949

------------------------11: Bradley Kent Lewis 1-4-1974

------------------------11: Kim Lewis 11-6-1977

--------------------10: Florence (Etta) Savage 8-26-1912 -- 4-24-1941

--------------------10: Oda Savage 1915

--------------------10: Ervin Savage 1917

--------------------10: Glenn Denzel Savage 11-26-1918 Friendsville

----------------9: John A. Savage 4-13-1880 -- 1966 Md.

--------------------Fannie L. Morgan 9-27-1890 -- 1946

----------------9: Ezra Savage Mar. 1882/84 -- 1956

----------------9: Bruce E. Savage Jun. 1885

----------------9: Milton O. Savage Nov. 1886 Md.

--------------------Ida D. ____ 1874

----------------9: Ella E. Savage Aug. 1887

----------------9: Alice Savage Oct. 1890

----------------9: Minnie F. Savage Dec. 1892 Md.

----------------9: Dora B. Savage Apr. 1895

----------------9: Lloyd L. Savage Apr. 1896

----------------9: Clyde Homer Savage Nov. 1898

----------------9: Raymond M. Savage 1903

------------8: Albert or Allen Savage 6-6-1857 (appears in Joyce Glover’s chart)

------------8: Malinda Savage  12-4-1859 Md.          

------------8: John Albert Savage  4-17-1864-66 Md

---------------Lydia E. _____ Dec. 1866  ( Data on this family is from Theresa R. Bonetti and various census reports. In placing this John Albert Savage under Ezra and Mariah Savage I have made two assumptions; #1. That the Albert J. Savage, wife Lydia, listed in the 1910 Friendsville, Maryland census is the same individual as this John Albert Savage. #2. That this John Albert is the same individual as the John A. listed in the 1870 and 1880 census reports as the son of Ezra and Mariah Savage. Further, the middle initial, E for Herbert E. Savage is thought to be for, Ezra. Although my degree of certainty is high, this is not solidly proven, so one should exercise caution if using this data in a family chart).

----------------9: Herbert Ezra Savage Sept 1890

------------------ Mary Hazel Hoff 1893

-------------------10: Merle Savage

-------------------10: Ralph Savage 1914

---------------------- Pauline Sexton (1st wife)

-----------------------11: Bernice Savage

-----------------------Kathryn Jean Havlin (2nd wife) 1918

-----------------------11: Gary Ralph Savage 2-7-1943

-----------------------11: Rodger Lee Savage (living need permission for BD)

--------------------10: Robert Savage

----------------9: Charity Maxine Savage Mar 1892 MD.

-------------------Calvin Tenney

-------------------10: Chlora Alice Tenney (Grandmother of Theresa Bonetti)

----------------9: Harry E. Savage abt 1893

----------------9: Lloyd C. Savage abt 1895

----------------9: Edna M. Savage abt 1897

----------------9: Morris Oakey abt 1897

----------------9: Lidy E. Savage abt 1899

----------------9: Norman E. Savage abt 1903        

------------8: Mary Jane Savage  7-30-1868 Gar. Co.  

----------------William T. Sisler 1860 Gar. Co.

----------------9: Walter Savage  (Grandparents of Brenda Sisler Goss)

--------------------Clara Etta Reckart

----------------9: Roy Savage

---------7: Asa/Aza Savage  1-9-1827 Sand Spring, Al. Co. -- 10-16-1903 or 1908    

------------Eliza Glover  6 -16-1824 Pres. Co. WV -- 9-29-1903  (Parents; Richard Glover and Sarah Street)        

------------8: Salathiel Savage  5-4-1847  -- 5-19-1923.  Civil war vet. (Does not appear in 1850 census) 

----------------Mary Catherine Silbaugh May 1849  -- 1923          

----------------9: William Walter Savage 4-5-1868 Brandonville, WV.  -- 1950

--------------------Catherine A. Myers 1870

--------------------10: Lula Mabel Irene Savage 1891.

------------------------John D. McCuen

--------------------10: Bessie Clair Savage 1893

------------------------Wade Schlossnagel

------------------------11: Ama Catherine Schlossnagel

----------------------------_____ Alysworth

------------------------11: Judith Maxine Schlossnagel

----------------------------_____ Horwatt

--------------------10: Iva Geoa Savage 1896

------------------------Byard Liston

------------------------11: William R. Liston

--------------------10: Ione (V. or Manitha or Minilla) Savage 5-3-1898 (I think her name is Cora based on 1900 census)

------------------------Lawrence L. Friend, Sr. 6-7-1894 Md.

------------------------11: Lawrence L. Friend, Jr. 1928

------------------------11: Walter Lee Friend 1933

------------------------11: Jack Douglas Friend

--------------------10: Floretta Alberta Savage 10-31-1901

------------------------1st. Coovirt R. Thomas, Rev. 10-6-1887 Brandonville, WV – 3-8-1974    

------------------------2nd. William Rose

----------------9: Nettie Belle Savage  3-30-1870 Md.  -- 1899

--------------------1st. George Newcome Cunningham 1867

--------------------10: George Newcome Cunningham 1-6-1891

--------------------2nd. Lloyd Milton Welch 1875. m. July 5, 1896

--------------------10: Phyllis Kathleen Welch

----------------9: Floyd D. Savage  1-27-1874  -- 2-14-1877

------------8: Matilda “Mattie” Savage   9-4-1849  Gar. Co. -- 12-18-18__? Madison Co. Iowa

----------------Francis Asbury Hoff  3-10-1833 Allegany /Gar. Co. -- 3-19-1906 Marshalltown, IA

----------------(Shown by Jeff Fowler to have married a Joshua Myers).

----------------9: Florida Mae “Flora” Hoff

----------------9: Grant Hoff

----------------9: George Washington Hoff  7-3-1866 MD -- 8-11-1943 Oskaloosa, IA

--------------------Matilda Walker 9-9-1874 -- 9-19-1951  Oskaloosa, IA

--------------------10: William K. Hoff 12-12-1907

------------------------Opal May Wilson  11-23-1911

--------------------10: Vincent W. Hoff  12-9-1905

------------------------Opal Winger 2-13-1906

--------------------10: Leland R. Hoff 4-15-1900

------------------------Jewel D. Treece 10-7-1906

--------------------10: Ralph D. Hoff  6-8-1898

------------------------Emma Kluchesky  6-30-1897

--------------------10: Bernice Hoff  7-15-1896

------------------------Clarence Sonderegger

----------------9: William Sheridan Hoff  1868-69 WV -- 1925 Oskaloosa, IA

--------------------Maggie Klotz 9-17-1871 -- 1916

--------------------10: Verl Hoff  1-25-1896 St. Charles, IA

------------------------Alice Gorday

--------------------10: Iva Hoff 11-9-1900

------------------------1st Gerald Robinson

------------------------2nd _____ Stenger

--------------------10: Theodore Hoff  4-3-1905 Oskaloosa, IA

------------------------Hazel Lewis

----------------9: Albert Perry Hoff 5-29-1870 WV -- 1-19-1959 Miami, FL.

--------------------1st Mae ______

--------------------2nd Anna Catherine Hanson  6-4-1873  Early, IA

--------------------10: Albert Lavine Hoff  9-9-1893 Early, IA --5-17-1981 Des Moines, IA  

------------------------Iva Lavern Davis

--------------------10: Grace Hoff

--------------------10: Delbert Hoff

--------------------10: John Hoff

--------------------10: Veda Hoff

--------------------10: Vera Hoff

----------------9: Laura Catherine Hoff  7-18-1873 Madison Co.IA -- 7-5-1948 Des Moines, IA

--------------------1st James Madison McCollum 2-9-1860 Tuscawaras Co. OH -- 10-9-1938 Des Moines, IA

--------------------2nd Jesse Ransom Layton 7-9-1864 Fulton Co IL -- 5-22-1941 Des Moines IA

--------------------3rd John Robert Henry 7-19-1873 Boston, MA -- 6-13-1961 Indianola IA

--------------------10: Bertha Matilda McCollum b. 8-31-1891 Madison Co. IA - d. 5-3-1975 Des Moines, IA

------------------------1st Tracy James Phillips (Broherd)  b. 12-17-1884 Mahaska Co IA -- 3-4-1945 Lee County, IA (Broherd was adopted surname when his mother remarried).

------------------------2nd George John Seiling b. 8-2-1882 Boone Co IA - d. 8-1968 Des Moines, IA

------------------------3rd  James A. Somers b. abt. 1867- d. abt 1938 Des Moines IA

------------------------11: Maxine Ruth Broherd b. 3-30-1911 Warren Co. IA -- d. 11-25-1992 Des Moines, IA

---------------------------- Grant Fairgrave Thompson b. 4-23-1912 Valley Junction, IA - d. 3-27-2001 Des Moines, IA

----------------------------12: Judith Kay Thompson 3-25-1939 Des Moines, IA

-------------------------------- 1st Richard Kent Smith 8-11-1938

-------------------------------- 2nd Joseph William Peace 9-11-1931

---------------------------------13: Michael Kent Smith

---------------------------------13: Richard Alan Smith

-------------------------------------14: Stephanie Rae Smith

-------------------------------------14: Douglas Kent Smith

-------------------------------------14: Dana Richard Smith.

 ----------------------------12: James Allen Thompson 6-13-1944 Des Moines IA -- 10-19-1999 Omaha NE

----------------------------------1st Bonnie Ann Phillips

----------------------------------13: Wendi Ann Thompson

----------------------------------13: Christy Joy Thompson

----------------------------------2nd m. Rose Jane Chu (no children)

------------------------11: Vivian Irene Broherd 4-11-1909 Oskaloosa, IA -- 7-6-1976 Des Moines, IA

----------------------------1st Leslie Dunlap “Dutch” Potter 5-4-1900 Atkinson, IL -- 6-13-1960 Waukee, IA

----------------------------2nd Steve Billmeier

----------------------------12: Wanda Mae Potter 12-16-1928 -- 3-22-1929 Waukee, IA

----------------------------12: Leslie Dean Potter 9-23-1930 died at birth, Waukee, IA

----------------------------12: Donna Lea Potter   3-9-1934 Waukee, IA

--------------------------------1st Eldon Triggs

--------------------------------2nd Leo Wayne Earhart

--------------------------------3rd Garth Masse

--------------------------------13: Wanda Marie Triggs

------------------------------------1st Fred Crooks II

------------------------------------2nd Rich Edwards

------------------------------------14: Jeffery Crooks

------------------------------------14: Daniel Crooks

----------------------------12: Charles Layton Potter 4-12-1936 Waukee, IA

--------------------------------1st Betty Bryant

--------------------------------13: Kimberly Sue Potter

--------------------------------13: Leslie Charles Potter

--------------------------------2nd Karal Ann Dickson

----------------------------12: Charlotte Ann Potter 8-19-1937 Waukee, IA

----------------------------12: James Ellsworth Potter 9-10-1941 Waukee, IA -- 2-21-2000 Chi. IL

----------------------------12: Donald Allan Potter 4-12-1945 Waukee, IA

--------------------------------1st Barbara Shriner

--------------------------------2nd Debra Stecker

--------------------------------Children with B. Shriner:

--------------------------------13: Dawn Potter

------------------------------------Ronald Peta

------------------------------------14: Chad Peta

------------------------------------14: Sarah Peta

------------------------------------14: Brittany Peta

------------------------------------14: Jordan Peta

------------------------------------14: Matt Peta (Adopted)

--------------------------------13: Denise Potter

------------------------------------_____ Herd

------------------------------------14: Marcuis Herd

------------------------------------14: Denisia Herd

----------------------------12: Ronald Gordon Potter 4-12-1945 (twin of Donald)

--------------------------------1st Deanna Merical

--------------------------------2nd Mary K. Lucas

--------------------------------Children with D. Merical

--------------------------------13: Douglas Potter

--------------------------------13: Daniel Potter

--------------------10: Leota May McCollum  1-11-1893 Mad. Co. IA --  7-18-1961 Des M., IA 

------------------------1st Milton Ray Woods 8-21-1887 Oskalossa, IA -- 1-10-1963  Hiawatha, KS

------------------------2nd Frank L. Ballard

------------------------11: Veda May Woods  10-10-1910  Des. Moines, IA -- 12-26-1948 WA

--------------------10: Earl Milton McCollum  3-25-1894 Mad. Co. IA -- 4-23-1935  Des M., IA

------------------------1st Inga E. Thompson

------------------------2nd Mildred Mabel Lettie Hedlund  3-28-1899 Cen. City, NE -- 3-26-1995 Aurora, NE

------------------------11: Morris Lee McCollum 4-27-1927 Denver, CO

------------------------11: Earl Milton McCollum, Jr.  4-18-1928  St. Chas., IA

----------------------------Ruth _____ 1-19-1932 -- 10-16-1993 Bedford, IN

----------------------------12: Nathan Brent McCollum 1-19-1959 Chi. IL

--------------------------------Nora _____

----------------------------12: Neal Bradley McCollum 10-23-1965 Oaklawn, IL

----------------------------12: Nelson Brian McCollum 9-1-1968 Oaklawn, IL

--------------------------------Shawn _____

--------------------10: Etta Ilo McCollum  8-8-1895 Warren Co., IA -- 7-28-1967 Winterset, IA

------------------------Loyd Edward Mason  9-24-1892 Marion Co. IA -- 6-14-1956 Winterset, IA ­

--------------------10: Bertha Matilda McCollum 8-31-1891 St. Chas., IA --5-3-1975  Des M., IA

------------------------1st George Seilings

------------------------2nd James A. Somers

------------------------3rd Tracy James Phillips (Broherd) 12-17-1884 Oskaloosa, IA -- 3-4-1945 Keokuk, IA

------------------------11: Maxine Ruth Broherd 3-30-1911 Warren Co. IA -- 11-25-1992 Des Moines, IA

--------------------------------Grant Thompson

--------------------------------12: Judith Kay Thompson

------------------------------------_____  Peace

--------------------------------12: James Allen Thompson

----------------9: Floyd M. Hoff  1873-75 WV -- after Mar. 1959

--------------------Rickey Borner

--------------------10: Arthur Hoff

--------------------10: Leslie Hoff

--------------------10: Laurel Hoff

--------------------10: Vera Hoff


--------------------10: Bernice Hoff

--------------------10: Neva Hoff

--------------------10: Claude Hoff

--------------------10: Helen Hoff

--------------------10: Frances Hoff

----------------9: Mary Etta “Ettie” Hoff  1-14-1877 Pres. Co. WV -- 6-19-1903  Madison Co. IA

--------------------Marion Franklin Foster abt. 1877 IA

--------------------10: Fern Cloe Foster  10-8-1897 St. Chas., IA -- abt. 1961 Sutton, Neb.

------------------------Alex McDonald

--------------------10: Opal Pauline Foster  b. Warren Co. IA. -- d. 4-13-1986  York, Neb.

------------------------James Sheldon Barbee

--------------------10: Gladys Pearl Foster  1900

------------------------Udell _____

----------------9: Virginia M. “Jenny” Hoff  1877-80 WV

--------------------Thomas Athey  

--------------------10: David Athey b. St. Chas., IA

--------------------10: Oregon “Ora” Athey  b. St. Chas., IA

------------------------William Beu

--------------------10: Iva Athey  b. St. Mary, IA 

--------------------10: Clint Athey  1903  Truro, Romine Place, IA

------------8: Winfield Scott Savage  11-21-1853 Md. -- 1-23-1889  

----------------Mary Elizabeth Savage Dec. 1850 MD. – 1928 (Daughter of Wesley Savage)

----------------9: Veysa Savage 11-12-1873

----------------9: Dora Alice Savage 3-4-1875 or 76 – 2-19-1949 (Daughter of Winfield Scott Savage)

--------------------Samuel Rosswell Savage 6-3-1868 – 11-17-1930 (See children from this marriage under Samuel R.)

----------------9: Bruce Savage 1-6-1878

----------------9: Eliza May or Mae S. Savage 2-8-1880

--------------------Charles Somerfield DeWitt (Jeff Fowler shows a husband, _____ Wendorff).

--------------------10: Donald DeWitt

--------------------10: Curtiss DeWitt

--------------------10: Dayton DeWitt

----------------9: Playford Rosswell Savage 1-5-1882

--------------------Mary Craig Atkinson 2-28-1884

--------------------10: Henry Russell Savage 8-15-1912

--------------------10: Eleanor Elizabeth Savage 10-31-1914

--------------------10: Margaret Estelle Savage 9-7-1916

------------------------_____ Mooman

--------------------10: Stella “Sissy” Atkinson Savage (Twin)1-4-1920

------------------------_____ Devlin

--------------------10: Winfield “Buddy” Scott Savage (Twin)1-4-20

--------------------10: Marie Savage 4-4-1923

--------------------10: William Cecil Savage 4-28-1926

----------------9: Martin Luther Savage 11-10-1885 Sang Run

--------------------Mary L. Browning 7-20-1889 Sang Run

--------------------10: Wilbert Nathan Savage 12-11-1913 Sang Run

------------------------Mabel I. Savage

------------------------11: Kenneth D. Savage 9-27-1934 Connellsville, PA.

----------------------------Ruth Francis

----------------------------12: Valerie Savage 7-30-1955 Mojave, CA.

--------------------------------_____ Crawford

--------------------------------13: Bryan Crawford 2-6-1979 Mojave

------------------------11: W. Lyle Savage 4-17-1936 Sang Run

----------------------------Karen Jones

----------------------------12: Darlene Savage 6-12-1964 Cleveland, OH.

----------------------------12: Tracy Savage 8-29-1969 Cleveland, OH.

------------------------11: Bryan L. Savage 8-19-1937 Sang Run

----------------------------Patricia Dorie

--------------------10: Mary Louise Savage 3-19-1917 Sang Run

------------------------Harold Dalberg 7-3-1919 WA.

------------------------11: Jon Dalberg 12-19-1957 Everett, WA.

----------------9: Lily S. or Lillian B. Savage 7-24-1888

--------------------_____ Shartzer

----------------9: May Savage

----------------9: Orlando Savage

------------8: Marshal Savage  1-12-1852

----------------Mary _____ 1846

----------------9: Lupton Savage 1869/70

------------8: Mildred Savage   3-1-1856 Gar. Co. (not included in 1860 census? May have been mistaken for, Milford)

------------8: Milford Savage  1856  (in Dec 1860 census, age 4. Male)

------------8: Albert “Arthur” Savage   1-27-1858

------------8: Samantha Savage  1-1-1860  -- 5-3- 1894

----------------_____ Myers

------------8: Missouri Savage   6-3-1862

----------------1st. William Henry Harrison Friend 11-28-1840

----------------2nd. J.W. Phillipi

----------------9: Bruce Friend

----------------9: Harry Friend

----------------9: Floretta Friend

----------------9: Theodore Friend

------------8: Newton J. Savage  12-26-1864  -- 7-17-1932 ( Fowler shows as, N. Newton Savage).  

----------------1st Alice Welch          

----------------9: Icie May Savage  5-19-1889

--------------------Charles A. Groves

----------------9: Lily Blanch Savage  7-26-1890  -- 10-4-1891

----------------9: William Gilmore Savage  12-23-1891  -- 11-26-1894

----------------2nd Mary Martha Casteel   Feb 1879 -- 10-17-1923  

----------------9: Jesse M. Savage May 1898

----------------9: Leslie Earl Savage  7-20-1899

--------------------1st Ruth Teets 1901

--------------------10: Ray Elton Savage  5-22-1919 (Fowler lists as, Roy Savage).

--------------------10: Ernest Frederick Savage  2-7-1921

--------------------10: Robert Owen Savage  5-29-1923          

--------------------2nd Elsie Mae Margroff

--------------------10: Harry Newton Savage  7-29-1931

--------------------10: Mary Alice Savage  7-24-1933

--------------------10: Linda Savage

--------------------10: Dorothy Savage

--------------------10: Carolyn Mae Savage

----------------9: Orval Theodore Savage  6-12-1901 -- 10-23-1965

--------------------Verna B. Savage 1906

----------------9: Estella Agnes Savage (also shown as Agnes Elizabeth)  9-5-1903  -- 1925

--------------------Cornelius Wesley Sines 2-12-1901 -- 12-31-1962

--------------------10: Earl Newton Sines 5-21-1921

------------------------Opal Irene Groves 3-15-1922 

------------------------11: Ronald Junior Sines 4-23-1954

----------------------------Kathy Lynn Liston 12-31-1955

--------------------10: Mary Martha Sines 12-17-1922

------------------------Fred Willard Rodeheaver 7-3-1921

------------------------11: Wade Lee Rodeheaver 1-6-1945

----------------------------Pat Jean Ann Wiles 4-3-1948

----------------------------12: Robin Renee Rodeheaver 6-6-1968

----------------------------12: Randy Ray Rodeheaver 12-26-1972

--------------------------------Terri Tracy

--------------------------------13: Zachary Tyler Rodeheaver 2-1-1991 

------------------------11: Wanda Jean Rodeheaver 5-30-1946

----------------------------Donald Lee Dodge 6-18-1944

----------------------------12: Sandra Jeanette Dodge 10-6-1963

----------------------------12: Cynthia Ann Dodge 5=16=1971

----------------------------12: Martha Ellen Dodge 1-23-1976

------------------------11: James Edward Rodeheaver Sr. 9-20-1947

----------------------------Carol Elaine Statler 4-18-1951     

----------------------------12: James Edward Rodeheaver Jr. 5-31-1967

----------------------------12: Melissa Elaine Rodeheaver 1-25-1969

------------------------11: Janet Louise Rodeheaver 3-15-1950

----------------------------William Gene Ashby Sr. 8-21-1945

----------------------------12: William Gene Ashby Jr. 5-26-1966

----------------------------12: Glenn Allan Ashby 7-12-1967 -- 1-2-1970

----------------------------12: Scott Wayne Ashby 5-12-1971

----------------------------12: Michael Lynn Ashby 3-5-1974

----------------------------12: Amy Michele 12-19-1976

------------------------11: Karen Sue Rodeheaver 9-26-1957

----------------------------Robert Lee Reese 12-10-1953

----------------------------12: Tanya Dawn Reese 8-11-1975

--------------------------------Terry Joe LaRue Sr.

--------------------------------13: Terry Joe LaRue Jr.

--------------------------------13: Twin girls 11-20-1995

------------------------11: Marvin Dale Rodeheaver 5-27-1961

----------------------------Maryan Elizabeth Moats 6-3-1976

----------------9: George Newton Savage  4-25-1905

----------------9: Jack Newton Savage  3-5-1909

--------------------_____ _____

--------------------10: Jack Edward Savage

--------------------------Patricia McGee

--------------------------11: Jack Wilson Savage

-------------------------------Robin Beckadic

----------------9: Junior Cecil Savage  1-21-1913

----------------9: Mable Irene Savage  12-10-1917  -- 12-2-1922 (Fowler lists as J. Mabel).

------------8: Viola Savage  7-26-1866 MD

----------------Enos Williams Sines  1862

----------------9: Clarence Sines

----------------9: Troy Sines

----------------9: Ward Sines

------------8: Arthur A. Savage  8-21-1868 MD -- 1936

----------------Sarah Elizabeth “Sarah Jane” Kelly 12-20-1873    

----------------9: Cora Amelia Savage 4-18-1895 – Oct. 1974

--------------------1st. Ross Elmer Fike, Sr. 1-9-1893 Selbysport, MD – 12-29-1972

--------------------2nd. Orville Miller (Shown by Galica to also have married Jessie Workmen).

----------------9: Oakey Savage 1896

----------------9: Oma Pearl Savage 7-7-1898

--------------------Orval Frazee   (Also found record of an Oma Savage, b. 1896 md. to, Orval Friend.)

----------------9: Bertha Augusta Savage 11-13-1900

--------------------William Henry Riley, Jr. 12-7-1894 ( They lived in Carrolton, Ohio)

----------------9: Troy Mason Savage abt 1904

----------------9: Bruce Gilbert Savage 1905

----------------9: Floyd Savage (Twin) 8-21-1910 -- 3-7-1970 Clifton Mills, WV. (Info from Brenda Clark)

-------------------- Virgil Glendene Reckart 11-30-1914 -- 10-29-1984

--------------------10: Betty Louise Bolyard  3-18-1932 -- 9-16-2005  (Daughter of Virgil)

-------------------------Daniel Cabler Driskill 9-18-1928 -- 4-19-1994

-------------------------11: Deborah Jo Driskill 9-5-1957

-------------------------11: Daniel Cabler Driskill 11-15-1958

-------------------------------Maria Fitzpatrick 1-22-1958

------------------------------12: Colleen Thersa Driskill 7-21-1986

------------------------------12: Daniel Allan Driskill 11-23-1988

-------------------------11: Linda Diane Driskill 3-8-1960

--------------------10: Ellen Josephine Savage 5-15-1934

--------------------------Robert James Roll 2-21-1933

-------------------------11: Byron Floyd Roll 7-17-1960

-------------------------11: Anita Gail Roll 10-16-1962

------------------------------Rueben Amado Valderrama

------------------------------12: Eric Paul Valderrama 8-30-1980 Santa Claira, CA

------------------------------12: Rueben Markos Valderrama 11-12-1982

--------------------10: Willard Leon Savage 2-12-1937 Hazelton, WV

--------------------------Dottie Lou DeVall 3-15-1947

--------------------------11: Willard Leon Savage, Jr. 1-27-1967

--------------------------------Lisa Lorraine Pancoast (Divorced)

--------------------------11: Tammy Jo Savage 9-17-1973

--------------------10: Mary Ann Elizabeth Savage 5-16-1939 Hazelton, WV

-------------------------Walter Carl Herrick 1-27-1933 -- 11-28-1980

-------------------------11: Walter “Kirk” Herrick 9-25-1959

------------------------------Terri Letszinger 2-21-1959

------------------------------12: Brandon Herrick 6-15-1984

------------------------------12: Christie Herrick 10-2-1982

-------------------------11: John Jeffery Herrick 11-15-1960

-------------------------11: William Gregg Herrick 6-7-1962

------------------------------Rosanna Samenta

------------------------------12: Ronaldo Samenta

------------------------------12: Rodrigo Samenta

-----------------------------------Rosilie _____

------------------------------12: Lorena Samenta

------------------------------12: Grace Cayetano

-------------------------11: James David Herrick 1-12-1968

--------------------10. Regina Kathleen Savage 4-1-1941

-------------------------Wendell Blaine Lewis 6-1-1941

------------------------11: Brenda Lou Lewis Clark 9-17-1960

-----------------------------Thomas Wade Clark

-----------------------------12. Samantha Jaane Clark 1-23-1988

------------------------11: Barbara Jean Lewis 11-20-1961

-----------------------------Mark Anthony Ottley

-----------------------------12: Trevor Ryan Ottley 8-28-1988

------------------------11: Lova Jane Lewis 1-30-1965

-----------------------------Russell Dale Benson 6-24-1960

-----------------------------12: Shane Ryan Benson 11-16-1985

------------------------11: Tammy Sue Fike 9-22-1971

-----------------------------Steven Foster Savage 5-10-1965 (Parents; Foster and Elsie Savage)

-----------------------------12: Tamara Sue Savage 1-26-1991

-----------------------------12: Sara Dawn Savage 12-30-1993

--------------------10: Donna Sue Savage 12-29-1943

--------------------------Robert Junior Strawser

--------------------------11: Michael Dale Strawser 5-21-1960

--------------------------11: Daniel Joseph Strawser 3-13-1962

-------------------------------Michelle Cuppett 12-12-1963

-------------------------------12: Brandy Jo Strawser 12-18-1981

--------------------10: Joyce Elaine Savage 6-29-1950

--------------------------Randy Gregg 6-20-1951

--------------------10: Patricia Gay Savage 7-31-1955

--------------------------Dexter McKinley 10-4-1956

--------------------------11: Cabel Ray McKinley 6-21-1977

-------------------------------Mary Pardini

-------------------------------12: Cabel Ray McKinley, Jr. 9-15-1995

-------------------------------12: Joey

--------------------------11: Jeromy Ross McKinley 9-22-1980

----------------9: Lloyd Savage (Twin) 8-21-1910    

--------7: John Wesley  Savage  6-3 or 6-9-1829  Al. Co. -- 12-14-1898    

------------Julia Ann Umble    8-13-1835 Al. Co. -- 12-2-1917    

------------8: Lemuel Luther Savage  2-1-1858 MD. – 6-18-1944    

----------------Monliza Umbel  10-18-1862 – 10-25-1940  

----------------9: Mary Florence “Flo” Savage 3-5-1886 – 6-19-1971 Connelleville, PA

--------------------Walter DeWitt  abt 1887  Garrett Co. MD

---------------------10: Cecil C. DeWitt  1910

---------------------10: Peral I. DeWitt  1911

---------------------10: Mable I. Dewitt  1913

---------------------10: Dollie M. DeWitt

---------------------10: Henry W. DeWitt 1916

---------------------10: Ernest A. DeWitt  1926

---------------------10: Howard J. DeWitt

---------------------10: Clara A. DeWitt 

---------------------10: Beulah Grace DeWitt 1919

-------------------------11: Lawrence Laws

-----------------------------12: Living Female Laws

------------------------- 11: Howard Playford Laws  1940 – 1940

--------------------------11: Frances Eugene Laws  1941 – 1981

--------------------------11: Robert Paul Laws 1942 – 2007

--------------------------11: S. Laws Female - may be living

----------------9: Milton Ray Savage  9-29-1904 -- 7-16-1997    

--------------------Thelma Frances Dixon 5-23-1904 -- 5-23-1960

--------------------10: Wilda Marie Savage 5-9-1923 or 25 -- 2-27-1994

------------------------James Kepler Snyder  d. 4-14-1977     m. 10-27-1942

------------------------11: William Snyder

------------------------11: Lynda Kepleen Snyder 4-18-1949

------------------------11: Wanda Lee Snyder 2-25-1951

--------------------10: Majorie Lorraine (or, Loreen) Savage 3-17-1927

------------------------Darrell Edward Simpson

------------------------11: Kevin Darrell Simpson 9-8-1949

------------------------11: Donna Sue Simpson 11-14-1950

--------------------10: Mary Ellen Savage 10-24-1930

------------------------James Ray Friend

------------------------11: James Friend

------------------------11: Barbara Friend

------------------------11: Danny Friend

----------------------------Denice Ringer

------------------------11: Rhonda Sue Friend 6-29-1949

--------------------10: Clyde Milton Savage 7-13-1937

------------------------Naome Spiker

--------------------10: Carolyn Frances Savage  6-10-1940    

------------------------1st; William Lewis Kelley  9-14-1940

------------------------2nd; Sherman Davis (no children)

------------------------11: Tracy Lynn Kelly  4-21-1962

----------------------------Michael Andrew Griffith

----------------------------12: Ryan Patrick Griffith  11-15-1983

----------------------------12: Taylor Andrew Griffith  10-23-1985

----------------------------12: Hayden Michael Griffith  2-26-1991

----------------------------12: Garrett Davis Griffith  1-21-1997

------------------------11: William Patrick Kelley  6-12-1964

----------------------------Lisa Ann Jobe  8-28-1963

----------------------------12: William Keaton Kelley  1-10-1992

----------------------------12: Dylan Patrick Kelley  10-4-1993

----------------------------12: Madison Grace Kelley  8-29-1995 (twin)

----------------------------12: Matthew William Kelley  8-29-1995 (twin)

------------------------11: Jonathan Ray Kelley  2-9-1969   

----------------9: William E. Savage Mar. 1883

----------------9: Walter Clinton Savage Mar. 1885 – 1-13-1976

--------------------1st. Elsie Alice DeWitt 1888 -- 1942

--------------------10: Mable Irene Savage 6-30-1907

--------------------10: Stanley Gilbert Savage 1910 – 1976

-------------------------Grace Alice Keefer 7-28-1906 – 3-17-1985

-------------------------11: Ralph Keefer  (Step son of Stanley G.)

------------------------------Beatrice Nair

------------------------------12: Ralph Keefer, Jr.

------------------------------12: Nancy Keefer

-------------------------11: Clifford Savage  d. 2011

------------------------------Shirley Peck

------------------------------12: Brenda Savage

-----------------------------------Steve Gnegy

-----------------------------------13: Hannah Gnegy

------------------------------12: Lisa Savage (Adopted)

-----------------------------------Kevin Kenney

-----------------------------------13: Female

-------------------------11: Betty Savage

------------------------------Lawrence Cooper 3-16-1927 – 9-26-2005

------------------------------12: Alvin “Alvie” Owen Cooper

-----------------------------------Barbara ______

-----------------------------------13: Female

------------------------------12: Gary Cooper


------------------------------12: Vickie Diann Cooper 1-11-1954

-----------------------------------Bobby Allen Davis 1-17-1952

-----------------------------------13: Two children

-----------------------------------13: Female

------------------------------12: Timothy Paul Cooper

-----------------------------------Carolyn ______

-----------------------------------13: Two children

-------------------------11: Geraldine Savage

------------------------------Herbert Wolf, Sr.

------------------------------12: Three children

-------------------------11: Clinton Savage

------------------------------Billie ______

------------------------------12: Four children

-------------------------11: Kenneth Henry Savage 6-20-1940

-------------------------------Nancy Carol DeWitt 5-6-1944 [Parents of donor Jennifer Marie (Savage) Wilson]

-------------------------------12: Four children

-----------------------------------13: Many grandchildren

---------------------------------------14: Great grandchildren

-------------------------11: Thelma Savage

-------------------------------Jack Bowers

-------------------------11: Carolyn Savage

------------------------------“Hunk” Cogley

--------------------10: Ernest Clinton Savage 3-24-1913

--------------------10: Anna May Savage 1914 – 1939

--------------------10: Christina Maxine Savage 3-26-1917

--------------------10: Luther William Savage 8-10-1920 – 4-27-1976


--------------------10: Twin girls still born

--------------------2nd. Nanny Caulderwood    d. 1962-63

----------------9: Sarah A, Savage 11-1-1893 – 9-19-1965

-------------------______ Holtschneider

----------------9: Mary E, Savage Mar. 1887

----------------9: John Wesley Savage 12-15-1889

--------------------Proe I. ____ 1893

--------------------10: Mabel I. Savage 1914

--------------------10: Bulea Savage 1917

----------------9: Sarah A, Savage Nov. 1893

----------------9: Charles Playford Savage 1900/01 – 9-11-1923

------------8: Mary C. Savage  5-9-1860 MD. -- 1935

----------------Amos Myers Umbel 6-1-1858 PA. -- 1935       

------------8: Isaac “Ike” McClellen Savage  6-23-1862  MD. -- 9-8-1937 Sand Spring, MD.

----------------Anna “Annie” B. Fike 7-2-1869 – 3-23-1944. (“Eliza Anna” per Galica)

----------------9: Alvin “Dutch” Savage 1-11-1890 (Galica states Alvin was fathered by a George Hoff prior to marriage)

------------------- Nora Alice Fike

----------------9: Asa Savage 11-5-1893 – 2-20-1894

----------------9: Beatrice “Bedia” C. Savage 3-30-1895 Sand Spring – 3-3-1990

--------------------Clifford Enlow, Sr. 3-8-1896 – Sep 1959

--------------------10: Virginia Enlow 9-23-1917

-------------------------Earl glotfelty

--------------------10: Robert Enlow 10-21-1918

------------------------Ruth S. Humbert

--------------------10: Eileen Enlow 6-11-1921

-------------------------Elwood DeWitt

--------------------10: Clifford Enlow, Jr. 5-22-1923

-------------------------Dixie Watson

-------------------------Judy Martin

--------------------10: Melvin Enlow 8-8-1927

--------------------10: Eugene Enlow 6-6-1931

-------------------------Thelma Hanlon

-------------------------Janice Layne

----------------9: Nora Savage 5-18-1897 MD.

-------------------- John Kurtz

--------------------10: Curtis Savage 12-16-1912 (born to Nora prior to marriage)

--------------------10: Verdie Ann Kurtz 1924 – 1931

--------------------10: John Kurtz, Jr.

----------------9: Mary Victoria Savage 11-28-1899 Friendsville, MD – 1-25-1989

--------------------1st Carl Lytle

--------------------10: Maxine Lytle

------------------------ James Simpson

--------------------10: Bus Lytle 4-12-1927 -- 1945

--------------------2nd Frank Brown

--------------------10: Marilyn Brown

-----------------------Randolph Janeway

--------------------10: Marsha Brown

----------------9: Benjamin F. Savage 2-25-1902 Sand Spring – 5-11-1993

--------------------Pauline E. Lytle 11-16-1904 Sang Run, MD – 3-2-1977

--------------------10: Burlton H. Savage 6-9-1924 – 12-12-1944 ( WWII Died in France)

--------------------10: Kermit B. Savage 7-26-1926 McHenry, MD

------------------------Betty Foy

----------------9: Everett Savage 6-10-1903 Sand Spring – 1-28-1980

--------------------Mary Jane Rodeheaver 4-25-1907 (This family info sent by Icia Wolfe)

--------------------10: Carl Edward Savage 8-29-1928

------------------------Maxine Marie Rodeheaver 4-25-1907

------------------------11: Dennis Edward Savage 10-19-1956

------------------------11: Darrell Allen Savage 1-11-1962

--------------------10: Lola Minnie Savage 4-26-1930

------------------------Buehl Wilburn

--------------------10: Anna Mary Blanche Savage 4-22-1932

------------------------Donald Fratz

----------------9: Lottie Leola Savage 10-10-1905 Sand Spring – 6-4-1999 Vine Grove, KY

------------------- Lloyd Schroyer

-------------------10: Helen M. Schroyer

------------------------LeRoy Rhodes

-------------------10: Phyllis Jean Schroyer

-----------------------Benjamin Earl Field

-------------------10: Virginia E. Schroyer

------------------------Carl Hile

-------------------10: Betty Mae Schroyer

-----------------------1st _____Dayton


----------------9: Lydia Savage 4-8-1907

--------------------Charles Harvey

--------------------1st or 2nd _____ Cummings

--------------------10: Rose Cummings

--------------------10: Cindy Cummings

--------------------2nd or 1st Charles Harvey

--------------------10: Dale Harvey

-------------------------Ann _____

--------------------10: Rhea Mae Harvey

-------------------------Mike Hlopak

--------------------10 Charlotte Harvey

------------------------_____ Rowell

----------------9: Rueben E. Savage 4-12-1909 McHenry, MD – 10-5-1998

--------------------Margaret Frazee

----------------9: James Savage 1909

----------------9: Ruth Savage 3-31-1911/12 – 1-3-2003

--------------------Robert Enlow

--------------------10: Edwin Savage (per Galica, born prior to Ruth’s marriage to Enlow. Father - Carl Friend)

--------------------10: Kathy Enlow

-------------------------1st Gary Carr

-------------------------2nd Wiley

----------------9: Curtis Savage 1914

------------8: George Wesley Savage  10-21- 1864 MD. (1900 census gives birth date as Apr 1862)

----------------Lydia Humberson 3-6-1869 MD. -- 1951

----------------9: Millie Savage 1895 (1900 census lists as, Nellie)

----------------9: Ada Savage 1897

----------------9: Bertha Alice Savage 6-5-1898

--------------------Jonas Randolph Bittner, Sr. 11-7-1894

--------------------10: Jonas Randolph Bittner, Jr. 8-28-1915

------------------------Pearle Agnes Colflesh 5-30-1919

----------------9: Azetta Savage 1900

----------------9: Oscar Savage 1903  

------------8: Harriet “Hattie” Savage  11-20-1866 MD -- 1915.

----------------Jasper Guard 10-21-1849 Selbysport, MD -- 1931.

----------------9: May Guard 1884 Selbysport

----------------9: Ethel Guard 1886 Selbysport

----------------9: Earl Guard 1888 Selbysport

--------------------Mickey McCullough

----------------9: Jenette Guard 1890 Selbysport

--------------------Jack Welch

--------------------Jacob Earl Statler

------------8: Thomas Perry Savage  2-29-1868 MD. -- 1954  (Regina Rapacon’s grandfather)

----------------Ella Fleda Glotfelty July 1871/72

----------------9: James D. Savage Sept. 1891

----------------9: Blain Savage 1900

----------------9: Nell A. Savage 1903

----------------9: Julia M. Savage 1907

----------------9: Annie May Savage 1909

----------------9: Naomi Savage

----------------9: Eunice Savage

----------------9: Ralph Edgar Savage 1911

----------------9: Dwight Savage

------------8: Jerome 5-26-1872 MD. -- 12-13-1882

------------8: Savilla Savage 5-26-1875 -- 12-22-1876

------------8: Anna Belle Savage 3-26-1876 MD. -- 10-19-1964

----------------Charles Thomas 5-5-1875

----------------9: Cecil C. Thomas 2-24-1897

--------------------_____ Lowdermilk

----------------9: George Kenneth Thomas 7-28-1899

--------------------Sarah Elizabeth Fosbrink 5-1-1908

--------------------10: Samuel Eugene Thomas 8-21-1926

------------------------Lois Winifred Van Sickle

--------------------10: Burgett Wayne Thomas 1-26-1928 Fayette Co. PA.

------------------------Margaret May Nicklow

--------------------10: Doris Jeanine Thomas 1929

--------------------10: Richard Charles Thomas 5-5-1933 Fearer, MD.

------------------------Ruth Ellen Griffith

--------------------10: Jackie Theodore Thomas 8-12-1935 Fearer, MD.

------------------------Mary Catherine Boden

------------------------11: Mary Jane Thomas 12-10-1959

--------------------10: Lowell LaVane Thomas, Sr. 1-6-1937 Friendsville, MD

------------------------Gertrude Carmelita Robertson 10-14-1939 Mt. Savage, MD.

------------------------11: Lowell LaVane Thomas, Jr. 5-24-1958 Oakland, MD.

----------------------------Christine Sue DeWitt 2-11-1958 Oakland

----------------------------12: David LaVane Thomas 10-21-1977 Meyersdale, PA.

----------------------------12: Jennifer Sue Thomas 7-26-1980 Meyersdale

--------------------------------Travis Duckworth

--------------------------------13: Sydney Jordan Thomas

----------------------------12: Sonja Marie Thomas 2-23-1993 Oakland, MD.

------------------------11: Connie Jean Thomas 5-18-1959 Oakland, MD.

----------------------------Dennis Kitchen

------------------------11: Joyce Ann Thomas 11-9-1962 Oakland

----------------------------Bobby Gene Flinn, II

----------------------------2nd wife of Lowell LaVane Thomas, Sr. Doris Elaine Hook

----------------------------12: Kelli Renae Thomas 5-27-1970 Oakland

--------------------------------Steven Marshall Bittinger

--------------------10: Shirley Ann Thomas 10-12-1940 Friendsville, MD.

------------------------Roland Robert Fisher

--------------------10: Robert Kenneth Thomas 9-9-1941 Uniontown, PA.

------------------------Carol Lee Fisher

--------------------10: Darlene Joyce Thomas 12-20-1945 Uniontown, PA.

------------------------Paul Douglas Sisler, Jr.

------------------------11: Douglas Paul Sisler

------------------------11: Christopher Todd Sisler

------------------------11: Patricia Ann Sisler

----------------------------_____ Morris

----------------9: William Emerson Thomas 2-22-1906

------------8: Charles M. Savage 1877

----------------Sarah A. _____----b. 1878

----------------9: Catherine I. Savage 1902

----------------9: Franklin J. Savage 1905

--------7: Nancy Savage  Al. Co. 5-15-1820 -- 1904

------------Robert E. Savage (See linage under, (3)Robert E, Savage, of (2)Evan).             

--------7: Amelia “Milly” Savage  5-13-1826 Al. Co.    

------------Joseph Recknor 

------------8: Mary Irene Recknor 2-10-1849 reported birth date

----------------Benjamin Shepp (Grandfather of Zella Shepp Cramer <>)

----6th. Gen: Evan Savage   1797 Blooming Rose/Sand Spring, along Buffalo Run, Al. Co. MD.     

--------Mary Markley  abt 1798          

--------7: William H. Savage  Oct,1820 Al. Co.    

------------Lydia Ann Savage Aug, 1825 (Daughter of John R. Savage).

------------8: Longsworth Savage  1852  
------------8: Louisa  abt 1854

------------8: Marshall  abt 1855

------------8: Hiram  abt 1857

------------8: William  1861

------------8: Ulysses Grant Savage abt 1864

----------------Kerren A. _____  1867

----------------9: Bethy V. Savage  1892

------------8: Henry McClellan "Clellie" Savage abt 1861/64

----------------Mary F. _____  1861/62 -- 1922

----------------9: Nettie Savage  1884 -- 1897

----------------9: Lou Savage  1886

----------------9: Cora Ellen Savage  1889 -- 1964

--------------------Walter Friend

----------------9: Lloyd Savage  1890

----------------9: Roy Savage  1891

----------------9: Albert Ross Savage  1893

----------------9: Theodosia Savage  1897

----------------9: Monroe Savage  1-6-1900 - - 1900

----------------9: Ray savage  1903

------------8: David Ellsworth Savage  1866

--------7: Jacob Savage  abt 1831 Al. Co.    

------------Eliza _______           

--------7: John Savage  abt 1832 Al. Co.

------------Catherine Benson  abt 1835

------------8: Joseph Allen Savage July 1852 MD

----------------Clara Bell Wagner Apr 1869 MD (See Wagner family at bottom of this page.

----------------9: Winfield Savage

----------------9: Pearl Savage

----------------9: Carl R. Savage

----------------9: Glen A. Savage

----------------9: Agatha E. Savage

----------------9: Elen B. Savage March, 1888, Md.

----------------9: Josephine Savage March, 1890, Pa.

----------------9: Mary C. Savage June, 1893 Henry Clay Township, Pa.

--------------------Thomas Devan

----------------9: Charles Roy Savage 8-21-1895 Fayette Co. Pa.

--------------------Nelle Pegg

--------------------10: Ladora Jane

-------------------------Robert Springer

--------------------10: James E. Springer

-------------------------Mary Anne Dasch

--------------------10: Susan Marie Springer

-------------------------Carl Louis DiVita

-------------------------11: Matthew James DiVita

-------------------------11: Alexandra Lynne DiVita

----------------9: Joseph W. Savage 12-28-1898 Pa. -- 7-24-1956 Masontown, Pa.

----------------9: Basil Savage 5-12-1901 Pa. -- 6-25-1967 Norwalk, Ca.

--------------------Alice Elizabeth Betts

--------------------10: Wilma Jean Savage

-------------------------George Feree

-------------------------11: Barbara Ellen Feree

-------------------------11: George Feree

--------------------10: William Allen Savage

--------------------10: Leonard Wayne Savage

--------------------10: Erna Savage

--------------------10: Gary Savage

--------------------10: Louella May Savage

-------------------------Francis “Ike” Paul Piper

-------------------------11: Kathy Lou Piper

----------------------------- _____ Balmer

-------------------------11: Brenda Joyce Piper

-------------------------11: Susan Kay Piper

-------------------------11: Francis Paul Piper II

------------8: Silas Wesley Savage 2-5-1855 MD -- 4-15-1914 (This family info per Reta Diethorn & Florence Nicklow Elliott).

----------------Alice J. Walters  5-22-1858 PA -- 6-29-1944          

----------------9: Nora Helen Savage 1896 (Reta’s great grandmother)    

--------------------William Elliot Brant  12-18-1886 – 8-10-1933 

----------------9: Effie Mae Savage 7-21-1886 PA -- 11-18-1952

--------------------Winfield S. Nicola (Nicklow)

--------------------10: Raymond Leroy Nicklow 10-14-1918  -- 8-29-1971

-------------------------Marguerite Nelson  8-9-1916  -- 4-21-1995

------------------------11: Raymond Leroy Nicklow, Jr. 2-16-1952

----------------------------Penny Deavers

------------------------11: Florence Arlene Nicklow 2-5-1954

-----------------------------Charles Earl Elliott 1-18-1955

-----------------------------12: Charles Nathan Elliott 8-8-1979

-----------------------------12: Meghann Saunders Elliott 3-28-1982

-----------------------------12: Lauren Elizabeth Elliott 1-17-1986

-----------------------------12: Kevin Andrew Elliott 2-15-1989

-----------------------------12: Jensyn Adeline Catherine Elliott 6-21-1995

--------------------10: Jason Nicklow  abt 1912 PA

--------------------10: Edward Nicklow  abt 1917 PA

--------------------10: Mary Nicklow  abt 1921 PA

--------------------10: James Nicklow  abt 1924 PA

--------------------10: Philip Nicklow  abt 1927 PA

----------------9: Eli Thomas Savage  Mar 1890 Fayette Co., PA

--------------------Nancy Brant

--------------------10: Nellie Aldora Savage 1924 – 1976

------------------------Francis Leo Smithberger

-------------------------11: Linda Smithberger

----------------9: Sylvania Savage Apr 1893 PA (1910 census has a Maggie S. age 17)

----------------9: Jasper A. Savage (son) May 1899 PA

----------------9: John H. Savage abt 1902 PA

----------------9: Katie S. Savage  abt 1907 PA (1910 census age 3)

------------8: Billie/Bella Savage  1862

------------8: John Savage  1863

------------8: Jordan Savage  1864/66

------------8: Ida Savage  1878

------------8: Julia Savage  1879

--------7: Robert E. Savage   c. 1819 Al. Co. -- 12-6-1895-96 Henry Clay Twp., Fayette Co. PA.    

------------Nancy Savage   5-15-1820 Al. Co. -- 1-30-1904          

------------8: Nelson E. Savage 7-4-1840 Al. Co.  (Civil war vet). 5-30-1916 Uniontown, PA.

----------------1st Lucretia Clark     

----------------9: Sarah Savage abt 1869          

----------------2nd Barbara Ann Chrise  1850  -- 3-10-1921  (1850 census, dwelling #375, age 1/6, with Daniel & Elizabeth Chrise (who lived next door to Alexander and Elizabeth Thomas, possibly the parents of Elizabeth Chrise).

----------------9: Charles Savage  abt 1875 Gar. Co.    

----------------9: Louisa Savage  abt 1878 Gar. Co.    

----------------9: Milton (Jackson) Savage  9-10-1880 Gar. Co. d. 10-31-1960 Monongalia Co. WV.    

--------------------1st. Olive Mae (Ollie Mae) Fike abt 1879 

--------------------2nd. Florence “Rosie” Myers (Florence had a son, Richard Myers, father unknown, raised by Milton).

--------------------Offspring of Milton Savage and Olive Fike:             

--------------------10: Russell Milton Savage 11-16-1901 Fayette Co. PA. -- 2-14-1986 Cuy. Co. OH.    

------------------------Violet Lois Bucklew  2-15-1905 Preston Co. WV. -- 11-22-1983 Cuy. Co.           

------------------------11: Gloria Florence Savage  12-12-1924 Pres. Co. WV.  -- 8-13-1925          

------------------------11: Darwin Maxwell Savage  4-18-1927 Monongalia. Co. WV.    

----------------------------1st. Gypsy Theresa Estaban    

----------------------------2nd. Marian Joan King          

----------------------------Children with Gypsy Estaban          

----------------------------12: Melody Lane Savage  7-16-1948 Monongalia Co. WV.    

--------------------------------Rodney Ozmun          

--------------------------------13: Todd Allen Ozmun  01-10-1972 

------------------------------------ Kathy _____        

------------------------------------14: Dalton Alexander Ozmun  2-6-94          

----------------------------12: Darwin Duane “Duane” Savage 06-29-1949 Mon. Co. WV.    

--------------------------------Laura Ellen Carrell  3-19-1956          

--------------------------------13: Natasha Rene Savage 2-18-81 Florida    

--------------------------------13: Alexandra (Allie) Lee Savage  1-24-1990 Fl.          

----------------------------12: Violet Marlena Savage  5-29-1951 Mon. Co. WV.     

--------------------------------1st.  ______ Turangalo      

--------------------------------2nd. Cliff Stoufer          

--------------------------------13: Angela Marie Turangalo  2-11-1971

--------------------------------13: Tara Theresa Stoufer  1-1-1981          

----------------------------12: John Thomas Russell (Rusty) Sheridan Savage  8-18-1952 Ohio    

--------------------------------Joy Ann McCormick------------    

--------------------------------13: John Russell Savage 8-22-1978    

--------------------------------13: Mathew Thomas Savage  9-22-1981    

--------------------------------13: Erika Alden Savage  3-14-1985          

----------------------------12: Cindy Kay Savage  12-22-1953 Ohio    

--------------------------------Gary Anthony Tosella          

--------------------------------13: Joshua Anthony Tosella  2-26-1977    

--------------------------------13: Gabriel Robert Tosella  9-20-1978          

----------------------------12: Helena Shane Savage  12-23-1954 Ohio    

--------------------------------_______ Rich          

----------------------------12: Kimberton Steel Savage  9-19-1956 Ohio          

------------------------11: Darrell Duane Savage  3-11-1929 Monongalia Co. WV.    

----------------------------Zona Lorriane Hennen  10-31-1931 WV.          

----------------------------12: Regan William Savage  9-13-1952 Cuy. Co. OH.    

--------------------------------Janice Elizabeth Histand  7-1-1952          

--------------------------------13: Ryan Michael Savage   6-6-1974    

------------------------------------Alyssa Sniffin  11-4-1974    

------------------------------------14: Kaylee Elizabeth Savage  7-30-1999          

--------------------------------13: Natalie Gail Savage  1-7-1976    

------------------------------------Ryan Cutting  2-2-1975          

----------------------------12: Timothy Darrell Savage  1-20-1954 Cuy. Co. OH.    

--------------------------------Rhonda Kay Miller  1-1-1957    

--------------------------------13: Jonathan Thomas Savage  3-8-1989. OH.    

--------------------------------13: Christopher Thomas Savage  2-24-1993 OH.    

--------------------------------13: Matthew  Thomas Savage 12-8-1995 OH.

----------------------------12: Jacqueline Sheree Savage Jantz 01-3-55

--------------------------------Mark Randall Jantz 4-24-53

--------------------------------13: Jamie Lynne Jantz 3-11-78         

------------------------11: Doris Dawn Savage  10-08-1930  -- 1-09-1932 Mon. Co. WV.          

------------------------11: Iris Lee Savage  11-16-1932 Mon. Co. WV.    

----------------------------1st. Paul Burpee Williams  1-3-1928    

----------------------------2nd. Ronald Dale Keller          

----------------------------Children with Paul Williams: All born in Ohio    

----------------------------12: Kyndrea Margo Williams 9-3-1954    

--------------------------------George Frank Kub 2-10-1955    

--------------------------------13: Kara Stacia Kub  7-3-1979    

--------------------------------13: Eric Blasius Kub  1-11-1981          

----------------------------12: Dayna Kathleen Williams  4-25-1956    

--------------------------------Leland Schubkegel  6-21-1955          

--------------------------------13: Shannon Violet Schubkegel 2-3-1982    

--------------------------------13: Ashley Iris Schubkegel  10-16-85          

----------------------------12: Shawna Jean Williams  11-15-1957    

--------------------------------Martin Joseph DiOrio  7-4-1955          

--------------------------------13: Thomas Anthony DiOrio  2-24-1983    

--------------------------------13: Alyssa Ann DiOrio  3-7-1990          

----------------------------12: Karla Lee Williams  12-24-1958    

--------------------------------John (Jack) Michael Yurichak  5-25-1955          

--------------------------------13: Edward Paul Yurichak  8-19-1982    

--------------------------------13: Kristy Lynn Yurichak  6-17-1984    

--------------------------------13: Leah Kathleen Yurichak  1-12-1987          

----------------------------12: Stacia Lynn Williams  6-30-1967    

--------------------------------Ronald Patrick Ciocca, Jr.  7-30-1967          

--------------------------------13: Anthony Michael Ciocca  7-7-1992    

--------------------------------13: Nataly Assuntine Ciocca  10-5-1994                 

------------------------11: Russell Blair Savage  12-12-1934   Mon. Co. WV  (goes by R. Blair).

----------------------------1st. Jane Forman  9-5-1939 Mon. Co. WV    

----------------------------2nd. Marilyn Louise Rapp  8-29-1950 Clay, Co. WV          

----------------------------Children with Jane Forman:    

----------------------------12: Tawnia Marie Savage  3-26-1959 Por. Co. OH.    

--------------------------------Joseph Mazzulo  6-26-1954 OH.          

----------------------------12: Trina Louise Savage  3-5-1961 Cuy. Co. OH.    

--------------------------------Robert Kurth Honer  3-20-1971 PA.          

----------------------------12: Tracy Kay Savage  5-28-1963 Cuy. Co. OH.    

--------------------------------James Vincent Zuccaro  11-13-1961 OH.          

----------------------------12: Tricia Lee Savage  3-21-1965 Cuy. Co. OH.    

---------------------------------1st. Paul Darrah  9-25-1964    

---------------------------------2nd. Tony Gray           

----------------------------12: Tamara Malissa Savage  7-1-1975 Cuy. Co. OH.

----------------------------------Benjamin Clay  6-4-1966  Phil. PA

------------------------11: Kathleen Elenore Savage  02-25-1939 Preston Co. WV.    

----------------------------James Andrew Bills  5-31-1938 PA.          

----------------------------12: Michele (Shelly) Lynne Bills  6-13-1964 OH.    

--------------------------------1st. John ________    

--------------------------------2nd. John Michael Kess  9-3-1963          

----------------------------12: Shawn Paul Bills 4-10-1966 OH.                      

------------------------11: Margo Lynn Savage  03-19-1940 Preston Co. WV.    

----------------------------Jerry Wayne Perry  3-18-1940 Kanawah Co. WV.           

----------------------------12: Jason Allen Perry  6-17-1970 OH.    

--------------------------------Desiree Toth  1-3-1970 OH

--------------------10: Clifford Earl Savage Sr.  1-9-1903 Fay. Co. PA.    

------------------------Mary Marie Shaffer           

------------------------11: Lucille May Savage 7-27-1929 Pres. Co. WV.    

----------------------------Warden Lyle Dalton  5-24-1928 WV.          

----------------------------12: Joyce Ann Dalton  9-14-1948    

--------------------------------_______ Jauerqui    

----------------------------12: Wendy Marie Dalton  3-15-1952    

--------------------------------Kirk Georgi  5-17-1956          

------------------------11: Bernice Marie Savage  6-5-1931 WV    

----------------------------Delmer Paul Gibson Sr.  1-31-1926          

----------------------------12: Karen Lynn Gibson  2-20-1961    

--------------------------------Arthur Allen Centofanti  6-15-1955          

----------------------------12: Kimberly Kay Gibson  8-27-1978          

------------------------11: Iretta Jean Savage  3-13-1935 WV.    

----------------------------James Foster Luzier  11-9-1936 WV.          

----------------------------12: Rodney Allen Luzier  3-17-1965 WV.    

--------------------------------Marikay Kaltsukis  

----------------------------12: Rick Dale Luzier 5-12-1957 WV.    

--------------------------------Samantha Polce  1-6-1960          

----------------------------12: James Britton Luzier  4-27-1959 WV.    

--------------------------------1st. Shila DeBerry    

--------------------------------2nd. Kathy Crescenzi          

----------------------------12: Bradley Earl Luzier  3-29-1961 WV.    

--------------------------------Lisa Krynicki  1-26-1961           

----------------------------12: Jody Scott Luzier  10-24-1962 WV.    

--------------------------------Angie Grimm  1-16-1965          

------------------------11: Wanda  Eileen Savage  11-27-1938 WV.    

-----------------------------Richard Patrick Ackerman  3-17-1936          

------------------------11: Clifford Earl Savage Jr.  8-12-1941 WV.    

-----------------------------Carolyn Rose Polce  5-1-1943          

----------------------------12: Sheri Eileen Savage  1-19-1964 OH.     

--------------------------------1st. Ronald Deffenbaugh    

--------------------------------2nd. Darren Gregory Dorito  11-25-59          

----------------------------12: Terri Lynn Savage  9-16-1967 Oh.    

--------------------------------m. ________    

--------------------10: Harvey Savage PA.    

------------------------1st Genevieve _______    

------------------------2nd Irene _______          

------------------------11: Dorothy Savage (of 1st wife)    

------------------------11: Betty Savage (of 1st or 2nd)    

------------------------11: Patty Savage (of 1st or 2nd)    

------------------------11: Charlene Savage (of 2nd)    

------------------------11: Nancy Savage (of 2nd)    

------------------------11: Dixie Savage (of 2nd)          

--------------------10: Edith Savage     

------------------------Claude (Slim) Frankenberry    

--------------------10: Harold Savage (died age 3-4)           

--------------------10: Rose Marie Savage (died age 3 mos,)

----------------9: Lucricia Ellen Savage  11-10-1887 Markleysburg, PA.  d. 01-01-1918 Uniontown, PA.

--------------------1st. Elmer Milton Fike 6-10-1877 Bruceton Mills, WV – 1-16-1956 Columbus, OH

-------------------------------- 2nd Albert Claude Hellein (1886-1965). No children.

-------------------10: Isaiah Easter Fike 4-12-1903 Uniontown, PA – 3-28-1988 Harrison Twp., Allegheny Co., PA.

---------------------- 1st Irene Elsie Leasure (04/17/1903-05/10/1972)

-----------------------11: Doris Valjean Fike McKnight

-----------------------11. Richard Isaiah Fike

-----------------------11. Betty Lou Fike Hazlett

-----------------------11. Mary Ellen Fike Redmond

-----------------------11. Lucretia Fike Beers

-----------------------2nd Pearl Henry  1930 - 2011

-------------------10: Susannah Elizabeth Grace Fike 8-5-1906 Uniontown, PA – 02-01-2001 Columbus, OH

------------------------Fred Christian Becker  02/27/1901 Washington Co., OH – 10/27/1985  Columbus) md 1924.

-----------------------11. Betty Jane Becker Dover (1925-1987)

-----------------------11. Frederick Rodney Becker – still living

-----------------------11. Joan Ellen Becker Hassler – still living

-----------------------11. Robert Nelson Becker – still living

-------------------10: John Nelson Fike Sr. Born 07/01/1908 Uniontown PA. -- 10/22/2000 Allegheny Co. MD.

------------------------Margaret V. Branzet (1908-1979).

----------------9: John Savage  Mar. 1888           

----------------9: Lilly Savage  Dec. 1894                

------------8: Richard Savage  abt 1843 Al. Co.           

------------8: Sarah Ann Savage  abt 1847 Al. Co.          

------------8: Jeremiah Savage  abt 1849/52 (Twin) Al. Co. (The 1880 census gives age as 28. The 1900 gives as 50, born 1850)

----------------Charlotte _____ Apr 1855 PA (Father born Ireland (1880 census shows Charlotte, age 27, son, Thomas, age 2/3.)

----------------9. Richard Savage Mar 1889 PA

----------------9: Thomas Savage 1880 Gar. Co.---- (This based on 1880 census. Not appearing in 1900 census)

----------------9: Samuel Savage Apr 1881 PA

----------------9: William Savage Apr 1884 MD

----------------9: Harrison Savage May 1887 PA

----------------9: Bert Savage Apr 1889 PA

----------------9: Catherine Savage Aug 1894 PA

----------------9: Jennie B. Savage Sept 1897 PA

----------------9: Violet Savage Nov 1899 PA (Assume this is “Violet”. Appears spelled as, Vilat in 1900 census)

------------8: Henry Savage  abt 1849/52 (Twin) (1900 census gives age as 55 – birth year unknown)

----------------Louisa  _____ abt 1852  (It appears to be Lucinda in 1880 census, Louiza in 1900 census).        

------------8: Kimel Savage Dec 1858 Al. Co. MD -- 1921 Henry Clay Twp, Fayette Co., PA (

----------------Sarah Lily _____ May 1864 PA -- 1-10-1936 Henry Clay Twp, Fayette Co., PA (Lily may be maiden name)

----------------9. Rada, or Rhoda, or Rhodie Eldora Savage Dec 1885 PA -- 9-30-1951 Confluence, PA

--------------------Walter Lewis Bird 2-25-1884 Fay. Co., PA -- 8-3-1920 Fayette Co., PA

--------------------10: Nellie E. Bird 6-17-1909 Fay. Co., PA -- Aug 1986 Fay., Co., PA

--------------------------Robert A. Harris 1916-1997

--------------------10: Samuel Emory Bird 11-1-1912 Fay., Co., PA -- 10-16-1967 Fay Co., PA

--------------------------Thelma Pearl Dillinger 1918-1965

--------------------10: Palmer Vance Bird 10-22-1914 Fay., Co., PA -- 6-30-1983 Markleysburg, PA

--------------------10: Allison K. Bird 1-27-1916 Markleysburg, PA -- 12-10-1939 Markleysburg, PA

--------------------10: Arley Lee Bird 4-4-1918 Markleysburg, PA -- 12-10-2005 Pittsburgh, PA

-------------------------1st. Verlie Vernice Weaver 1922-1983

-------------------------2nd. Althea Mae Perkins 1922-1995

----------------9: [Nancy 1878] (appears in 1880 census under, Kimmel Savage)

--------------------Andrew Jackson Dennis 2-11-1878 Fayette Co., PA -- 1939 Uniontown, PA

------------8: Robert Savage  11-18-1859 Al. Co. Md. -- 1-26-1948 Fayette Co. PA

----------------Mary Rovilla Fike 9-11-1864 Sand Spring, Al. Co. -- 10-11-1939

----------------9: James Marion Savage 07-02-1882  Markleysburg, PA  -- 08-09-1956  Uniontown, PA

--------------------Rose Cupp 2-25-1889 Uniontown, PA -- Jan 1975 Uniontown

--------------------10: Evelyn Savage

------------------------Joe Cave 1914-1977

------------------------11. Cheryl Lynn Cave 7-7-1946

----------------9: George Floyd Savage  03-16-1884 Friendsville, MD -- 07-16-1959 Uniontown, PA
--------------------1st. Sara Alice Savage  10-13-1887 -- 03-29-1989 Uniontown, PA (divorced some time before 1917; she remarried, Christopher Dennis in 1919)
--------------------10: Ralph E. Savage 09/25/1905  Markleysburg, PA  -- 11/03/1989  Uniontown

-------------------------Marie David

-------------------------11: George Savage

-------------------------11: Alice Marie Savage 12-11-1929 Uniontown, PA

-------------------------------1st. Ross L. Connor

-------------------------------12: Sally L. Connor 1-23-1947 Uniontown, PA

-------------------------------2nd. Francis J. Cambria, Jr. 9-8-1923 Uniontown, PA -- 1-26-1995 Sonoma, CA

-------------------------------12: David Cambria 4-24-1964 Cleveland, OH

------------------------------12: Kathleen Cambria

-------------------------11: Ralph Howard Savage

-------------------------------? Miller

------------------------------12: Ralph Howard Savage, Jr. 10-25-1957 Uniontown, PA

------------------------------12: Rodney Lee Savage 12-21-1958 Uniontown

-------------------------11: William Lee Savage 4-12-1941 Uniontown, PA

-------------------------------Barbara Louise Show

-------------------------------12: William Russell Savage 10-6-1962 Cleveland, OH

--------------------10: Robert Harrison Savage  08-07-1908  Markleysburg, PA -- 9-17-2003 Uniontown, PA

------------------------Alfiena Madeline Falcone 04-03-1910  Connellsville, PA -- 03-14-1993  Uniontown

------------------------11: Robert Harrison Savage Jr. 11-20-1931 Uniontown

-----------------------------Gladys Ruth Turnbull

-----------------------------12: Robert H. Savage III   

-----------------------------12: Linda Savage

-----------------------------12: Scott Savage

-----------------------------12: Ryan Savage

------------------------11: Eugene Savage  07-23-1933 Uniontown

---------------------------- Leila

-----------------------------12: Debbie Anne Savage

-----------------------------12: Daniel Savage

------------------------11: Alice Faye Savage 07-23-1933 Uniontown

-----------------------------Stanley Guzik, Jr.

-----------------------------12: Mark A. Guzik

-----------------------------12: Marcy L. Guzik

-----------------------------12: Joylyn Guzik

------------------------11: Infant Savage Dec 1936 -- 12-10-1936

------------------------11: Donna Marie Savage 12-06-1937 Uniontown -- 06-09-1998  Uniontown

----------------------------Michael George Nahaj  01-02-1933

-----------------------------12: Michael George Nahaj Jr. 10-16-1959 Uniontown

-----------------------------12: Bryan Anthony Nahaj 02-06-1962 Uniontown

-----------------------------12: Lisa Marie Nahaj 05-30-1967 Uniontown

------------------------11: Judith Ann Savage 02-19-1940  Uniontown, PA   

-----------------------------Thomas Ritz

-----------------------------12: Cindy Ritz

-----------------------------12: Thomas Ritz Jr.

-----------------------------12: Jamie Ritz

-----------------------------12: Tracy Ritz

-----------------------------12: Timothy Ritz

-----------------------------12: Greg Ritz

------------------------11: Patricia Louise Savage 13-03-1942 Uniontown

---------------------------- John (Jack) Over

-----------------------------12: John Over Jr.

-----------------------------12: Sonya Over

-----------------------------12: Gary Over 9-11-1962 Uniontown, PA

-----------------------------12: Pamela Over 11-29-1964 Uniontown, PA

----------------------------------Kenneth Hughes

------------------------11: Lovetta  Savage 12-01-1944  Uniontown, PA

---------------------------- Joseph Kish

-----------------------------12: Joseph Alan Kish

-----------------------------12: Lovetta Kish

-----------------------------12: Jeffery Kish

-----------------------------12: Kimberly Kish

--------------------10: Raymond L. Savage 07/22/1910  Markleysburg, PA -- 07/14/1997 Uniontown

-------------------------Marian Kovach 4-12-1914 Smithfield, PA -- 2-18-2002 McClellandtown, PA

-------------------------11. Raymond Floyd Savage 7-15-1936 Uniontown, PA

----------------------------- Shirley Joanne Petruska 12-30-1937 Uniontown, PA

-------------------------------12: Terry Lynn Savage Kolencik 8-7-1960 Uniontown, PA

-------------------------------12: Laurie Ellen Savage 8-15-1963 Uniontown, PA

-------------------------11: Donald Gabriel Savage 9-23-1937 Uniontown, PA

--------------------10: Thelma Irene Savage 08-21-1912 Markleysburg, PA -- 12-27-2001  Uniontown

-------------------------Gerald L. O’Hern

-------------------------11: Beverly O'Hern Sept 1931 -- 7-3-1958 Uniontown

-------------------------------Charles R. Lulich

-------------------------------12: Thomas Lulich

-------------------------------12: Timothy Lulich

-------------------------11: Rose Marie O'Hern 

------------------------------Robert Bodnar

------------------------------12: Christie Bodnar

------------------------------------Sean Biro

------------------------------12: Colleen Bodnar

------------------------------------Rick Watkins

------------------------------12: Robert Bodnar

---------------------------------  Lynn _____

------------------------------12: Rebecca Bodnar 4-20-1963 Uniontown, PA

---------------------------------- Gary Gruen

----------------9: Jennie Belle Savage  08-13-1885 Fayette Co., PA  -- 1885

----------------9: Ada Alice Savage  08-24-1887 Fayette Co. -- 02-17-1980

----------------9: Nettie Ann Savage  04-08-1890 Fayette Co. -- 06-03-1977  Indianapolis, IN

--------------------James F. Fike 4-7-1890 Preston Co., WV -- Sept 1983, Brownsville, PA (Brother of Olive Mae Fike

--------------------10: Authur James Fike 9-7-1912 Uniontown, PA -- 3-4-2006 Lake Villa, IL

--------------------10: Harold E. Fike 12-17-1913 Uniontown, PA -- 9-19-1970 Denver, CO

-------------------------Gertrude Nussbaumber

--------------------10: Edgar J. Fike 5-15-1920 Uniontown, PA -- 1-22-2004 Ocala, FL

----------------9: Cora Ellen Savage 08-12-1893 Fayette Co. -- 05-01-1986

--------------------George Thomas

--------------------10: Betty Thomas 6-11-1919 Uniontown, PA -- 9-22-2001 Uniontown

-------------------------William L. Hines

-------------------------11: William L. Hines, Jr.

-------------------------11: Gary K. Hines

--------------------10: Doris Thomas

--------------------------Joseph K. Flynn

-------------------------11: Sharon Flynn

-------------------------11: Douglas Flynn

-------------------------11: Brian Flynn

-------------------------11: Dwight Flynn

-------------------------11: Kellie Flynn

----------------9: Minnie May Savage 04-29-1895 Fayette Co. -- 11-10-1981 Wilkinsburg, PA

--------------------Thomas Douglas Patterson 2-24-1892 Fay. Co., PA -- 8-20-1943 Oliver, PA

---------------------10: Donald Patterson 4-28-1916 Oliver, PA -- 4-8-1993 Pittsburgh, PA

---------------------10: Ruth Patterson 1924 Oliver, PA -- 11-11-2006 Pittsburgh, PA

----------------9: Mary Catherine Savage  08-15-1897 Fayette Co. -- 08-24-1989

---------------------Altha J. Bierer 1900 -- 6-7-1962 Uniontown, PA

---------------------10: Jean Bierer McCormack

----------------9: Dora Pearl Savage 08-30-1899 Fayette Co. -- 03-01-1991

---------------------Adolph J. Priester

---------------------10: Wallace V. Priester 6-28-1922 Uniontown, PA -- 8-5-1995 Uniontown, PA

--------------------------Dorcas Hann

---------------------10: Earl A. Priester 1924 Uniontown, PA

---------------------10: Edward G. Priester Jun 1929 Uniontown, PA

----------------9: Edith Marie Savage 03-07-1901 Fayette Co. -- 10-28-1983

----------------9: Earl Edward Savage 03-01-1903  Fayette Co., PA – 8-12-2002, Uniontown, PA

--------------------Emma Louise Stets 1/17/1905 Lambert, PA -- 9/27/1994, Uniontown, PA 

--------------------10: Doris Ann “Dee” Savage 2-9-1927 Uniontown, Fayette Co. Pa.

-------------------------Daniel “Danny” Mihalko 11-1-1925 Brownfield, PA -- 10-29-1976 Uniontown, PA.

-------------------------11: Dana Marie Mihalko 11-30-1950, Uniontown, Pa.

------------------------------William John Tomcanin 9-28-1949 Charleroi, Washington Co., PA

-----------------------------12: Robert Daniel “Rob” Tomcanin 12-28-1976, Pittsburgh, Al. Co., PA (Key source of info)

---------------------------------1st. Misty Leigh-Taylor DeMetro 9-27-1976 Jeannette, Westmoreland Co., PA

---------------------------------13: Jeremiah Robert Tomcanin 9-1-2006, Towson, Maryland.

---------------------------------2nd. Now unmarried

-----------------------------12: Kristyn Marie “Krissy” Tomcanin 1-1-1980 Pittsburgh, PA

-----------------------------12: Renee Elizabeth Tomcanin 8-24-1981 Pittsburgh, PA

-------------------------11: Mark Daniel Mihalko 2-13-1952 Uniontown

------------------------------Mary Lewis 4-28-1953 Fayette Co., PA

-----------------------------12: Mark Anthony Mihalko 2-18-1972, Uniontown

---------------------------------1st. Cynthia Sofranko 5-25-1973 Fayette Co., PA

---------------------------------13: Genesis Georgian Mihalko 1-15-1998, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania Co, VA

---------------------------------2nd Brenda Davis 7-30-1970 Chesapeake, VA

---------------------------------13: Jillian Mihalko 8-28-2002, Norfolk, VA

---------------------------------13: Jolene Mihalko 8-28-2002, Norfolk, VA

---------------------------------13: Markie Mihalko 7-28-2004 Chesapeake, VA

-----------------------------12: Amanda Elizabeth Mihalko 4-15-1981, Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland Co. PA

-----------------------------12: Benjamin Ryan Mihalko 1-19-1983, Mt. Pleasant

----------------------------------Joanne Impelluso 9-13-1983, New Jersey

-----------------------------12: Matthew Mihalko 3-13-1986, Mt. Pleasant

----------------------------------2nd Now unmarried

-------------------------11: Karen Ann Mihalko 8-3-1954 Butler, Butler County, Pennsylvania           

-----------------------------1st. Donald Kenneth Dowling, Jr. 8-10-1951 Uniontown -- 8-19-1994 Edenborn, Fayette Co., PA

-----------------------------12: Jennifer Lynn Dowling 8-16-1974, North Little Rock, AR

-----------------------------12: Jason Lee Dowling 12-10-1980, Uniontown

-----------------------------12: Jonathan Lyle Dowling 1-17-1982, Uniontown

-----------------------------2nd.Randy Hegedis 1957 Greene Co., PA

-----------------------------3rd Now unmarried

------------------------11: Debra Lynn Mihalko 1-7-1958, Uniontown

------------------------11: Paul Joseph Mihalko 9-16-1959, Uniontown

-----------------------------Amy Rochelle Fitzsimmons 11-2-1959, Uniontown.

----------------------------12: Danielle Christine Mihalko 5-31-1978, Uniontown

----------------------------12: Paul Joseph “P.J.” Mihalko, Jr. 12-1-1979, Uniontown

---------------------------------Casey Lynne Jericho 2-8-1981, Jefferson Co., PA

---------------------------------13: Emma Leigh Mihalko 8-25-2008, Prince William Co., VA.

----------------------------12: Brittany Nicole Mihalko 11-10-1989, Uniontown

------------------------11: James Earl Mihalko 7-17-1961, Uniontown

------------------------11: David John Mihalko 9-19-1964, Uniontown

----------------------------Kathryn Ann Shiner 12-12-1966, Uniontown.

----------------------------12: David John Mihalko, Jr. 5-15-1995, San Diego, CA

----------------------------12: Daniel Stanley Mihalko 3-9-1997, San Diego

----------------------------12: Timothy Christopher Mihalko 2-2-1999, Uniontown, PA

----------------------------12: Rebecca Kathryn Mihalko 11-7-2000, Uniontown

--------------------10: Earl John “Hack” Savage 2-28-1931, Uniontown.

-------------------------Rosemary Ann Lazaran abt 1934 -- 1-1998 in Mishawaka, IN

-------------------------11: Stephen Savage 9-19-1969, South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN

--------------------10: James Edward “Jim” Savage 12-1-1935, Uniontown.

-------------------------Karen Jean Bittinger 1947, Uniontown.

-------------------------11: James Edward “Jimmy” Savage, Jr. 8-13-1971, Uniontown.

-----------------------------Christine _____

------------8: Charles Savage abt 1869 Al. Co.                

--------7: Amos Savage  Jan 1835 Al. Co.    

------------Louisa _______          

--------7: Evan R. Savage Jr.  abt 1836 – Census reports living in Allegany Co., MD in 1910, age 75.  (Evan R. Savage, Jr. family info by Mauri Savisky. Middle initial “R” added.) (1870 census lists Evan as a coal miner)

------------Ellen _____ 1839

------------8. Evan F. Savage 1856

------------8. Thomas Savage 1855

------------8, Mary A. Savage 1857

------------8. Simantha C. “Kate” Savage 1860

------------8. George McClellan Savage April 1862

----------------Lydia _____ 1869

------------8. Columbus E. Savage Feb. 1866, MD-------Railroad Conductor

----------------Alice_____ May 1869, MD

----------------9. Ethel Savage Nov. 1891, WV

----------------9. Edith Savage 1896, WV

----------------9. James R. or Raymond J. Savage 1903, WV

----------------9. Columbus M. Savage 1906, MD

------------8. William H. Savage Jan 1869 – abt 1913-16 (1870 census in Al. Co. MD. Locomotive Engineer. 1910 in Pres. Co. WV)

----------------1st Annie _____ Jan 1861 – 8-12-1907

----------------9. Iva P. Savage Jun 1897

----------------2nd Minnie B. _____ 1885

----------------9. Elizabeth M. Savage 1913

------------8. Lillie Savage 1871

------------8. Sarah E. Savage 1873

------------8. John W. Savage 1878

------------8. Minnie Savage 1880 

---------------_____ Wilson

----------------9. Alexander Wilson 1904, MD

----------------9. Helen Wilson 1905, MD

----------------9. Mary E. Wilson 1906, MD

--------7: Ann Savage    

------------_____ Myers           ­

--------7: David H. Savage  abt 1841 

--------7: Eliza Savage  1845        

----6th. Gen: John R. Savage 1802  Al. Co. MD.   

--------Karrenhappuck Friend  3-16-1802  Sang Run, MD.        

--------7: Lydia Ann Savage Aug. 1825 Gar. Co.   

------------William H. Savage  (See William H., Son of Evan Savage).  

--------7: Lavinia Savage 1826    

------------Adam Ringer 1822

------------8: Mary Ringer 1845    

------------8: Martha Ringer 1847    

------------8: Rebecca J. or, L. Ringer 1849    

------------8: John Ison Ringer 8-20-1854 -- Dec, 1918    

----------------Lucretia A. Frantz 1854   

----------------9: Minnie May Ringer 10-18-1876 -- 10-17-1949     ­

--------------------Thomas Jefferson Schroyer  8-26-1875 MD.

--------------------10: Lida Marie Schroyer 1-29-1903  

----------------9: Thomas Clinton Ringer Oct 1878    

--------------------Blanche Frantz    

----------------9: John R. Ringer Jun 1880    

----------------9: Lavinia Estella “Stella” Ringer 1883/84 -- 8-26-1963    

--------------------Amos Marshall Fike

--------------------10: Ison Marshall Fike 7-2-1905 -- 7-25-1926

------------------------Elma Lucinda Schroyer 12-23-1909

------------------------11: Virginia Dare Fike 6-10-1930 – 11 Sep 2010

---------------------------- Albert Donald Holly 27 Aug 1927 -- 13 Mar 1997 [did not marry]

----------------------------12: Ronald Albert Sands 1-11-1949 Fay. Co. Pa. (Son of A.D. Holly, given the name, Sands).
------------------------------- [1st] Eileen Parker 9-14-1950 Tenn.
--------------------------------13: Mindy Eileen Sands 12 Jan 1974

------------------------------------ [1st] Jason Dewayne Walker

------------------------------------ [2nd] Adam Everette

-------------------------------------14: Adam Brenner Parker Everette 2004

-------------------------------------14: Katie Eileen Evertte
--------------------------------13: Jeremy Sands 5 Feb 1976

------------------------------------ Shari Diane Sobin  

-------------------------------------14: Bailey Evelyn Sands 03 Nov 2013

-------------------------------------14: Noah Edwin Sands 03 Nov 2013

------------------------------- [2nd] Mary Beth Kline
----------------------------William Junior Sands 9-26-1926 – 02 May 2010
----------------------------12: Linda Lee Sands 6 Oct 1951

-------------------------------- Kenneth Wilburn

----------------------------12: Terry Lynn Sands 13 Dec 1956

-------------------------------- Charles Williamson

----------------------------12: Keith William Sands 16 Feb 1959

-------------------------------- Vicki Marlene Gates

----------------------------12: Robert Lewis Sands 15 Feb 1960

----------------------------12: Lori Ann Sands 10 Jan 1963

-------------------------------- John Edward Lane 23 Jul 1961

------------------------11: Joyce Elaine Fike 27 Jul 1933 –

---------------------------- Robert Haney Houston 17 Jan 1920 -- 19 Jun 2000

----------------------------12: Robert Scott Houston 23 Mar 1961 --
--------------------10: Nellie E. Fike 28 Jul 1907 -- 1942

------------------------ James Clark

--------------------10: Emmerson Garrett Fike, Senior 07 Jan 1910 -- Oct 1982

-------------------------Jean M. Combs

------------------------11: Emmerson Garrett Fike, Junior 08 Oct 1945 -- Sep 1997

------------------------11: James Luther Fike 18 Oct 1946 --

------------------------11: Daniel Eugene Fike Mar 1948 --

------------------------11: Kenny Fike   -- RVN

--------------------10: Fred W. Fike Abt. 1913 -- 03 Jan 1991

--------------------10: Iva M. Fike

------------------------- _____ Dean

------------------------11: Glen Dean

--------------------10: Park R. Fike 1918 -- Apr 1982

------------------------ Genevieve Frances Ault

--------------------10: Warren Calvin Fike, Senior 21 Mar 1921 -- 02 Oct 1974

------------------------ Rose Salvatore

------------------------11: Beverly Ann Fike

------------------------11: Cheryl Fike

------------------------11: Kenneth Wayne Fike

------------------------11: Warren C. Fike, Junior

--------------------10: Leona Estella Fike 12 Mar 1924 --

------------------------ Wilbur Henry Sausman Sep. 5, 1919 -- Jun. 18, 1997

------------------------11: (daughter) stillborn

------------------------11: Janice Sausman

------------------------11: William Sausman

--------7: Thomas Savage  2-3-1827  -- 2-8-1905.  Civil war vet. (Listed as; Ur Thomas Savage in the records of James Friend. Olsen identifies him as; U. Thomas, on page 183. Civil War records list him both ways - Ur Thomas and Thomas Ur.) (Note that there are two Thomas Savages with wife, Elizabeth in the 1860 census. Joyce Glover believes they were the same individuals. If they were not, then perhaps some of the children listed below are the children of the other Thomas Savage. See Note #1 at the end of this paper.)

------------Elizabeth Evans  7-26-1830  -- 1-20-1906 (From South Wales. Arrived at age 13).  (1900 census reports her to be the mother of 13 children while 15 are listed here). 

------------8: David Harrison Savage  10-17-1848 MD

----------------Jerusha Cole, m. June 1872.

------------8: Thomas Herm Savage  1853, MD.

------------8: Benton Savage  1855, MD. (died in youth)

------------8: Martha A. Savage  1856, MD.

----------------Alfred L. Jenkins (Civil war vet) 1843. Son of Levi and Elizabeth Friend Jenkins

----------------9: Samuel Jenkins 8-26-1874.

--------------------Mintie or Minta or Minnie Elizabeth Smearman 7-29-1878 MD.

--------------------10: LLoyd Jenkins

------------------------Ethel Glass

------------------------11: Alverta Jenkins

----------------------------Rob Thompsom

------------------------11: Nina May Jenkins

---------------------------- 1st Norval Frazee, Jr.

---------------------------- 2nd Carl Lowdermilk

--------------------10: Ervin or Irvin William “Bud” Jenkins 9-10-1909

------------------------Iva Burdette Bernard 11-8-1914

------------------------11: Elaine Jenkins

------------------------11: Coit Jenkins

------------------------11: Joann Jenkins

----------------------------Clarence Custer

------------------------11: Janet Jenkins

------------------------11: Joyce Jenkins

--------------------10: Robert C. Jenkins 2-4-1913 -- Died young in a wagon accident.

--------------------10: Harold Jenkins

------------------------Mary Brown

------------------------11: Edna Jenkins

----------------------------Ray Artice

------------------------11: Garland Jenkins

----------------------------Dawn _____

----------------9: Hester Jenkins 1879

--------------------Charles McDonald

--------------------11: Raymond McDonald

----------------9: Adolphus Jenkins (did not marry)

----------------9: Orval John  “Red” Jenkins

--------------------Mary Catherine Smearman (cousin to Sam’s wife)

--------------------10: Helenmarie -- died at 2 years of whooping cough

--------------------10: Bruce George Jenkins

------------------------Evelyn Bosley

--------------------10: Oselane Mae Jenkins

------------------------William Fisher

--------------------10: Margaret Louise Jenkins

------------------------Ralph Garlick

--------------------10: Elouise Grace Jenkins

------------------------William Martz

--------------------10: Ina Claire Jenkins

------------------------Robert Hicks

----------------9: Laura Jenkins

--------------------William McCombie

--------------------10: Arthur (son of Walter Ross)

--------------------10: Violet

------------------------Orval Coddington

--------------------10: Albert Alvie

------------------------Gladys Shipley

----------------9: William Jenkins

--------------------Vergie Teets

--------------------10: Mary Catherins Jenkins

------------------------Harry Shaffer

--------------------10: Irene (Dolly) Jenkins

------------------------ _____ Wilson

------------8: Maria Savage 1858, MD. (Three of the children born in 1858???)

------------8: Thomas Benton Savage 1858, MD.

------------8: Sabina (Sabrina ?) Savage  1859, MD.

------------8: William Savage 1861, MD.

------------8: William V. Savage 1862, MD.

------------8: Emily Jane Savage 1866, MD.

----------------Elmer Trembly

----------------9: John Trembly

------------8: George D. Savage 1858, MD. d. 1913. (1864 -- 1941 from headstone  reports by Ros Listernick)

----------------Lydia E. Fearer 1877 (1878 -- 1933 from headstone per Ros L.)

------------8: Wesley Savage 1869. MD.

------------8: Arthur J. Savage 9-17-1870, MD.

----------------Jinnie Bell Railey 1877, MD.

------------8: Freeman Savage 4-6-1873, MD. d. 6-10-1942-43.

----------------1st. Savilla Glover b. 7-7-1879, Pres. Co. WV. d. 5-25-1975.

----------------9: Beulah Evelyn Savage  12-29-1903 -- 2-23-1998     ­

--------------------Sidney Solomon Listernick  b. 1898 Russia, d. 5-22-1980 Mass.  

--------------------10: Mildred Mae Listernick  6-27-1926 Middlesex Co. Ma.

------------------------Maurice Reutter  4-13-1928

--------------------10: Stanley Edwin Listernick  8-9-1928, Middlesex Co. Ma.  

------------------------Roselyn Ratcliff  6-4-1932

------------------------7.Glenn Stewart Listernick  11-29-1956

----------------------------Denise Estelle Wash 

----------------------------12: Carolina Elizabeth Listerenick  6-13-1992

----------------------------12: Christina Michelle Listernick  10-19-1996

------------------------11: Debra Mae Listernick  11-16-1958

------------------------11: Julie Evelyn Listernick  10-1-1960

----------------------------Ruben Felipe Estrada Camara

----------------------------12: Nicole Isabella Estrada  12-4-1990

----------------------------12: Brandon Listernick Estrada  8-14-1996

----------------9: Edith Savage 4-8-1905 -- 4-11-1905

----------------9: Gilbert William Savage  4-24-1906, Gar. Co. MD, d. 4-5-1978 

--------------------Mildred Leona Amos  3-21-1913, Mon. Co. WV

--------------------10: Paul Arthur Savage  8-7-1931

------------------------1st. Peggy Ellen White

------------------------11: Sherry Lee Savage

------------------------11: Ronald Arthur Savage

------------------------11: David Paul Savage

------------------------2nd. Lorraine Tabott

------------------------11: Jason Scott Savage

------------------------11: Julie Marie Savage

--------------------10: Wanetta Jean Savage 11-5-1933

------------------------Robert Keith Coffman

------------------------11: Thomas Randall Coffman

------------------------11: Bryan Keith Coffman

--------------------10: Patricia Gail Savage  11-8-1937

------------------------Carlton Edward Bowser, Jr.

------------------------11: Denice Gail Bowser

------------------------11: Loren Edward Bowser

------------------------11: Stacy Lynn Bowser

------------------------11: Judy Nicole Bowser

--------------------10: Thelma Leona Savage  7-6-1939

------------------------Richard Arden McClintock

------------------------11: Debra Frances McClintock

------------------------11: Ruth Leona McClintock

--------------------10: Gilbert Allen “Buddy” Savage  8-11-1941

------------------------1st. Sherry Stewart Savage

------------------------11: Richard Lane Savage (Assume children to be from 1st. marriage) RBS

------------------------11: Kimberly Ann Savage

------------------------2nd. Debra Ann Thomas

--------------------10: Roger Lee Savage  1-12-1950

-------------------------1st. Kathy Spinlow

------------------------11: Tracy Lynn Savage

------------------------2nd. Mary Louise Bateman

------------------------11: Tina Marie Savage   6-2-1975

--------------------10: Hugh William Savage   2-12-1952 -- 9-18-69

--------------------10: Denny Edward Savage   7-26-1954

------------------------- Fathered child with Teresa Baker

------------------------11: Tammy LouAnn Baker

------------------------1st. wife. Shirley Ann Moslick

------------------------11: Denny Savage, Jr.

------------------------11: Lisa Mae Savage Hack

----------------------------- Robert Hack

------------------------2nd. Elizabeth “Lybbie” Stover (no children from this union and now divorced)

----------------9: Mae Elizabeth Savage 11-10-1907

--------------------James Markley

--------------------10: Evelyn Markley

--------------------10: Elinor Sevilla “Sissy” Markley

--------------------10: Delores Markley

----------------9: Arthur Milton Savage 2-14-1910 Friendsville, MD. -- 1996

--------------------1st Gertrude Casteel

--------------------10: Stanley Cornelius Savage

--------------------10: Carole Adele Savage

--------------------2nd Rosalie Stahl 4-29-1927

--------------------10: Lydell Savage 4-15-1959

------------------------1st. Michelle Blum

------------------------11: Nichole Savage

------------------------11: Elizabeth Savage

------------------------11: Gabriel Lydell Savage 6-28-1979 (mother ?)

------------------------2nd. Vickie Rae - md July 1994

--------------------10: Debra Sue Mae Savage 10-4-1960

----------------9: Margaret W. Savage 10-1-1911 -- 5-1916

 ------------8: Effa (Effie) M. Savage 1875, MD.    

----------------Francis Jackson Thomas, 1874       

----------------9: Michael Christopher Thomas          

--------------------Wife unknown

--------------------10: Biological son - Wallace Arnold “Brant”          

---- ----7: Eliza E. Savage abt 1829

------------ Elisha Leighty

------------8: 1860 census reports two Elisha Leightys in Selbysport, MD.

--------------#1: Age 28 with wife Louisa and 3 children; Mary, 6; Sarah, 4; John, 2. Dwelling 1870, Dec. 8

--------------#2: Age 27 with wife, Eliza and 3 children; Eloiza, 7; Sarah, 5; John, 3. Dwelling 1936, Dec. 15

--------7: Elizabeth Jane Savage 1832    

------------Gabriel Friend 1826

------------8: Rosalie Friend 1853

------------8: Elizabeth Jane Friend 1855

------------8: Mary Friend 1860

------------8: Cordelia Friend 1861

------------8: Missouri E. Friend 1863

----------------Samuel Hoff 1843

------------8: Almedia or Almeda Friend 1867

------------8: Horace R. Friend 1868

------------8: Fannie Victoria Friend 1869/73

----------------Orval Clark Savage 7-7-1871 -- 1958

------------8: Mack (presumably, McClellen) Friend (did not marry)

--------7: Savilla Savage 12-25-1837 Gar. Co. -- 10-18-1912 Gar. Co.   

------------John H. Friend Jr. 12-26-1932 Gar. Co. -- 10-20-1904 Gar. Co. (Fowler lists birth in Pottsville, Carroll Co., OH.).

------------8: Sarah Jane Friend Oct. 1857 -- 1941

----------------Benjamin Franklin Friend 1855 -- 1939

----------------9: John R. Friend 1881

----------------9: Lydia Friend 1883

----------------9: Chester A. Friend 1885 -- 1969

--------------------Mary E. _____ 1904 -- 1967

--------------------10: Ola E. Friend 1927 -- 1964

--------------------10: Cecil R. Friend 1922 -- 1979

----------------9: William G, Friend 1886 -- 1975

----------------9: Roy F. Friend 1889   

------------8: Alpheus “Alfred” Cornelius Friend 1-3-1858 MD. -- 12-27-1949

----------------Sarah Elizabeth Brown 8-7-1861 -- 11-6-1921

----------------9: Blanche Mae Friend 4-15-1883 Gar. Co. -- 3-30-1963 Mon. Co. WV.

--------------------Curtis McClure Michael 1-13-1875 Pres. Co. WV -- 1-29-1941 WV.

--------------------10: Dorothy Evelyn Michael 9-2-1902 Gar. Co. -- 2-22-1948 WV.

------------------------Thomas Gerald Newlon 1-3-1900 Fay. Co. Pa. -- 10-23-1995

------------------------11: Dorothy Geraldine Newlon 4-7-1924 Mon. WV

----------------------------David Thomas Jackson 11-3-1924 Mon. -- 2-5-1983

----------------------------12: Cheryl Lynn Jackson 11-2-1945 Mon. WV.

--------------------------------_____ Malone

----------------9: Victoria Friend MD. 1884

----------------9: Claude B. Friend MD. 1885

----------------9: Aland or Alan Monroe Friend 2-11-1887 -- 1901

----------------9: Camie M. Friend Apr. 1889  MD.

----------------9: Floyd Friend Jan. 1891 MD.

----------------9: Charles Friend 9-5-1893 MD. -- 1912

----------------9: Goldie Friend Mar. 1894 MD.

----------------9: Alonzo Friend Aug. 1895 MD. -- 1976

----------------9: Rolly Franklin Friend 12-15-1896 MD. -- 1967

--------------------Nora E. _____ 1900 -- 1964

----------------9: Vernon Earl Friend Mar. 1900 MD.

------------8: Mary Jeanette Friend 8-9-1859 MD. -- 12-29-1923 MD.

----------------Joab Friend 1858

----------------9: Frances Maude Friend 1879

--------------------Homer Delphia Custer 1875 -- 1913

--------------------10: Charles Arthur Custer, Sr. 12-13-1897 Gar. Co.-- 3-23-1939 Detroit, MI.

------------------------Martha Clara Ogger 1904 -- 1974

------------------------11: Charles A. Custer, Jr.

----------------------------Mae Audrey Cecil

----------------------------12: Deborah Custer 1959 -- 1982

----------------------------12: Barbara E. Custer Vaillancourt

--------------------10: Virginia Alice Custer

--------------------10: Homer Ray Custer

----------------9: Estie M. Friend 1882

----------------9: Herbert Friend 1884

--------------------Mary Ann _____ 1890

--------------------10: Verna Friend 1908

--------------------10: Emory Friend 1909

--------------------10: Opal Friend 1911

--------------------10: Naomi Friend 1919

----------------9: Walter Ison Friend 1886 -- 1947

--------------------Blanche E. Camp 1894 -- 1963

--------------------10: Lavina O. Friend 1913

--------------------10: Walter W. Friend 1914

--------------------10: Wallis W. Friend 1914

--------------------10: Raymond Friend 1915

--------------------10: Delbert A. Friend 1916

--------------------10: Opal M. Friend 1917

--------------------10: Daniel W. Friend 1918 -- 1991

--------------------10: Paul Ison Friend 1919

----------------9: Cora C. Friend 1888

----------------9: Savilla J. Friend 1890

----------------9: Virginia M. Friend 1892

----------------9: Carl C. Friend 1894

--------------------Mary _____ 1902

--------------------10: Relova Friend 1917

----------------9: Encie E. Friend 1896

----------------9: Hazel V. Friend 1899

------------8: William H. Friend 8-19-1861 -- 11-15-1946 MD.

----------------Eliza Jane Umbel May 1865 MD.

----------------9: Gatha P. Friend Jan. 1884 MD.

----------------9: Orval C. Friend 3-10-1888 MD.

----------------9: Lloyd R. Friend Jun 1890 MD.

----------------9: Bertha O. Friend Oct. 1892 MD.

----------------9: Judson V. Friend 6-16-1895 MD.

--------------------Cora E. _____   1893

--------------------10: Mildred R. Friend 1916

----------------9: Oka S. Friend abt 1900

----------------9: Troy C. Friend abt 1903

----------------9: Bliss F. Friend abt 1905

----------------9: Leona Catherine Friend 7-9-09 Friendsville, MD.

--------------------Wilbur Hinebaugh, Sr. 1910

--------------------10: Claude Hinebaugh

--------------------10: Robert Hinebaugh

--------------------10: Ralph Hinebaugh

--------------------10: Wilbur A. Hinebaugh, Jr.

--------------------10: Anna C. Hinebaugh

------------------------_____ Fike

--------------------10: Ruth Hinebaugh

------------------------_____ Umbel

------------8: Rachael Friend 1864 MD.

------------8: Minnie Friend 1866 -- 1876

------------8: Melville “Melvey” G. Friend Dec. 1865 MD. -- 1941

----------------Maggie M. Sisler 1872 -- 1933

----------------9: Herman L. Friend 1890 -- 1948

--------------------Grace S. Chidester 1895 -- 1983

--------------------10: Wade Friend 1919 -- 1938

------------------------Gertrude Mae Friend 1922 -- 1989

------------------------11: Gerald Wade Friend 1938

----------------------------Doris Bridges 1942

----------------------------12: Stephen Vaughn Friend 1964

----------------------------12: Christopher Wade Friend 1967

----------------------------12: Alan Nathan Friend 1975

--------------------10: Norma G. Friend 2-26-1930 (Twin)

------------------------_____ Sparber

--------------------10: Norman L. Friend 2-26-1930 Hazelton, WV (Twin)

------------------------Joyce Ann Williams

------------------------11: Jennifer A. Friend

----------------------------_____ Abdel-Jalil

--------------------10: Thelma R. Friend

----------------9: Isabel Friend 1893

----------------9: Beason G. Friend 1895 -- 1952

--------------------Mollie M. _____ 1897 -- 1962

------------8: Della M. Friend 7-24-1871 -- 7-31-1879

------------8: Martha Friend Jul. 1873 -- 12-15-1949

----------------Jefferson Burch

------------8: Ulysses Grant Friend 11-8-1878 -- 8-2-1879

------------8: Sherman Friend 4-18-1875 MD. -- 12-28-1925

----------------Ethel Minerva Kelly 9-24-1884

----------------9: Chauncey M. Friend 2-6-1904 Keeler Glade, MD or WV

--------------------1st. Olive _____

--------------------10: Chauncy Friend, Jr.

--------------------10: Janice Friend

------------------------_____ Ross

--------------------10: Betty Friend

------------------------_____ Humberson

--------------------10: Maurice “Dean” Friend

--------------------10: Bernard Friend

--------------------2nd. wife of Chauncy M.; Thyra _____

----------------9: Dayton C. or O. Friend 7-1-1907 Keeler Glade

--------------------B. Olive _____

--------------------10: Ronald W. Friend

--------------------10: D. Gene Friend

--------------------10: Charles L. Friend

--------------------10: Marvin N. Friend

--------------------10: Ramon M. Friend

--------------------10: Dale O. Friend

--------------------10: Larry K. Friend

--------------------10: Gary D. Friend

--------------------10: Darrell L. Friend

--------------------10: Barbara L. Friend

------------------------_____ Mandley

--------------------10: Juanita Friend

------------------------_____ Berney

--------------------10: Linda E. Friend

------------------------_____ Cameron

--------------------10: Janet S. Friend

------------------------_____ Riley

--------------------10: Carol A. Friend

------------------------_____ Wood

----------------9: Gladys Friend

----------------9: Inez Friend

--------------------_____ Slagle

----------------9: Ireta V. Friend 8-16-1921 Friendsville, MD.

--------------------Lewis Gittere

--------------------10: Edward Gittere

--------------------10: Roger Gittere

--------------------10: Margaret Gittere

------------------------_____ Frazee

------------8: Laura Friend 12-16- 1877 -- 4-6-1886 MD.

------------8: Elsie C. or, Clarissa Elsie Friend 2-29-1868 -- 12-20-1923

----------------James Frazee 1867----(This family reported by Delores Shade <> and Judy Sisler).

----------------9: Rhuie Frazee

----------------9: Alverta “Bertie” Frazee

----------------9: Orville Frazee

----------------9: Clarence Frazee

----------------9: Charles Frazee

----------------9: Lizzie Mae Frazee 3-6-1894

--------------------Andrew Jackson Sisler 1-4-1893 -- 7-12-1965

--------------------10: Ray Kenneth Sisler

--------------------10: Foster Sisler

------------------------Opal Blanche Frazee

------------------------11: Charlotte Louise Sisler 9-11-1945

----------------------------James Ray Darby 9-14-1941

----------------------------12: Cindy Louise Darby 12-21-1964

--------------------------------Randy Sailor

----------------------------12: Cathy Ann Darby 3-9-1967

--------------------10: Glen Roosevelt Sisler

------------------------Janet Uphold

--------------------10: Oma Irene Sisler

------------------------Wade Haigh

--------------------10: Ellen Lucille Sisler

------------------------Ray Smith

--------------------10: June Eretha Sisler

------------------------Guy Graham

--------------------10: Pauline Ardis Sisler

------------------------Winfred Friend

--------------------10: Earl Woodrow Sisler

--------------------10: Ward Orval Sisler 1-17-1913 -- 1-8-1970

-------------------------Edna Merle Rodeheaver 8-3-1919

------------------------11: Dale Orval Sisler 7-16-1942

----------------------------Carol Ann Bowser

----------------------------12: Timothy Dale Sisler 9-15-1968

----------------------------12: Judy Ann Sisler 3-26-1970

--------------------------------Daniel Lee Sines 10-27-1972

--------------------------------13: Taylor Elizabeth Sines 1-13-1994

----------------------------12: Betty June Sisler 10-2-1946

----------------------------12: Don Eugene Sisler 1-18-1949

-------- 7: Robinson Savage 1842 (Civil war vet). This would be the 8 year-old listed in the 1850 census with David and Mary Kent.

------------Mary J. Dawson

----6: Mary Savage  b. About 1811

In the 1850 census, Mary Kent, age 39, lives w/ David Kent, a Miller, age 39, in dwelling 336. Living with them is Robinson Savage, age 8, and Mary Savage, age 85. Mary Savage Kent would have been born in c.1811, the daughter of Robinson T. Savage Sr. and Mary Savage. The 8 year old Robinson (the son of John R. Savage who lived eight houses away) was probably visiting his aunt Mary  and his grandmother, Mary Savage.

----6: Robinson T. Savage, Jr.  Al. Co. abt 1800 d. 1839    

--------Sarah (Sally) Green Friend 2-25-1798 Sang Run, MD. -- 1882 

------------(Sarah married 1st cousin, John Simpson Friend after death of Robinson)        

--------7: Huldah Savage 1822 Sang Run. -- 1894

------------_____ Friend 

------------8: John Friend 1852  

------------8: Lucretia Friend 1857   (Note that both Huldah and Mariah are shown with children John and Lucretia, b. 1852 & 1857. Hoye reports that Huldah never married. The researcher who reports these children with Hulda probably took the info from the 1860 census wherein Huldah (probably) had with her her niece and nephew, children of Mariah).

--------7: Mariah L. Savage  1823 Sang Run, MD. (Fowler lists birth year, “abt 1835”).     

-----------Jesse Friend  10-29-1829 –- 1-8-1895 MD. (2nd cousin to Mariah)        

------------8: John Ison Friend  5-20-1847

----------------1st. Rachael Frey  1846/49 MD.

----------------9: Elijah Friend  1872 MD

----------------9: Ira Friend  1874 MD

----------------9: Lisa Friend  1875 MD

----------------2nd. Mary Virginia “Jennie” Duckworth m. 1-16-1879 WV

----------------9: William Robert Friend 11-15-1883 – 9-7-1973

-------------------Iva Belle Scott

-------------------10: Nell Louise “Nellie” Friend 6-16-1926 WV – 2-28-2008

-----------------------William Edward Hall

-----------------------11: Tamara Louise Hall 9-2-1959

----------------------------Robert Frank Henderson  m. 6-14-1987

-----------------------11: (Son living)

---------------------------(Wife living)

-------------------10: Goldie Maxine Friend 3-5-1924 – 8-17-2011

------------------------Lewis Elliot Hall 

------------------------11: Six children

-------------------10: Kenneth Hale Friend 5-16-1917 – 3-23-1987

------------------------Leona Bonnell

------------------------11: Three children

-------------------10: Howard Claude Friend 5-16-1917 – 7-11-1975

------------------------Edith Stull

------------------------11: Three Children

-------------------10: Edward Ray Friend  d. 1968

------------------------Joann Boyce

------------------------11: Three children

-------------------10: George Warren Friend 5-7-1921 – 2-22-1989

------------------------Gwen Chapman

------------------------11: Four Children

----------------9: Calvin Rufus Friend  1-13-1880 – 6-30-1940

-------------------Rada Ratliff

----------------9: Lawrence Everett “Dit” Friend 2-28-1852 – 10-23-1961

-------------------Clella Vanscoy

----------------9: Hattie May Friend 9-20-1889 – 10-10-1920

-------------------Austin McKinney

----------------9: Bessie M. Friend  5-14-1888 – 10-13-1905

-------------------Thomas Collins

----------------9: Howard Herman “Doss” Friend 2-19-1886 – 1968

-------------------Louisa Hufford

----------------9: Ida “Pooch” Friend Feb 1892 – Aug. 1969

-------------------Homer Rogers

----------------9: Effie Myrtle Friend  1902 – 10-9-1925

-------------------William Cleavenger

------------8: Upton Friend  1854 MD.

------------8: Lucretia Friend  1857 MD.

------------8: Cecelia Friend  1859 MD.

------------8: Martha Friend  1860 MD.

------------8: Eliza Friend  1864 MD.

------------8: George Friend  1866 MD.

------------8: Marsalla/Marcellus Friend  1869 MD

--------7: Cornelius Ward Savage  1-12-1824 Sang Run, Al. Co. -- 1893/95    

------------Mary Ann “Polly” Friend  10-30-1830 – 6-23-1897 (2nd cousin of Cornelius)         

------------8: Martha Alice Savage  11-14-1846 MD. -- 1930 (Glover gives b. 9-14-46, d. Nov 1930)   

----------------1st. Benjamin Weimer  1846 – Oct. 1869 (Revised 3-2-2010. Earlier reported as Joseph Weimer.)

----------------2nd. Lucien Sleiger abt 1848.  Married about 1875.

----------------9: Elmer Ellsworth Weimer 4-17-1967

--------------------1st. Eliza A. Sloan abt 1874

--------------------2nd. Laura Isabelle Beeman 1901

----------------9: Homer Bruceton Weimer 1868

--------------------Mary Ellen “Molly” Glass 9-17-1875 MD.

----------------9: Charles R. Weimer  1874 – 1922 (Not possible if Ben Weimer died in 1869.)

----------------9: Josie Alice Weimer  1883 (Not possible if Ben Weimer died in 1869.)

----------------9. (Alan Farneth reports there were also several children with Sleiger.)  

------------8: Sarah E. Savage  9-3-1848 -- 1877 (Glover lists; b. 1-28-1848, d. 9-3-1877 and m. to Franklin Casteel)   

----------------Jesse W. Eusephus Harvey 12-11-1849 MD.

----------------9: Alberta Maude Harvey 12-6-1873

--------------------Albert Thomas Shockey 7-13-1866

--------------------10: Bertha Marie Shockey 3-8-1910

------------------------1st. Harry Edison White 7-30-1919

------------------------2nd. Austin E. White 12-23-1912

------------------------11: Betty Lou White 8-20-1929

----------------------------Carl Stalnaker 2-14-1928

----------------------------12: Kenneth C. Stalnaker

----------------------------12: Karen S. Stalnaker

--------------------------------_____ Maker

----------------------------12: Kay M. Stalnaker

----------------------------12: Janet Stalnaker

------------------------11: Thomas Edwin White 6-10-1934

----------------------------Donna Nell Burrell 6-10-1933

----------------------------12: Michael Andrew White 4-4-1965

----------------------------12: Deborah Kay White 7-8-1971

------------------------11: Sherman Eugene White 9-17-1936

------------------------11: Alberta Jane White 5-10-1937

----------------------------Stewart Edward Rice

----------------------------12: Richard Rice 7-26-1954

----------------------------12: Regina Rice 10-8-1955

----------------------------12: Kevin Rice 4-5-1946

----------------------------12: Steven Rice 3-29-1957

----------------------------12: Mary Ann Rice 5-11-1958

--------------------10: Jesse Boyd Shockey

--------------------10: Herbert Nay Shockey 9-7-1896

--------------------10: Luceta Blanche Shockey 9-15-1898

--------------------10: Augustus Earl Shockey 3-14-1900

------------------------Audrey Straighter

------------------------11: Earl Shockey

------------------------11: Woodrow Shockey

------------------------11: Homer Shockey

------------------------11: Charles Shockey

--------------------10: Edith Mae Shockey 1903

--------------------10: Ruby Glenora Hazel Shockey

------------------------Gale Alhiser

------------------------11: Bestrice Alhiser

------------------------11: William Alhiser

------------------------11: Gloria Alhiser

------------------------11: Garnetta Alhiser

------------------------11: Peggy Alhiser

------------------------11: Sonny Alhiser

--------------------10: Veva Shockey

--------------------10: Lester Burl Shockey

-------------------------Beulah McCabe

--------------------10: Sherman Harold Shockey, Sr. 3-16-1913

------------------------1st. Anna Mae Christopher 1922

------------------------11: Richard Lee Shockey Aug 1938

------------------------11: Carolyn Ann Shockey 6-28-1942

----------------------------Gary Zickafoose

------------------------2nd wife of Sherman Harold - Gloria Jane Giles

------------------------11: Sharon Ann Shockey 3-28-1950

------------------------11: Sherman Harold “Skip” Shockey, Jr. 11-2-1952

----------------------------Diana L. Zickafoose

----------------------------12: Andrew N. Shockey 9-7-1983, Oakland, MD.

----------------------------12: Steve Shockey

----------------------------12: Jeremiah Shockey

------------------------11: William Lee Shockey 12-14-1954

------------------------11: Becky Denise Shockey 8-22-1955

----------------------------Ronald Unger, Sr.

----------------------------12: Ronald Unger, Jr. Mar. 1974

------------------------11: Deborah Jane Shockey 2-8-1957

------------8: Sophia K. Savage  12-30-1849 -- 8-30-1924    

----------------Issac W. Abernathy  4-28-1852

----------------9: Arthur Simon Abernathy 3-8-1874

--------------------Ida May Moreland Jun. 1876

----------------9: Elma C. Abernathy 1878 -- 1879  

------------8: Mary Ella Savage  12-28-1854 MD. -- 10-21/29 or 1932    

----------------Edward Nathaniel Casteel 12-20-1858, Sang Run, MD.  – 1-23-1903

----------------9: Asa L. Casteel 2-23-1880 MD.

----------------9: Dolly B. Casteel 11-9-1882

----------------9: Vespa Josephine Casteel 6-9-1884 -- 1953

--------------------Vernon Meshach Hoye 11-21-1883 Hoye Run, WV.  -- 1970

--------------------10: Genevieve Josephine Hoye 9-15-1906 McHenry, MD.

------------------------A. Bice

------------------------11: Donald Edwin Bice 2-11-1927 Pittsburgh, PA.

------------------------11: Norma Jean Bice 7-24-1928 Pittsburgh

--------------------10: Edward Franklin Hoye 9-8-1907 McHenry, MD.

------------------------Mildred R. Fike 3-27-1910

------------------------11: Helen Hoye 3-21-1929 Sang Run, MD.

------------------------11: Warren Dale Hoye 9-19-1930 Sang Run, MD.

--------------------10: Thelma Pearl Hoye 1-20-1911 McHenry, MD.

------------------------Harland G. Reams

------------------------11: Glenene Elouise Reams 3-31-1929 McHenry, MD.

------------------------11: Harland Lynn Reams 5-19-1931

--------------------10: Yvonne Wilma Hoye 10-13-1913 McHenry, MD.

------------------------Randall Wayne Friend 2-28-1910 Friendsville, MD. -- 1991

------------------------11: Janet Yvonne Friend 5-10-1934

----------------------------Charles Maust, Jr. 2-21-1930

--------------------10: Roland Dale Hoye 7-3-1918 McHenry, MD.

----------------9: Ruby Casteel  Sep 1885

------------------- _____ Lewis

----------------9: Edward C. Casteel  Sep 1887 -- 1958

----------------9: Stanley Morris Casteel 5-12-1891 Oakland, MD – 6-26-1984

-------------------Daisy Myrtle Bowman 3-1-1894, Morgantown, WV – 12-7-1990

-------------------10. Eleanor May Casteel 5-30-1929 Terra Alta, WV

----------------9: Alva Maude Casteel Oct 1894

------------------- _____ Nedley

----------------9: Harold Sherman Casteel Aug 1897

----------------9: Gladys Casteel May 1899

--------------------Edward Peak

------------8: Lavinia Savage  9-22-1856  -- 1857    

------------8: Melissa Elizabeth Savage  1-5-1857 Sang Run, MD. -- 11-17-1938    

----------------William Robert Cross 12-19-1861 Somerset, Co., PA. -- 1942    

----------------9: Anna A. Cross 6-10-1890   

--------------------John Hartman    

----------------9: Bertha May Cross  3-26-1886 Swallow Falls, MD. -- 1976  

--------------------Alvery (Alvey?) Blaine Wilburn 9-26-1881 McHenry, MD. -- 1965 

--------------------10: Bessie Gertrude Wilburn 6-1-1905 McHenry -- 1972  

------------------------Vernon Clay Beachey 9-14-1907 -- 1990

------------------------11: Ronald L. Beachey  8-15-1939 Grantsville, MD.

----------------------------Ellen Norene Rafferty

----------------------------12: Donald Steven Beachey

----------------------------12: Tammy Louise Beachey

--------------------------------_____ Gunter

--------------------------------_____ Ament

------------------------11: William Vernon Beachy 1930

----------------------------Betty K. Brenneman

------------------------11: Carl R. Beachey

------------------------11: Eugene D. Beachey

------------------------11: Marvin F. Beachey

------------------------11: Harold G. Beachey

------------------------11: Richard A. Beachey

------------------------11: Mary L. Beachey

----------------------------_____ Gouge

------------------------11: Kathleen Beachey

----------------------------_____ McGregor

--------------------10: Russell Edward Wilburn 1906

------------------------Elva Bowman 1910

--------------------10: Edna Alice Wilburn 1908

------------------------E. Harold Woodward

--------------------10: Mary Ivadell Wilburn 4-23-1911Hoyes Run, MD. -- 1972

------------------------Paul Goehringer 1-20-1909 -- 1978

--------------------10: Reed Stanwood Wilburn 4-8-1913 Hoyes Run, MD. -- 1944

--------------------10: Neva Evelyn Wilburn 1915

------------------------Melvin George 1-6-1912 -- 1971

--------------------10: Helen Virginia Wilburn 1925

------------------------James Andrew “Bud” Rodeheaver 8-26-1925 Friendsville, MD.

------------------------11: Ernest Rodeheaver

------------------------11: Reed Rodeheaver

------------------------11: Jack Rodeheaver

------------------------11: Robert Rodeheaver

------------------------11: John Rodeheaver

------------------------11: Stephen Rodeheaver

------------------------11: Gregory Rodeheaver

------------------------11: Mary Rodeheaver

----------------------------_____ Glotfelty

------------------------11: Connie Rodeheaver

----------------------------_____ Hayhurst

--------------------10: Mabel Melissa Wilburn 1919 (See descendants under William Arnold Savage of Thomas Ward Savage).

------------------------William Arnold Savage 9-12-1917 Gar. Co. -- 1978

----------------9: Bessie Maude Cross 4-14-1888    

--------------------1st. George Felton          

--------------------2nd. Harry Mills     

--------------------3rd. Walter William Riley    

--------------------10: Kenneth Riley     

------------------------Betty Sodor    

--------------------10: Emerson Riley    

------------------------Hazel Burket    

--------------------10: Moral Riley    

------------------------Alice Pearson    

--------------------10: Joseph Riley    

------------------------Victoria Florenz    

--------------------10: Burton Riley    

------------------------Edith allen    

--------------------10: Harvey Riley    

------------------------Alpharetta Gregg    

--------------------10: Felice May Riley 19 Sept, 1906    

------------------------Edward Gustav Johnson    

------------------------11: Jean Johnson    

----------------------------1st. Russell Anderson    

----------------------------2nd. Tim McClauglin    

------------------------11: Donald Johnson 4 Mar, 1934  -- 3 Nov 1990    

----------------------------Charlotte Stein    

------------------------11: Carol Ann Johnson    

----------------------------Wesley Milward    

------------------------11: Edward Gustav Johnson    

----------------------------Caroline Flowers    

----------------------------12: Caprice Johnson  9 Nov, 1961    

--------------------------------1st. Robert Harm    

--------------------------------2nd. Joseph Arenth    

----------------------------12: Edward Gustav Johnson 2 Oct, 1962    

--------------------------------1st. Karen Black    

--------------------------------2nd. Jennifer Voke    

----------------------------12: Kerstin Johnson 29 Oct, 1964    

--------------------------------Jim Steininger     

----------------------------12: John Eric Johnson 9 June 1970    

--------------------------------Lisa Tomasko  

------------8: Norman V. Savage  4-13-1859 Sang Run, MD. -- 1867 (Glover lists, b. 8-18-60, d. 12-16-67)    

------------8: Theresa Alberti Savage  4-20-1862 -- 1941(or 1947)    

----------------Lafayette DeWitt   4-1-1862

----------------9: Fred W. DeWitt 2-4-1886 -- 1973

--------------------Ersie R. _____ 1887

----------------9: Nellie M. DeWitt Jan 1888

----------------9: Emma (or Alma or Elma) A, DeWitt Feb. 1893

----------------9: Mary Alice DeWitt Mar 1890 (Fowler lists birth year as 1879).

--------------------Jacob Ayersman 1864

----------------9: Lloyd L. DeWitt 10-4-1895 -- 1975

----------------9: Troy Bruce DeWitt 9-7-1898  -- 26 Oct 1974

--------------------Cora Mae _____ 1-1-1904

--------------------10: Donald DeWitt

-------------------------Laura Annabelle DeWitt

--------------------11: Ronald C. DeWitt (sent to him for more information)

-------------------------Betty J. Mosser

------------------------12: Amy DeWitt

-----------------------------Terry Beckman

------------------------12: Jessica Beckman

------------------------12: Jason DeWitt

--------------------11: Kenneth Lee DeWitt

-------------------------Connie Lynn Ferguson

-------------------------12: Janet Lynn DeWitt

-------------------------12: Jason Lee Sisler

-----------------------------13: Jayden Lynsey Sisler                        

-------------------------12: Brian Wayne DeWitt

------------------------------Sharron Bolyard

-----------------------------13: Kierra Nicole DeWitt

-----------------------------13: Cody Waume DeWitt

---------------------11: Tammy Lynn DeWitt

---------------------------Rick Lowdermilk

---------------------------12: Malony Lowdermilk (Deceased)

-------------------------------Glen Wilson

---------------------------12: Ashley Wilson

-----------------------11: Timothy Bruce DeWitt

----------------------------Barbara Roberts        

----------------------------12: Christy DeWitt

---------------------------------Scott Dawson

---------------------------------13: Macie Dawson

---------------------------------13: Peyton Dawson                                           

------------------------11: Robin DeWitt

-----------------------------Gary Niner

-----------------------------12: Brent Niner

----------------------------------Alayna Shaffer

-----------------------------13: Gavin Brent Niner 6-19-08

------------------------11: Donald Keith DeWitt

-----------------------------Diane Walkling        

-----------------------------12: Donna DeWitt

-----------------------------12: Dannielle DeWitt

---------------------------------13: Donald DeWitt ( or 12?)                           

----------------9: Foster Orval DeWitt 6-26-1903 -- 1971

------------8: Sherman Grant Savage   3-11-1864 Sang Run, MD.  -- 6-8-1946    

----------------Martha Catherine Cross  6-7-1872 Swallow Falls, MD.  – probable 1970       

----------------9: Paul Basher Savage 12-12-1890  Sang Run -- 1938  

--------------------1st. Sadie C. Wilburn 1891/92

--------------------2nd. Lena (or Lera) Weber 8-20-1892 Baltimore, MD. – 1950

--------------------10: James Savage

------------------------Leona Wright

------------------------11: Lyn Savage

-----------------------------Ed Remley

----------------9: Thomas Ward Savage  4-1-1892 Sang Run  -- 1980  

--------------------Della  A. Rodehaver  10-21-1895 -- 1962 

--------------------10: Ward Edward Savage  7-2-1915 Sang Run – 7-24-1988  

-------------------------Geraldine Alma DeWitt 5-16-1923

-------------------------11: Ruth Ann Savage 5-29-1939 – 7-29-1939

-------------------------11: Thelma Rae Savage 1-2-1941 (Never married)

-------------------------11: John Edward Savage, Sr. 2-13-1943

------------------------------Trudy Kay Mosser 1943

------------------------------12: John Edward Savage, Jr.

-----------------------------------Ethel Collette DeWitt

----------------------------------13: Ward Scott Savage

----------------------------------13: Jacob Grant Savage

------------------------------12: Scherree Lynn Savage

-----------------------------------Douglas Kirk

-----------------------------------13: Ashlee Lynn Kirk

-----------------------------------13: Evan John Kirk, twin

-----------------------------------13: Eric James Kirk, twin

--------------------------11: Thomas Lester Savage 12-18-1945

-------------------------------Sandra Kay Bernard 1944

--------------------------11: Betty Fay Savage 7-18-1949

-------------------------------Terrell Clayton Frazee 7-14-1942 (First wife; Annabelle Round, mother of Rodney Terrell Frazee)

-------------------------------12: Rodney Terrell Frazee 10-24-1966 (Step son of Betty Fay)

-------------------------------12: Melinda Dawn Frazee 6-2-1978

------------------------------------Joshua Jeremy Grove 7-31-1978

------------------------------------13: Jackson Ward Grove 11-17-2001

--------------------------11: Billy Ward Savage 5-24-1955

-------------------------------1st Karen Sue Halderman

-------------------------------2nd Adelaide McCartney (Beitzel)

-------------------------------12: Step child, Guy Paull Beitzel

-------------------------------12: Step child, Zachary Miles Beitzel

--------------------10: William Arnold Savage 9-12-1917 Gar. Co. -- 1978   

--------------------------Mabel Melissa Wilburn 1919

--------------------------11: Kenneth William Savage 1939

--------------------------------Lorraine K. Gordon

-------------------------------12: Angela Kay Savage

-------------------------------12: Dyanne Savage

--------------------------11: Sandra Ann Savage 1940

-------------------------------Paul William Baier

-------------------------------12: Paul William Baier, Jr.

------------------------------------1st. Deborah Shaffer

------------------------------------13: Michelle Lee Baier (of Debra Shaffer)

-----------------------------------------Charles Robert Jenkins III

-----------------------------------------14: Aiden Paul Jenkins

-----------------------------------------14: Ethan Paul Jenkins

------------------------------------13: Angela Baier

------------------------------------13: Ashley Nicole Baier

------------------------------------2nd. Christine Winters

-------------------------------12: Johnny Lee Baier 1958

------------------------------------Tracy ____

------------------------------------13: Brooke Leigh Baier 1990

------------------------------------13: John Paul Baier 1992

--------------------------11: James Arden Savage 1942

-------------------------------Mary Josephine Lewis 1945

--------------------------11: Barbara Ellen Savage 1943

-------------------------------Edward Ernest Ullery 1940

--------------------------11: Gary Richard Savage 1948

-------------------------------Kathryn Louise Lewis 1950

-------------------------------12: William Richard Savage

-------------------------------12: Heather Melissa Savage

--------------------------11: Sherman Lee Savage 1950

-------------------------------Terry Sue Fike 1954

-------------------------------12: Jason Lee Savage

-------------------------------12: Jeremy Scott Savage

-------------------------------12: Brian Michael Savage

-------------------------------12: James Arnold Savage

--------------------------11: Dale Edward Savage 1953

-------------------------------Melva Lynn Rinker 1958

-------------------------------12: Jinnifer Dawn Savage 1970

-------------------------------12: Amanda Nicole Savage 1970

--------------------10: Robert Jackson Savage 7-17-1921 Sang Run    

--------------------------Leota B. Bray

--------------------------11: Ronald Savage

-------------------------------Rita O’Brian

-------------------------------12: Misty Dawn Savage

--------------------------11: Elizabeth Ann “Libby” Savage 1930 (Fowler lists birth date as 1-6-44).

-------------------------------1st. Ellsworth Savage

-------------------------------2nd. Joseph T. Healy, Sr.

-------------------------------12: Joseph T. Healy, Jr.

-------------------------------12: Pamela L. Healy

------------------------------------_____ Hinkle

--------------------10: Donald Lee Savage 1935   

-------------------------Arretta (or Arvetta) Marie Bell 1938

-------------------------11: Kevin Lee Savage 1957

------------------------------Renee Teresa Sheally 1959

------------------------------12: Andrea Renee Savage 1983

-------------------------11: Kayla Ann Savage 1961

------------------------------Carl Michael Cathell 1952

------------------------------12: Brian Mitchell Cathell 1983

------------------------------12: Daniel Barrett Cathell 1884

-------------------------11: Gregory Scott Savage 1962

------------------------------Rhonda Lynn Harvey 1964

-------------------------11: Marsha Christine Savage 1964

---------------------10: Thomas Elwood Savage 7-28-1930 –8-21-2008  

---------------------------Juanita Ruth Friend 11-21-1928 -- 3-3-1994

-------------------------11: Juanita Marie Savage------- - B.D. 12/07/??----- - 12/07/??

-------------------------11: Dennis Elwood Savage B.D. 01/27/56

-----------------------------1st Katherine Paugh

-----------------------------2nd Margo Butler

-----------------------------12: Johni Savage B.D. 06/20/74

-----------------------------12: Jamie Savage B.D. 01/21/76

-----------------------------12: Jay Savage B.D. 11/17/77

------------------------11: Steven Grant Savage B.D. 02/17/57

-----------------------------Valarie Wilburn B.D. 01/05/59

-------------------------11: Connie L. Savage  B.D 11/01/59

------------------------------1st Robert Miller B.D. 01/19/42

-----------------------------12: Chelsea Miller B.D. 08/09/92

------------------------------2nd David M. Simmons B.D. 02/28/61

-------------------------11: Diane E. Savage B.D. 12/28/63

------------------------------1st Jeffery E. White ------- - d. 7-11-1999

------------------------------2nd Shawn Strawser

-----------------------------12: Stephanie M. White B.D. 03/17/82

----------------------------------James A. B. Browning III (divorced)

---------------------------------13: James B. Browning

----------------------------------13: Colton J. Browning

-----------------------------12: Joshua White B.D. 11/17/80

-----------------------------------Michelle Miller (divorced)

----------------------------------13: Justyn E. White

-------------------------11: Teresa A. Savage B.D. 03/16/66

-----------------------------Jeffery J. Hamilton (divorced)

-----------------------------12: Jonathan W. Hamilton B.D. 01/31/89

-----------------------------12: Kati D. Hamilton B.D. 07/28/91

-------------------------11: Eric D. Savage B.D 05/25/70 (sent to him for more information)

------------------------------Tracy L. Shank B.D. 12/29/??

------------------------------12: Lane R. Savage 10/27/99

------------------------------12: Bryn D. Savage 01/25/05

------------------------------12: Kade E. Savage 04/23/07 

-------------------------11: Juanita Marie Savage

--------------------10: Samuel Grant Savage 1939    

-------------------------1st. Norma Jean ______

-------------------------2nd. Patsy Mae ______

-------------------------Children (which mother is unknown):

-------------------------11: Warren Kim Savage

------------------------------Mary Combs

-------------------------11: Deborah Savage

------------------------------William Collins

------------------------------12: William Collins

------------------------------12: Robert Collins

-------------------------11: Regina Ann Savage

------------------------------Gary Johnson

------------------------------12: Christine Johnson

------------------------------12: Brittany Ann Johnson

-------------------------11: Karen Lynn Savage

------------------------------Billy Horton

-------------------------11: Stephen Grant Savage

------------------------------Sue Naughton

--------------------10: Doris Leota Savage  10-14-1919 Gar. Co. -- 1937  

-------------------------Woodrow Ward

-------------------------11: Elmer Lee Ward

--------------------10: Della Jean Savage    

-------------------------1st. Alfonzo Pluto Barello, Jr. 1-11-1926 -- 1973

-------------------------2nd. Woodrow Ward

-------------------------11: Phillip Ward

-------------------------11: Larry Ward

--------------------10: Martha Jane Savage 5-31-1927

-------------------------1st. Eugene Neil Johnson 1924

-------------------------2nd. Percy Lawton 10-4-1908


-------------------------11: Eugene Neil Johnson, Jr.

------------------------------1st. Christine Louise Carlson

------------------------------12: William Eugene Johnson

------------------------------2nd. Myong Suk Yi (Po Han, S. Korea)

------------------------------12: Jennifer Marie Johnson

------------------------------------_____ Warren

------------------------------3rd. Maria Michelene Curtis

------------------------------12: Jessica Elizabeth Johnson

------------------------11: Robert Wayne Johnson (Contributor)


-----------------------------12: Mary Elizabeth Johnson

--------------------------------- _____ DeMartino

------------------------11: Richard _____

------------------------11: Michael _____

------------------------11: David _____

------------------------11: Victoria Lynn Johnson

----------------------------_____ Simmons

------------------------11: Lorie _____

----------------9: William Robert Savage   15 Jan 1893  -- 1988 (Fowler lists birth date as 4-15-94). 

--------------------Nora A.(or Nora Myrtle) Rodeheaver 2-28-1895 Pres. Co. WV. -- 11-25-1972 (Nora’s brother, Troy A. Rodeheaver is Dani Griffin’s grandfather)           

--------------------10: Nora Nadine Savage 5-18-1920   

------------------------Robert Francis Gay 1914

------------------------11: Robert William Gay

------------------------11: Timothy Bruce Gay

------------------------11: Thomas Kevin

------------------------11: Shirley Ann Gay

------------------------11: Barbara Dean Gay

------------------------11: Janet Elaine Gay

------------------------11: Diana Lynn Gay

------------------------11: Susan Kay Gay

--------------------10: Naomi Virginia Savage 3-16-1923

------------------------_______ Savage

------------------------11: Linda Savage

------------------------11: Denise Joan Savage 1953

----------------------------Joseph Francis Sullivan 1953

----------------------------12: Matthew Clary Sullivan 1982

----------------------------12: Jacob William Sullivan 1984

--------------------10: Sarah Juanita Savage 11-19-1928

------------------------Gerald R. Onesi  1925

------------------------11: Gerald Daniel Onesi 1954

----------------------------Jamie Ann Wallsel 1955

----------------------------12: Sara Ann Onesi 1981

----------------------------12: Daniella Onesi 1988

------------------------11: Joseph Edward Onesi 1957

----------------------------Debra Kelly

----------------------------12: Chelsea K. Onesi 1988

------------------------11: Kathy Ann Onesi 1959

--------------------10: Linda (per Dani Griffin)                

----------------9: Edward Harold Savage 11-28-1895 Sang Run, MD. -- 1976   

--------------------Anna Laura Huffman  2-5-1897 -- 1979

--------------------10: Joy Anna Laura Savage 8-01-1939 Uniontown, PA – 10-23-2002   

------------------------1st. Roland Ray Cully d. 7-31-1989

------------------------2nd. Patrick Mullen

------------------------11: Tammy Joy Cully 1960

----------------------------Richard Lee Miller

----------------------------12: Joshua Richard Miller 1984

----------------------------12: Rachel Laura Miller 1982

------------------------11: Scott Roland Cully 1961

------------------------11: Julie Lynn Cully 1963

------------------------11: Laurie Elizabeth Cully 1970

----------------------------1st Paul Simon Antoon 1961 (divorced 2003)

----------------------------2nd Raleigh Mark Gelosh (married 2006)

----------------------------12: Katelyn Cully Antoon

----------------------------12: Megan Rose Antoon

--------------------10: Lillian (adopted}    

--------------------10: Thelma (adopted)    

--------------------10: Mary (adopted)          

----------------9: Clarence Milford Savage   11-18-1897 Sang Run  -- Jan. 1988 

--------------------Delilah Elizabeth DeWitt 12-31-1901 Hoyes, MD. -- 1992          

--------------------10: Esther Alberta Savage  1920   

------------------------Robert Edward Goodenough  1922        

------------------------11: Lois Goodenough

----------------------------_____ Dalton   

------------------------11: Cheryle Goodenough 1954 

----------------------------Eugene Frank Ellis

----------------------------12: Kristi Ellis

----------------------------12: Sara Ellis

------------------------11: Timothy Goodenough 1955

----------------------------Pamela Kay Hogue

----------------------------12: Rachel Goodenough

----------------------------12: Elizabeth Goodenough

----------------------------12: Paul Goodenough

------------------------11: Lois Rae Goodenough 1950

----------------------------Stanley Wayne Daulton

----------------------------12: Ryan Daulton

----------------------------12: Eric Daulton       

--------------------10: Kathleen Savage 1921     

------------------------1st. Arnold J. Ray 6-4-1921 – 9-10-1970   From Knox, PA  

------------------------2nd Frank Hassinger         ­

------------------------Children with Arnold Ray:          

------------------------11: Ronnie J. Ray 7-12-1941 – 7-24-1972   

----------------------------1st. Marge Hudson   

----------------------------2nd. Esther Hess

--------------------------------- Widowed and remarried to Tom Wagner.          

----------------------------Children with Marge Hudson:

----------------------------12: Colleen Ray

--------------------------------1st. John Heydt

--------------------------------13: Stephanie Heydt     

--------------------------------2nd. Mark Kocsi

--------------------------------13: Lauren Mishele Kocsi

--------------------------------13: Step child; Kevin Joseph Kocsi

--------------------------------13: Step child; Dana Rebecca Kocsi

--------------------------------13: Step child; Krystie Nariel Kocsi  

----------------------------Children with Esther Hess:          

----------------------------12: Rhonda Ray 

--------------------------------1st. Mike Mekosh

--------------------------------13: Mathew Michael Mekosh

--------------------------------13: Mirissia Mae Mekosh

--------------------------------13: Mark Mitchel Mekosh

--------------------------------2nd. David Green  

----------------------------12: Jill Ray  

-------------------------------- Dan Haines

--------------------------------13: Rachel Morgan (adopted)

--------------------------------13: Jacob Haines (adopted)

----------------------------12: Barbara Jean Ray 

-------------------------------- 1st. Craig Kirlin

--------------------------------13: Bryanna Rae Kirlin

--------------------------------13: Brittany Paige Kirlin 

--------------------------------2nd.  David Brickett

------------------------11: Robert Nelson Ray    

----------------------------1st. Liz _____    

----------------------------2nd. Debra          

----------------------------Children with Liz:          

----------------------------12: Georgand Ray    

----------------------------12: Robert Ray Jr.                

------------------------11: Darlene Kay Ray    

----------------------------1st. Bill Nicholson   

----------------------------2nd. Paul Lederer

----------------------------3rd. John Atkinson           

----------------------------Children with Bill Nicholson          

----------------------------12: William Nicholson (Adopted by Lederer)  

----------------------------12: Kristi Nicholson (Adopted by Lederer)

--------------------------------_____ Troutman

--------------------------------13: Darek Andrew Troutman

--------------------------------13: Kailixa Ray Troutman         

----------------9: James Arthur Savage 3-2-1899 Sang Run    

--------------------1st. Leona Wright  4-2-1914 Altamont, MD.

--------------------10: Paul Walton Savage 3-25-1941 Oakland, MD.

------------------------Wife unknown

------------------------11: Marilyn Savage

------------------------11: Paula Savage

----------------------------_____ Davis

------------------------11: Sherry Savage     

--------------------2nd. Ruth Smouse--------

--------------------10: Helena Roberta Savage          

--------------------10: Paul (adopted)                 

----------------9: Steward Sherman Savage  5-5-1900 Sang Run – 8-12-1978  

--------------------Minnie Catherine DeWitt 10-25-1898 Hoyes, MD. – 1-6-1977         

--------------------10: Stanley Steward Savage  8-21-1921 – 11-30-2002         

------------------------Pauline Madge DeWitt 5-24-1926

------------------------11: Roger Lee Savage 8-6-1943

----------------------------1st Ellen Lee Saltzer 8-25-1946

----------------------------2nd June Sell Beckman 8-14-1952

----------------------------12: Brandy Beckman (stepdaughter)

---------------------------------Dennis Futch

---------------------------------13: Vanessa Futch (stepdaughter)

---------------------------------13: McKenzie Futch

----------------------------12: Brandon Beckman (stepson)

----------------------------12: Barry Arden Savage 11-28-74

---------------------------------Luciana Bishoff

------------------------11: Marsha Ann Savage 1-29-52 (sent to her for more information)

----------------------------Carroll Wesley Deem Jr. 10-22-52

----------------------------12: Melissa Renae Deem 11-17-81

---------------------------------Mark Sndyer

----------------------------12: Christopher Matthew Deem 5-13-87

--------------------10: Daniel G. Savage 7121-1934          

-------------------------Genevieve Evans 5-18-1937

------------------------11: Chiquita Lynn Savage

------------------------11: Terry Grant Savage

-----------------------------Diane (divorced)

-----------------------------12: Jacob G. Savage

------------------------11: Jeffery Lane Savage

----------------------------Joyce Elizabeth Pilkerton

-----------------------------12: Jeffery Lane Savage Jr.

-----------------------------12: Aaron Michael Savage

-----------------------------12: Daniel Leon Savage

------------------------11: Troy Lynn Savage

-----------------------------Peggy Cosner (divorced)

-----------------------------12: Brandie Lynn Savage

-----------------------------12: Kelsie Nicole Savage

--------------------10: Marlin Lee Savage          

------------------------Mary (Peck) Friend

------------------------11: Sarah Savage

----------------------------James Durst

----------------------------12: Timothy J. Durst

------------------------11: Diane Savage

-----------------------------Kevin Frazee

-----------------------------12: Jeremy Frazee

-----------------------------12: Chad Frazee

----------------------------------Douglas Tasker

-----------------------------12: Rebecca Tasker

-----------------------------12: Brittany Tasker

--------------------10: Dorothy M. Savage  2-5-1925        

------------------------Charles E. Thomas 8-4-1923 Selbysport, MD – 11-7-2000

------------------------11: Charles E. Thomas Jr.

---------------------------- 1st Delores Rainy (divorced)

-----------------------------2nd Erin Shaffer

----------------------------12: Robert Thomas

----------------------------12: Michael Thomas

------------------------11: James E. Thomas

----------------------------Mary Pat Bennett

----------------------------12: Timothy Thomas

---------------------------------Beth Farmer (Douglasville GA)

----------------------------12: Brent Thomas

---------------------------------Cara Raley (Leonardtown MD)

------------------------11: Dorothy Louise Thomas

-----------------------------Gary King (no record?)

-----------------------------William H. Sines

-----------------------------12: Jill Sines

---------------------------------Jamie Rodeheaver (sent to him for more information)

-------------------------------- 13: Jacquelyn Rodeheaver

---------------------------------13: Jared Rodeheaver

-----------------------------12: Kimberly Sines

----------------------------------Eric Yommer

---------------------------------13: Zachary Yommer

---------------------------------13: Kaitlyn Yommer

------------------------11: Debra Thomas

-----------------------------Gary King

-----------------------------12: Brian King

----------------------------------Melissa Baker

----------------------------------13: Calyb King

----------------------------------13: Carsyn King

------------------------------12: Jason King

----------------------------------Angela Glotfelty

--------------------10: Laura Annabelle Savage

-------------------------Donald DeWitt

-------------------------11: Ronald C. DeWitt

------------------------------Betty J. Mosser

------------------------------12: Amy DeWitt

-----------------------------------Terry Beckman

------------------------------12: Jessica Beckman

------------------------------12: Jason DeWitt

-------------------------11: Kenneth Lee DeWitt

------------------------------Connie Lynn Ferguson

------------------------------12: Janet Lynn DeWitt

---------------------------------- Jason Lee Sisler

----------------------------------13: Jayden Lynsey Sisler                 

------------------------------12: Brian Wayne DeWitt

-----------------------------------Sharron Bolyard

----------------------------------13: Kierra Nicole DeWitt

----------------------------------13: Cody Waume DeWitt

-------------------------11: Tammy Lynn DeWitt

------------------------------Rick Lowdermilk

------------------------------12: Malony Lowdermilk (Deceased)

-------------------------------Glen Wilson

------------------------------12: Ashley Wilson

-------------------------11: Timothy Bruce DeWitt

------------------------------Barbara Roberts     

------------------------------12: Christy DeWitt

-----------------------------------Scott Dawson

-----------------------------------13: Macie Dawson

-----------------------------------13: Peyton Dawson                                        

--------------------------11: Robin DeWitt

-------------------------------Gary Niner

-------------------------------12: Brent Niner

----------------------------------Alayna Shaffer

-----------------------------13: Gavin Brent Niner 6-19-08

--------------------------11: Donald Keith DeWitt

-------------------------------Diane Walkling     

-------------------------------12: Donna DeWitt

-------------------------------12: Dannielle DeWitt

------------------------------------13: Donald DeWitt ( or 12?)

----------------9: Mary Ethel Savage  12-1-1901 Sang Run, MD – 3-12-2001 Oakland, Md

--------------------Joseph Columbus DeWitt, Sr. 5-14-1894 Gar. Co.         

--------------------10: Ethel Marie DeWitt 1922

------------------------Kenneth Benjamin Keller 1-3-1914 Accident, MD.

------------------------11: Patricia Louise Keller 1947

----------------------------Arthur Clifton Matthias 1947

----------------------------12: Jason Clifton Matthias 1973

----------------------------12: Ryan Lynn Matthias 1976

------------------------11: Elizabeth Ann Keller 1952

----------------------------John Mark Lauster 1954

----------------------------12: John Mark Lauster 1988

----------------------------12: Clara Elizabeth Lauster

------------------------11: Benjamin Joseph Keller 1960

----------------------------Sherry Ann Smith 1964

----------------------------12: Riley Kathleen Keller 1990

--------------------10: Edward Clarence DeWitt 1924         

------------------------Ruby Elaine Mosser

------------------------11: Christopher Edward DeWitt

----------------------------Connie Goule Martin

----------------------------12: Shane DeWitt

----------------------------12: Shauna DeWitt

------------------------11: Sandra Elaine DeWitt

----------------------------Gary Lee Iden

----------------------------12: Greg Iden

----------------------------12: Kelly Iden

--------------------------------Michael Fulmer

--------------------------------13: Ayla Renea Fulmer

--------------------------------13: ____ Fulmer

--------------------10: Paul William DeWitt  7-21-1930 – 3-15-1976        

------------------------Beulah Lois Reams 12-25-1933

------------------------11: Debra Elaine DeWitt 11-30-1953

----------------------------1st David Henry Upole 1-31-1955

----------------------------12: Gary Allan Upole 4-20-1975

-------------------------------- Stacie Haskiell Dec 1975

----------------------------12: Carrie Lynne Upole 9-4-1977

--------------------------------Kevin Allan Luckel

--------------------------------13: Taylor Leigh Upole 10-18-1994 (Daughter of Carrie, step daughter of Kevin. Father, Jonathan Wayne Jackson)

--------------------------------13: Hannah Lynne Luckel 2-6-1999 (Twin)

--------------------------------13: Hunter Allan Luckel 2-6-1999 (Twin)

----------------------------12: David Henry Upole Jr. 2-2-1981

------------------------11: Paula Lynne DeWitt 12-20-1956

--------------------10: Alice Joyce DeWitt

------------------------1st. Ernest Clifford Strobel 10-13-1918 Hornell, NY.

------------------------11: Barbara Strobel

----------------------------_____ Gartz

------------------------11: Connie Strobel

----------------------------_____ Leary

------------------------11: Mary Strobel

----------------------------_____ DiSimone

------------------------2nd. James Wagner

------------------------11: Ronald Wagner

----------------------------Connie Butler

------------------------11: William James Wagner

----------------------------1st. Marlene _____

----------------------------2nd. Susie _____

------------------------11: David Lynn Wagner

----------------------------Joy Sisler

--------------------10: Joseph Columbus DeWitt, Jr.

------------------------Loretta Kisner

------------------------11: Douglas DeWitt

------------------------11: Colette DeWitt

----------------------------John Savage

----------------------------12: Ward Scott Savage 1990

----------------------------12: Jacob Grant Savage 1993

------------------------11: Barbara DeWitt

------------------------11: Lorie DeWitt

------------------------11: Marla DeWitt

----------------------------Mike Harvey

----------------------------12: Mike Harvey Jr.

----------------------------12: _____ Harvey

---------------------10: Elva Josephine DeWitt 3-21-1924 Sang Run -- 1994    

------------------------James Edward Frantz 1924

------------------------11: Paul Frantz  -- d. 1994

----------------------------Debra Filsinger

----------------------------12: Brandon Frantz

----------------------------12: Nathan Frantz

------------------------11: Edward Frantz

----------------------------Ann _____

------------------------11: Bradley Frantz 1955

----------------------------Diane Carrico

----------------------------12: Angela Frantz

----------------------------12: Joshua Frantz

----------------------------12: Samuel Frantz

----------------------------12: Thomas Frantz

------------------------11: Pamela Rae Frantz 1952 -- 1994

----------------------------Joseph Ashby

----------------------------12: James “Jamie” Ashby

--------------------------------Dixie _____

----------------------------12: Annie Ashby

----------------------------12: Katie Ashby

------------------------11: Mary Kay Frantz

----------------------------Andy Roper

----------------------------12: Emma Roper

----------------------------12: Hayley Roper

----------------------------12: Tess Roper

------------------------11: Sherry Elaine Frantz

----------------------------1st. Robert Crone

----------------------------2nd. Glenn Tolbert

----------------------------12: Kristin Crone

----------------9: Hazel Martha Savage 1-17-1907     

--------------------Owen Friend 6-9-1896 Friendsville, MD. -- 1972         

--------------------10: James Arthur Stanwood Friend 1925           

------------------------Martha Jordan Henderson 1924

------------------------11: Linda Susan Friend 1949 -- 1999

----------------------------Greg Bruce Smith 1950

----------------------------12: Jennifer Katherine Smith 1974

--------------------------------Brian Doyle

--------------------------------13: Logan Adrian Doyle 1997

--------------------------------13: Aiden Padraic Doyle 2001

----------------------------12: Brian Andrew Smith 1979

------------------------11: Kathy Jane Friend 1953 (Fowler lists birth year as 1950).

----------------------------Neil Sablatzky  1959

----------------------------12: Rachel Ann Sablatzky 1980

----------------------------12: Kristina Marie Sablatzky 1990

----------------------------12: Tenley Nadine Sablatzky 1991

----------------------------12: Daniel Owen Sablatzky 1992

------------------------11: Thomas Arthur Friend 1955

--------------------10: Elbert Barton Friend 1926    

------------------------Helen Louise Hillard 1921

------------------------11: Carol Amanda Friend 1951

----------------------------Robert Vincent Werder 1951

----------------------------12: Susan Louise Werder 1979

----------------------------12: Celeste Marie Werder 1980

----------------------------12: Joseph Werder 1981

------------------------11: David Owen Friend 1953

----------------------------Louise Anne Arnold 1953

----------------9: Beulah Leota Savage  3-7-1915 -- 1997 (Beulah claimed her father had 13 siblings. I’m showing 14. RBS) 

--------------------1st. ______ Bookie

--------------------2nd. Clinton Z. Mickle, Sr. 4-26-1902 Garland, PA.

--------------------10: Wanda Elaine (Bookie)? 1937

------------------------Joseph Kenneth Carpenter, Sr.

------------------------11: Joseph Kenneth Carpenter Jr.

------------------------11: _____ Carpenter

----------------------------John Wheeler

------------------------11: _____ Carpenter

------------------------11: _____ Carpenter

--------------------10: James Ellery Mickle 1940         

------------------------Nancy Lois Nichols

------------------------11: (Four children, names not known).

--------------------10: Daniel Deane Mickle 1945          

------------------------Eliza Jane Casner or Cosner

--------------------10: Dennis Rodney Mickle 1951         

------------------------Mary L. Spiker

------------------------11: Jonathan Mickle

----------------------------Amy _____

------------------------11: Nathan Scott Mickle

--------------------10: Clinton Z. Mickle, Jr.

--------------------10: Mary Ethel Mickle

------------------------_____ DeWitt

--------------------10: Hazel Mickle

------------------------_____ Friend

------------8: Celeste M. Savage  3-20-1866  -- 4-14-1866

------------8: Samuel Rosswell Savage  6-3-1867-68 --  11-17-1930 (Glover lists death at 11-14-1932)   

----------------Dora Alice Savage 1865-66 (Daughter of, 8: Winfield Scott Savage of, 7: Asa Savage of, 6: Lemuel Savage

----------------9: Virginia “Virgie” O. Savage Sept. 1892

----------------9: Prissa A. Savage Oct. 1895

----------------9: Susan “Susy” O. Savage Sept. 1897

----------------9: Edith V. Savage 1899

----------------9: Gustave R. Savage 1901

----------------9: Ellwood S. Savage 1903

----------------9: Cressa Alpharetta Savage 10-18-1895, Sang Run.

------------------- J.P. Scales

-------------------10: Peggy Scales

------------------------_____ Horne

------------------------11: Richard Horne

-------------------10: Evelyn Scales

------------------------_____ Vickers

-------------------10: Edith Scales

------------------------1st. Pratt Williams

------------------------2nd._____ Stewart (No children with Stewart)

---------------------------11: Larry Williams

---------------------------11: William Williams

---------------------------11: Elwood Williams

---------------------------11: Carolyn Williams 9-7-1935

---------------------------------1st. Richard Wasser Davis

---------------------------------2nd. _____Matthews (No Children)

---------------------------------12: Duane Davis 3-28-1958

---------------------------------12: Lisa Davis 9-6-1961

---------------------------------12: Scott Davis 3-5-1964

-------------------10: John Scales

------------8: David H. Savage  abt 1846. ???? (Headstone reads; June 16, 1857 - 11 yrs. Son of C.W. and M.A.)

------------8: Lucretia Savage 1852-54

------------8: Maria Jane “Jenny” or, Jinnie Savage 8-12-1851  -- 3-7-1879

----------------Franklin B. or D. Casteel 1857 (Glover lists husband as;  ? Harvey and Franklin Casteel m. to Sarah E.)

------------8: Orval Clark Savage  7-7-1871  -- 1958          

----------------Fannie Victoria Friend 1869

--------7: Amos Wesley Savage 8-31-1826 Sang Run -- 1901 (Fowler lists birth date 3-6-1826).   

------------Sophia Friend   1833 -- 1901 (2nd cousin to Amos)

------------8: Herbert A. Savage 5-1-1848 Sang Run

------------8: Mary Elizabeth Savage Dec 1849/50

----------------Winfield Scott Savage (See linage under (8)Winfield Scott Savage, of (7)Asa Savage, of (6)Lemuel Savage).

------------8: Ann “Annie” Louise Savage 3-29-1852 Sang Run -- 1929

----------------Rufus Mancel Enlow 3-28, 1858 Sang Run, MD -- after 1930.

 ----------------9: Basil Claude Enlow 11-26-1881 Sang Run, MD
 ----------------9: Hattie "Hallie" Grace Enlow 3-21-1884 Sang Run, MD
 --------------------Albert Howard Danks 8-12-1877 Hazelton, Pres. Co., WV
 --------------------10: Robert Danks 3-25-1906  Zion, IL
 ------------------------Wilma Marie Neal 6-23-1921 Zion, IL
------------------------11: Roberta Danks  6-24-1946 Waukegan, IL 
------------------------11: Nancy Danks 1-15-1948 Waukegan, IL
----------------------------Charles Maurice Cappon 7-10-1938 Hastings, MI
--------------------10: Aubrey L. Danks 1-2-1937 Hinsdale, IL
------------------------Barbara Ann Cocke 7-25-34 in Marion, IL
------------------------11: Michael Glenn Danks 6-13-1958 Waukegan, IL
----------------------------Karen Elizabeth Augensen 6-20-1958
----------------------------12: Sarah Lynn Danks 10-5-1988 Oceanside, CA
--------------------10: Judith L. Danks 7-19-1937 Chicago, IL
------------------------Chester Gibbs, Waukegan, IL
----------------9: Gilbert Ray "Gil" Enlow 2-25-1886 Hoyes or Sang Run, MD
--------------------Minnie Elben 11-18-1895
----------------9: Dolly Price Enlow 3-5-1888 Sang Run, MD
--------------------Charles Leonard Lyons 1884
--------------------10: Cynthia Beryl Lyons 6-8-1909 Zion, IL
------------------------Andrew Floyd Holcombe 8-6-1909
------------------------11: Dolly Ellen Holcombe 9-21-1928 Zion, IL
----------------------------Eugene Lewallen
----------------------------12: Albert Lewallen
----------------------------12: Floyd Lewallen
----------------------------12: Darel Lewallen
----------------------------12: Charles Lewallen
----------------------------12: Charlene Lewallen
----------------------------12: Monray Lewallen
----------------------------12: Roney Lewallen
----------------------------12: Jeanette Lewallen
--------------------------------Noel Marcado, Sr.
--------------------------------13: Pamala Marcado
--------------------------------13: Noel Marcado, Jr. 
--------------------------------13: Shanon Marcado
----------------------------12: Bonnie Lewallen
--------------------------------Michal Larriuz, Sr. 
--------------------------------13: Michal Larriuz, Jr.
--------------------------------13: James Larriuz
--------------------------------13: Lesa Larriuz
----------------------------12: Denece Lewallen
--------------------------------Joseph Hernandez, Sr.
--------------------------------13: Donato Hernandez
--------------------------------13: Joseph Hernandez, Jr.
--------------------------------13: Danilla Hernandez 
------------------------11: Ruth Annie Holcombe 12-6-1930 Zion, Waukegan, IL
----------------------------Billy Moore b: Jul. 1928
------------------------11: Floyd Rodney Holcombe 11-27-1932 Zion, or Waukegan, IL
----------------------------Eunice Rossmausen 11-1-1932
----------------------------12: Elizabeth Ann Holcombe 4-30-1960
----------------------------12: Frances Arlene Holcombe 6-28-1961
----------------------------12: Lucile Ban Holcombe
----------------------------12: Kelly Jean Holcombe
--------------------------------Patrick Short
--------------------------------13: Christopher Patty Short
--------------------------------13: Darcy Patty Short
--------------------------------13: Tray Short
------------------------11: Beryl Lucille Holcombe 5-30-1934 Zion, or Waukegan, IL
------------------------11: Alice Elizabeth Holcombe 8-21-1935 in Zion, or Waukegan, IL
------------------------11: Jean Marie Holcombe 12-6-1936 Zion, or Waukegan, IL
----------------------------Rudolph Samuel Copen, Sr. 7-27-1931
----------------------------12: Cynthia Jean Copen 2-22-1954
--------------------------------1st. Larry Wayne Nunn, Sr. 6-22-1951
--------------------------------2nd. Raymond Gallagher Stumpf, Sr.

--------------------------------13: Larry Wayne Nunn, Jr. 8-19-1970
--------------------------------13: Melissa Gail Nunn 6-15-1974
--------------------------------13: Raymond Gallagher Stumpf, Jr. 10-23-1978
----------------------------12: Anita Roseann Copen 6-10-1957
--------------------------------Kevin Gray Levin 8-1-1955
--------------------------------13: Johnathan William Levin 3-29-1977

--------------------------------13: Jeremy Gray Levin 3-3-1978
----------------------------12: Brenda Lee Copen 10-18-1961
----------------------------12: Rudolph Samuel Copen, Jr. 7-25-1966
----------------------------12: Tonya Marie Copen 5-30-1972
------------------------11: Virginia Mae Holcombe 6-1-1938 Zion, or Waukegan, IL
----------------------------Edward Combs 1-28-1934
----------------------------12: Marcella Combs
----------------------------12: Everette Combs
----------------------------12: Mary Combs
--------------------------------Robert Sopper
--------------------------------13: Ruth Ann Sopper

----------------------------12: Sandra Combs
----------------------------12: Maxine Combs
----------------------------12: James Combs
----------------------------12: Robert Combs
----------------------------12: Carla Combs 
------------------------11: James William Holcombe 3-10-1941 Zion, or Waukegan, IL
----------------------------Doris Arbanas 
------------------------11: Peggy Ann Holcombe 3-31-1949 Zion, or Waukegan, IL
----------------------------Manuel Flores 
----------------------------12: Christina Flores
----------------------------12: Daphne Flores
--------------------10: Basil Elwood Lyons 7-3-1911 Zion, IL

--------------------10: Anne Elizabeth Lyons 5-20-1914 Sang Run, MD
------------------------Alfred Lussier 5-16-1913
--------------------10: Percy Mancel Lyons 12-5-1915 in Zion, IL
------------------------Virginia Lacek 
------------------------11: Jean Marie Lyons
----------------------------Frederick James Russell
----------------------------12: Frederick Scott Russell
--------------------------------Mary _____ 
--------------------------------13: Ryan Russell
----------------------------12: Barbara Elizabeth Russell
--------------------10: Dolly Price Lyons 3-27-1918 Zion, IL

------------------------11: Aubrey Lyons 1-2-1937

------------------------11: Judith Lyons 7-19-1937 Chicago

----------------------------_____ Gibbs

------------------------1st Husband of Dolly Lyons; Jim Weiser

------------------------2nd Donald Allbee 5-30-1917
------------------------11: Shirley Allbee 3-19-1941 Zion
----------------------------_____ Kropok
------------------------11: Donald "Sonny" Allbee 4-6-1942 Zion
------------------------11: Myrna Allbee 5-3-1943 Zion
----------------------------1st. _____ Gray
----------------------------2nd _____ Ivey
------------------------11: Carol Allbee 12-24-1947 Zion
----------------------------_____ Willings
------------------------11: Kenneth Allbee 4-6-1950 Zion
------------------------11: Larry Allbee 3-28-1955 Zion
------------------------11: David Allbee 4-27-1956 Zion
------------------------11: Richard Allbee 4-23-1957 Centralia, WA
------------------------11: Bonnie Allbee 6-4-1959 Zion, IL
----------------------------_____ Jesnes 
------------------------3rd Husband of Dolly Lyons:
------------------------Donald A. Henderson 3-20-Highwood, IL
------------------------11: Richard Henderson

------------------------11: Donald Henderson
----------------9: Lyman Sedwick "Sed" Enlow 10-4-1889 Sang Run, MD -- 1954
--------------------Helen Louise Hoye 3-1-1889 Sang Run, MD
--------------------10: William Claude "Claude" Enlow 1-16-1911 Sang Run
------------------------Mellie Cloteen Green 6-1-1910 Jacksonville, FL
--------------------10: Gilbert Bruce "Bruce" Enlow 10-22-1912 Sang Run
------------------------Ellen Mae Frantz 5-3-1923 Sang Run
------------------------11: Ruth Ann Enlow 5-13-1949 Cumberland, MD
----------------------------Vernon Eugene Sutton 12-4-1947 Norfolk, VA
------------------------11: Daniel Bruce Enlow 6-2-1951 Oakland, MD
------------------------11: Sarah Jane Enlow 7-19-1953 Oakland, MD
------------------------11: Elizabeth Ellen Enlow 12-13-1956 Oakland, MD
----------------------------James Michael Bolyard, Sr. 12-20-1953 Morgantown, WV
----------------------------12: James Michael Bolyard, Jr. 11-7-1983 Morgantown, WV
----------------------------12: Daniel Ray Bolyard 4-12-1991 Morgantown, WV
------------------------11: Rebecca Louise Enlow 9-27-1960 Oakland, MD or Kimgwood, WV
----------------------------Victor Carlton Friend, III
----------------------------12: Victor Carlton Friend, IV 7-20-1980 Morgantown, WV
----------------------------12: Tyler Justin Friend 1-18-1988 Morgantown, WV
--------------------10: Jessie Marie Enlow 3-30-1914 Sang Run, MD
------------------------Alvah Sherman Tillman 2-11-1914 Dormis, MO
------------------------11: Joyce Lorraine Tillman 1-29-1942 Waukegan, IL
----------------------------Alven Daryl Smith 7-3-1944 Zion, IL
----------------------------12: Andrea Joy Smith 1-9-1968 Waukegan, IL
------------------------11: Bruce Alvah Tillman 7-9-1945 Waukegan, IL
------------------------11: Norma Louise Tillman 2-20-1949 Waukegan, IL
----------------------------Gordon Flood 11-16-1946 Waukegan, IL
----------------------------12: Timothy Flood 7-21-1973 Waukegan, IL
----------------------------12: Gordon Douglas Flood 9-6-1974 Waukegan, IL
----------------------------12: Rebecca Helen Flood 6-29-1976 Waukegan, IL
--------------------------------13: Jeremy Andrew Bentacourt 10-28-1995
----------------------------12: Linda Lee Flood 10-26-1979 Waukegan, IL
--------------------10: Rufus Wilbur "Rudy" Enlow, 5-24-1915 Zion, IL
--------------------10: David Wesley Enlow 1-10-1919 Zion, IL
------------------------Lorena Ilene Krickbaum 4-12-1924 Bayard, NE
------------------------11: David Ronald Enlow 2-28-1943 Kenosha, WI
----------------------------Marilyn Means
----------------------------12: Cari Lynn Enlow 2-19-1964 Camp Pendelton, Oceanside, CA
--------------------------------1st. Daniel Wayne Challgren
--------------------------------2nd Mike Quinton 2-27-1958 Lancaster, CA
--------------------------------13: Cortney Dillon Quinton 12-13-1990 Lancaster, CA
----------------------------12: David Bryan Enlow 3-31-1969 Lakewood, CA
--------------------------------1st. Elizabeth Jo Tesse 10-17-1971 Phoenix, AZ
--------------------------------13: Sabrina Alexis Enlow 9-9-1995 Tualatin, OR
----------------------------2nd wife of David Ronald Enlow; Geraldine Ruth Bartholomew abt. 1943
----------------------------3rd wife of  D.R.N.; Crystal _____
----------------------------4th wife of   D.R.N.; Sharon Frazee 
----------------------------12: Ilene Faye Enlow 
----------------------------5th wife of David Ronald Enlow: Connie Frazee
------------------------11: Robert Wesley Enlow 8-6-1944 Waukegan, IL
----------------------------Nancy Claybrook Carroll 
----------------------------12: Raymond Wesley Enlow 2-12-1978 Palomar, CA
------------------------11: Lorena Dale "Lori" Enlow 6-17-1952 Waukegan, IL
----------------------------1st. Steven Louis Miranda
----------------------------2nd. Eric (#2) Saltmarsh b: Unknown in ?
----------------------------12: Hilary Loren Saltmarsh 7-10-1982 CA
----------------------------12: Samuel Allen Saltmarsh 4-8-1985 CA
----------------------------12: Brook Elizabeth Saltmarsh 8-3-1991 CA
--------------------2nd wife of David Wesley Enlow: Esther Dale Patton 9-22-1928 Kitzmiller, MD
--------------------3rd Wife of David Wesley (#2) Enlow: Vesta Pearl Harvey 4-4-1907 Deer Park, MD
--------------------10: Josephine Price "Josie" Enlow 1-8-1922 Zion, IL
------------------------Lee Forrest Jensen 6-15-1922 Waukegan, IL
------------------------11: Linda Lee Jensen 6-6-1945 Waukegan, IL
----------------------------1st. Sammy Lewis

----------------------------2nd. Lee (#2) Dunn b: December 18, 1944 in ?
------------------------11: Dale Wayne "Buddie" Jensen, Sr. 4-16-1947 Woodland, CA
----------------------------Judy Marie Waller 1-31-1944 Vallejo, CA
----------------------------12: Shonna Scott Jensen 7-13-1964 Grand Junction, CO
----------------------------12: Dale Wayne Jensen, Jr. 11-4-1972 Grand Junction, CO
------------------------11: Julia Ann Jensen 6-10-1950 Monterey, CA
----------------------------Lauren Paul Leasure 3-30-1945 Hooper, CO
----------------------------12: Josephine Michelle Leasure 10-8-1974 Grand Junction, CO
--------------------------------Bryen Schienk 9-3-1972 Montrose, CO
--------------------------------13: Jacob Paul Schienk 3-23-1993 Grand Junction, CO
--------------------------------13: Katelynn Makayla Schienk 12-19-1994 Grand Junction, CO
----------------------------12: Russell Seth Leasure 3-26-1979 Grand Junction, CO
----------------------------12: Matthew or Martin Paul Leasure 9-9-1982 Grand Junction, CO
------------------------11: Paul Edward Jensen 10-28-1960 Oakland, MD
----------------------------Mary Pewter 5-20-1971 Minneapolis, MN
----------------------------12: Rachel Lee Jensen 7-28-1986 Grand Junction, CO
----------------------------12: Forest Michael Jensen 6-29-1991 Grand Junction, CO
--------------------10: Robert Elwood Enlow 1-4-1925 Zion, IL
--------------------10: Paul Hoye "Pete" Enlow 6-13-1927 Zion, IL
------------------------Josephine Ard 2-9-1938 Tolono, IL
--------------------10: Helen Louise Enlow 10-4-1929 Zion, IL
----------------9: Marvin Elwood Enlow 2-21-1891 Sang Run, MD -- 1961
--------------------Encie Ellen Friend Sept. 1896 Friendsville, MD
--------------------10: Randall E. "Rand" Enlow 2-21-1915
------------------------Virginia Mae "Toodi" Johnson 4-21-1916
------------------------11: David Marvin Enlow 3-14-1936 Zion, IL
------------------------11: Larry Erwin Enlow 11-2-1940
----------------------------Dorothy _____
----------------------------12: Linda Ann Enlow 12-17-1965
----------------------------12: David Alan Enlow 3-14-1967
----------------------------12: Thomas Larry Enlow 11-28-1969
----------------------------12: Scott Francis Enlow 3-15-1972
------------------------11: Theodore Elwood Enlow 11-9-1943
------------------------11: William Allan Enlow 3-13-1954
----------------------------Cheryl Grayley
----------------------------12: Jason Brian Enlow 6-30-1976
----------------------------12: Robbie Alan Enlow 10-15-1977
------------------------11: Arnold Irvin Enlow 1-20-1956
------------------------11: James David Enlow 6-17-1961
--------------------10: Lenville Gilbert "Link" Enlow 2-4-1917
------------------------Gladys M. Best 7-6-1918
------------------------11: Ronald Arthur Enlow 5-24-1940
------------------------11: Marjorie Ann Enlow 3-13-1947 Waukegan, IL
----------------------------Robert B. Matthew 8-27-1946 Chicago, IL
--------------------10: Elbert Allen Enlow 12-30-1919
------------------------1st. Elizabeth "Libby" Price 3-12-1919
------------------------11: Patricia Gayle Enlow 11-29-1946
----------------------------_____  Davis
------------------------2nd wife of Elbert Allen Enlow: Jean _____
--------------------10: Arnold Erwin Enlow 4-23-1924 Zion, IL
----------------9: Jeremiah Wesley "Wes" Enlow 6-14-1892 Sang Run, MD -- 1962
--------------------Wilhelmina "Minnie" Ruth Otterbacher 11-18-1895 Perrysburgh, OH -- 1966
--------------------10: Ruby Sarah Enlow 6-10-1918 Zion, IL
------------------------1st. Henry Roscoe Roberts 3-19-1909 Elton, WI -- 1965
------------------------11: Harold Lynn "Butch" Roberts 10-29-1939 Zion, IL -- 1996
----------------------------Shiela Susann Wilson 4-27-1941 Zion, IL
----------------------------12: Kenneth Dwayne Roberts, Sr. 10-17-1963 Waukegan, IL
--------------------------------Kelly Lynn Searcy 12-11-1965 Ft. Dix, NJ
--------------------------------13: Kenneth Dwayne Roberts, Jr. 5-17-1986 Ventura, CA
--------------------------------13: Kasandra Lynn Roberts 4-13-1989 Valencia, CA
----------------------------12: James Leonard Roberts 11-22-1965 Simi Valley, CA
--------------------------------Stephanie Leigh Ponce 12-28-1969 Santa Paula, CA
--------------------------------13: Allen Leonard Roberts 7-7-1988 Fillmore, CA
--------------------------------13: Arren Reanne Roberts 5-8-1990 Fillmore, CA
----------------------------12: Robin Raynee Roberts 1-9-1968 CA
--------------------------------Ted Vincent Hale 12-9-1969
--------------------------------13: Cori Christine Hale 6-17-1995
--------------------------------13: Daniel Moore Hale 9-26-1997
----------------------------12: Larry Allen Roberts 1-14-1969 CA
------------------------11: Diann Ruth Roberts 8-11-1941 Zion, IL
----------------------------Kenneth Eugene Holverson 4-16-1940 Zion, IL
----------------------------12: Kenneth Erik Holverson 2-13-1972 Waukegan, IL
----------------------------12: Mark Edward Holverson 9-18-1973 Waukegan, IL
--------------------------------Diane Marie Yarc 7-7-1972
--------------------------------13: Shawn Robert Holverson 9-2-1998 Chicago, IL
------------------------11: Wilbur Lee Roberts 3-27-1943 Zion, IL
----------------------------Deanna Therese Deschryver 12-17-1940
----------------------------12: Stacy Carol Roberts 11-24-1970 Waukegan, IL
----------------------------12: Jennifer Sarah Roberts 10-3-1973 Waukegan, IL
--------------------------------1st. Todd Raymond Richardson 9-27-1966
------------------------2nd husband of Ruby Sarah Enlow: John Miljkovick
--------------------10: Rachel Olive Enlow 12-9-1921 Zion, IL
------------------------1st. Wallace Roland Wickersheim 1-27-1911-- 1951
------------------------2nd. Henry Kuxhausen Apr. 15 Rosenberg, Russia
------------------------11: Marlin Dean Wickersheim 9-18-1939 Zion, IL
----------------------------Jacqueline Marie Shaner 7-22-1942
----------------------------12: Todd Dean Kuxhausen 1-15-1962 Scottsbluff, NE
--------------------------------Nancy Rae Mueller 12-15-1962 Hiawatha, KS
--------------------------------13: Bradley Dean Kuxhausen 9-3-1988 Omaha, NE
--------------------------------13: Brett Jacob Kuxhausen 9-20-1989 Omaha, NE
----------------------------12: Monte Lynn Kuxhausen 10-24-1963 Scottsbluff, NE
--------------------------------Stacy Lee Sitorius 11-9-1965 Fort Collins, CO
----------------------------12: Dayna Marie Kuxhausen 11-3-1965 Gothenburg, NE
--------------------------------Arnold Joseph Miller 11-2-1965 Superior, NE
----------------------------12: Betsy Rae Kuxhausen 4-1-1969 Gothenburg, NE
--------------------------------Dan Morrissey 1-20-1957 Council Bluffs, IA
------------------------11: Ronald Dale Kuxhausen 10-16-1942 Zion, IL
----------------------------Shirley Jean Sherich 7-29-1942 Lodgepole, NE
----------------------------12: Michael Wayne Kuxhausen 12-21-1963 Scottsbluff, NE
--------------------------------Debra Jean Johnson 10-27-1961 Renton, WA
--------------------------------13: Kristina Andrea Mae Kuxhausen 1-6-1992 Seattle, WA
--------------------------------13: Erikka Marie Kuxhausen 1-17-1994 Seattle, WA
----------------------------12: Dawn Rana Kuxhausen 3-18-1966 Scottsbluff, NE

--------------------------------13: Rachel Nicole Kuxhausen 1-19-1989 Seattle, WA (Father; Gary Urvina)
--------------------------------1st. husband of Dawn Rana Kuxhausen; Dale Harlan Groven 1-6-1965 Tacoma, WA
--------------------------------13: Whitney Jean Groven 2-10-1993 Seattle, WA
--------------------------------2nd husband of Dawn Rana Kuxhausen: Lonnie G. Morford 6-30-1959 Seattle, WA
--------------------10: Joan Charlotte "Jo" Enlow 2-24-1924 Zion, IL
------------------------Chester Norris "Chet" Ray, 8-7-1920 Zion, IL
------------------------11: Frank Wesley Ray 5-15-1942 Waukegan, IL

----------------------------Sandra Anne Wellskopf 1-31-1949 Greenfield, WI
----------------------------12: Matthew Jason Ray 1-13-1972
----------------------------12: Jacob Isreal Ray 10-22-1974
----------------------------12: Abraham Isaac Ray 2-1-1977
----------------------------12: Josiah Nathaniel Ray 8-28-1984
----------------------------12: Promise Elizabeth Ray 10-7-1986
----------------------------12: Seth Adam Ray 3-9-1989
----------------------------12: Cherity Rose Ray 3-24-1991
----------------------------12: Merci Racquel Ray 4-10-1993
------------------------11: SuzAnne "Sue" Ray 1-6-1947 Waukegan, IL
----------------------------Dennis Paul Halbmaier 1-10-1940 Elgin, IL
----------------------------12: Jonathan David "Jon" Halbmaier 7-6-1968
--------------------------------Jeanna Ann Hugh 
--------------------------------13: Elizabeth Ashley Halbmaier 1992
--------------------------------13: Zachery Anthony Thomas Halbmaier 1994
----------------------------12: Jeffrey Scott Halbmaier 1-9-1971
----------------------------12: Jerry Benjamin Halbmaier 10-27-1972
--------------------------------Regina Mae Hazlerig
----------------------------12: Jason Paul Halbmaier 2-22-1975 
--------------------------------Tanya Layne Huberty 
------------------------11: Cherith "Cheri" Anne Ray 6-18-1961 Neenah, WI
----------------------------William Robert Welter, 8-25-1953 Milwaukee, WI
----------------------------12: Dean Alexander Welter 1-24-1981 Oban Gen. Hosp., Argyll, Scotland
----------------------------12: Eric Nathan Welter 4-27-1982 Roosevelt Roads Naval Hospital, Peurto Rico
----------------------------12: Julie Mary Anne Welter 6-9-1983 Oban Gen. Hosp., Argyll, Scotland
----------------------------12: Jessica Anne Welter 10-1-1988 Rankin Mem. Hosp., Greenock, Argyll, Scotland
--------------------10: Howard Wesley Enlow 2-21-1932  Zion, IL
------------------------Janet Speak 12-22-1936 Rose Hill, VA
------------------------11: Bryan Wesley Enlow 3-8-1960 Waukegan, IL
------------------------11: David Lyle Enlow 3-14-1963 Waukegan, IL
----------------9: Harriet Sophia Enlow 7-13-1896 Sang Run, MD
--------------------Harry Brock Fredrickson 6-4-1892 Webster City, IA
--------------------10: Elwood Harry "Freddy" Fredrickson, 10-8-1917 Zion, IL
------------------------Dorothy Jane Marshman, 7-15-1924 Deposit, NY
------------------------11: William E. Fredrickson, Ph.D. 12-28-1956 Norwich, NY
----------------------------1st. Julie Marie Ruck 7-14-1956 Columbus, OH
----------------------------2nd. Suzanne Rita Byrnes, Ph.D. 11-5-1958 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
----------------------------12: Mathieu Clifford Fredrickson 9-14-1996 Kansas City, MO
------------------------11: Dorothy Helen Fredrickson 4-21-1960 Norwich, Chenango Co.
--------------------10: Alta Harriet Fredrickson 7-6-1919 Zion, IL
------------------------Richard Louis Fowler, Sr. 8-2-1914 Yonkers, NY
------------------------11: Richard Louis Fowler, Jr., L. P. N., 11-27-1946 Yonkers, NY
----------------------------1st. Katherine Gross 
----------------------------2nd. Jacquelyn Ruth (Hill) Mullins 6-14-1944
----------------------------3rd. Myriam Isabel Collazo, R. N. 1-14-1949 Havana, Cuba
------------------------11:  Jeffrey Harry Fowler, R. N., 9-7-1950 Baltimore City, MD
----------------------------1st. Marguerite Iverson, R. N. 5-26-1950 Baltimore City, MD
----------------------------12: Laura Marie Virginia Harriet Fowler 12-1-1976 Baltimore City, MD
--------------------------------Gregory Charles Myers 6-15-1966
--------------------------------13: Haley Marie Myers 1-11-1999 Baltimore City, MD
----------------------------12: Karen Michelle Harriet Virginia Fowler 1-4-1980 Baltimore City, MD
----------------------------12: Jennifer Maureen Fowler 4-3-1981 Baltimore City, MD
----------------------------2nd wife of Jeffrey Harry Fowler; Deborah Lynn Origer, R. N. 10-7-1956 Dayton, OH
------------------------11: Audrey Alta Fowler 8-20-1958 Baltimore City, MD
----------------------------John Robert Clough III 7-2-1957
----------------------------12: Joshua Lee Richard Fowler 9-28-1985 Lewisburg, PA
--------------------10: Clair Enlow Fredrickson, 3-13-1926 Zion, IL
------------------------Emma Thersa Tropea 11-3-1925 Monroe, NY

------------8: Sarah Jane Savage 1854 MD.

----------------Elijah Hoye 4-10-1846 MD.  -- 1937

----------------9: Ora May Hoye 11-12-1878 Sang Run, MD.

--------------------George D. Liming

----------------9: Sarah Jane Hoye 11-24-1880 Sang Run

--------------------Franklin Thomas Frantz

--------------------10: Geoffrey Elwood Frantz 7-4-1906

--------------------10: Ellen Mae Frantz 5-3-1923 Sang Run

------------------------Gilbert Bruce Enlow (For linage see Gilbert Bruce Enlow of Lyman Sedwick Enlow, Gen. #5).

------------8: Lucretia Preston Savage OR Lucretia Almeda Savage 1856/57 (IMPORTANT! Jim Friend lists Lucretia as, Preston while Fowler lists her as, Almeda. See note at Lucretia Savage, daughter of Ezra Savage, Gen. #3).

----------------George Washington Moon 1857

----------------9: Gilbert Moon Oct. 1886

----------------9: Harold Moon Jun 1888

----------------9: Russell Moon 7-24-1892

----------------9: Maynard Moon 5-1-1900

--------------------Leona Elizabeth Bernard 3-15-1908

------------8: Benton Bruce Savage Aug. 1859 Sang Run, MD.

------------8: John M. Savage 12-21-1861

------------8: Emma J. or Elizabeth Savage 9-4-1864

----------------William A. Smith 1861

----------------9: Daniel F. Smith Feb. 1891

----------------9: Minnie A. Smith Nov. 1892

----------------9: William G. Smith Oct. 1898

----------------9: Aubrey F. Smith

------------8: Delphine “Della” Americus Savage Jun. 1867

------------8: Maude (Esmanilda?) Savage 1870/71 Sang Run

----------------Herbert Ferguson abt 1869

------------8: Musetta “Zettie” Price Savage 1876 Sang Run

------------8: Hallie G. Savage 11-4-1878

----------------Charles Edward Hoye, Capt. S.A.W. WW 1, b. 10-21-1876 Sang Run -- 1951

----------------9: Carlotta Hoye 11-21-1903 San Mateo, P. Islands

----------------9: William Rodney Hoye 6-2-1908 Albay, P. Islands

--------------------Blanche V. Scott

--------------------10: Charles Edward Hoye 6-8-1939 Phoenix, AZ

--------------------10: Hallie Vivian Hoye 6-24-1940 Phoenix, AZ

----------------9: Edward Buel Hoye 4-7-1910 Santa Monica, CA

---------7: Emma Savage     

----6: Nancy Savage  1803 Al. Co. – 10-20-1880, age 77 yrs., 5 mos., 5 days. Married 1823. Int. in Lenox cemetery.

-----------William Kelly  1796 Cumberland, MD.

---------7: Alfred Kelly

---------7: Charlotte Kelly

-------------Freeman Smith

---------7: Ezra Kelly

---------7: Elizabeth Ann Kelly b. Preston Co. WV – d. Hazelton, Pres. Co. WV

-------------Jackson P. Rodeheaver

------------8: Hosea Rodeheaver

----------------Mary Emmaline Van Sicle

----------------9: Haman Rodeheaver

--------------------Ada Myrtle Reckart

--------------------10: Lottie June Rodeheaver

-------------------------_____ White

-------------------------11: Gary L. White

---------7: John T. Kelly

-------------Martha Rodeheaver

---------7: Louisa Kelly

---------7: William H. Kelly

----6: Amos Savage  born between 1800 and 1810 died before 1850 (This is probably the individual shown by some researchers as, Brewston or Brewston Amos Savage. See my narrative on Brewston Savage in the “Gleanings Link” above.

-------- Wife is probably Carherine Casteel

----6: Female between 1806 & 1810

Contributors: The following “Cuzzins” have generously contributed to the above family information. If you find one of them in your particular line you may want to contact them as they may be able to supply you more specific information. If one would want to contact any of these contributors please contact me for an address. If unable to contact me at the above address, my current address and phone number are available at;


Barbara E. Custer Vaillancourt

Barbara Lydzinski

Beth; <>)

Brenda Clark - Albright, WV

Caprice Johnson Arenth

Charlotte Ann Potter

Dani Griffin

Deborah Savage

Erica Sisler

Faye O‘Riley:

Florence Arlene Nicklow Elliott

Gail Savage Bowser

Gary White

Icia Wolfe

Ina Hicks

James A. Friend

Jeanette Detrich

Jennifer Wilson

Joyce Glover

Judy Kay Thompson Peace

Kathy Lou Piper Balmer

Lisa Mae Savage Hack

Melinda Dawn Frazee

Melvin Fike

Michael G. Nahaj Jr.

Nancy L. Paugh Yob

Regina Rapacon

Richard McFarland

Rita Brant Diethorn

Robert Daniel “Rob” Tomcanin

Ronald Albert Sands

Roselyn Ratliff Listernick

Shelley Missimer

Theresa R. Bonetti

Connie L. Savage Simmons

Debra Goetz


Gleanings of information gathered on the descendants of Robinson T. Savage

This data supplements my ancestry chart of this early pioneer of Garrett County, Maryland


R. Blair Savage

This work was initiated on 9-27-2000 and is periodically updated. The last update was; 9-15-05. 1-12-06. 5-27-06. 6-28-08. 7-24-08. 9-9-08. 9-27-08. 3-1-2009. 4-2-2010. 6-23-2010, 9-12-2010, 2-3-2011, 2-17-2011, 4-30-2011, 4-3-2012, 9-11-2013, 10-4-2013, 1-4-2014, 5-19-2015, 8-7-2016


NOTE:  The following data is intended to supplement the above mentioned chart and the book, SAVAGE IS MY NAME, by R. Blair Savage. The information in SAVAGE IS MY NAME has been carefully documented, as described in the book, however much of the information following is from contributions from a number of other Savage family researchers. Therefore, and I cannot overemphasize this; I cannot give my personal assurance of accuracy. This data should be used only as a guide and the authenticity of the information contained herein, about specific individuals, should be privately documented before one relies on it. Where brackets [  ] are used, I am indicating an undecipherable word or uncertainty as to spelling. Where part of a name is unknown I have indicated as; “_____”. For example;  _____  Savage, where the given name is unknown. Garrett County was formed from Allegany County in 1872. Any reference to a birth or death in Garrett County before that time should read, Allegany County. If you are reading this on hard copy you may view a recent version on the internet at:






Following are some Savage families presumed to be from the Garrett-Fayette-Preston County tri-county/tri-state area, but not confirmed to be descendants of Robinson T. Savage, Sr.. The Information was provided from various sources as noted:


----------Some data on a Calvin R. Savage and descendants. Furnished by Nancy L. Paugh Yob, his g,g, granddaughter. Based on his reported birth year I have arbitrarily placed Calvin in the 8th generation:


------------7: ????????? died 1847

----------------8: Calvin R. Savage Jan 1835 -- 5-16-1899 (Mother was a Casteel, daughter of Jeremiah Casteel).

                        (My guess is Calvin was the son of Lemuel Savage and Mary Catherine Casteel Savage. RBS)      

--------------------Sarah A. Smalley  abt 1839 -- after 1924          

--------------------9: Mary Alice  Savage 1857 -  d. at 5 mos. (1860 census shows a Mary, age 2)   

--------------------9: Sarah Savage abt 1859 (1860 census)

--------------------9: Ida Florence Savage 1861 -- 10-16-1898    

--------------------9: Georgenia Savage 1863    

--------------------9: James Marshall Savage 1865 (lived in D.C. area)    

--------------------9: Mary Martha Savage 1866    

--------------------9: Charles Reis Savage 1867    

--------------------9: John Calvin Savage 1868    

--------------------9: Emma Savage 1870    

--------------------9: Fanny Pearl Savage 1872    

--------------------9: William Robinson Savage 1874-76 (Middle name is probably for Calvin’s grandfather,

                                                                                                                                  Robinson T. Savage, Sr.)  

------------------------1st. Ella Lewis    

------------------------10: Harry Savage    

------------------------2nd. Irma J. Rohemelt abt 1888 (Age 42 in 1930 census. William, age 54. Deer Park, Garrett Co. MD.)   

------------------------10: George Henry Savage (Age 12 in 1930 census)   

------------------------10: Irma Marie  Savage

-----------------------------______ McRobie    

------------------------10: Margaret  Savage  

------------------------10: Gloria A. Savage (Age 8 in 1930)

----------------------------- ______ Beresis

------------------------10: Willima J. Savage (Age 10 in 1930) (This name is difficult to discern. Could be, Willerna)    

--------------------9: Jennetta Jane Cassandra Savage “Muzzy” 1876    

------------------------Lewis C. Baldwin   (g, grandparents of Nancy Yob)    

--------------------9: Samson Savage 1878  



It appears to me (RBS) that Calvin Savage is the son of Brewston Amos Savage (listed below and who I propose was another son of Robinson T. Savage, Sr.) and Catherine Casteel Savage. In the 1850 census, a Catherine Savage and her children; Mary A., age 12, Upton, age 7 and John W., age 9mos, are living with Catherine’s parents, Jeremiah Casteel and Malinda Spurgeon Casteel.

Calvin Savage is at the home of John Spurgeon, son of Jesse Spurgeon and Catherine Spahr Spurgeon and is age 15. Calvin’s father died early (probably 1847) and Calvin, the eldest child and at an age to help work a farm is evidently living with a member of his grandmother Spurgeon’s family.

In later census records that identify Catherine Savage (who must be Catherine Casteel Savage), Calvin does not appear in name, with her, until 1880 when he is 44 and she is 69. She is then living in his home and identified as his mother. Calvin was born in Virginia (probably Preston Co., WV) his father in Maryland (probably Garrett Co.) and mother in Virginia (probably WV).


In the 1810 census of Fayette Co., PA., Wharton Twp., I found a Daniel Smalley and wife, both aged 16-26, possibly Sarah Smalley’s grandparents (RBS).


Nancy Yob names Eli Savage as father of Calvin Savage and son of William H. Savage. This appears to be mistaken. The birth years of William H. Savage (1820) and Calvin Savage (1835), both of which seem plausible, could not fit a generation for Eli Savage between them. The name, Eli has never popped up, other then the Eli who married Nancy Brant, in Reta Diethorn’s data on the Brants listed below and he’s too late to be Calvin’s father. In the 1860 census Calvin lives 14 houses from Cornelius and Polly Savage. (RBS)

3-2-02 email from Nancy Yob:

Hi again,

I've been doing some late night perusing on the Savages. As I was re-reading my great-grandmother's journal, I found a couple references to Calvin's brother and sister: Jerry, a mail carrier in Friendsville; Mary Ann, who married Isaac Merrill; and possibly a Floyd. She didn't say Floyd was a brother, but his name was mentioned.

I also found an response from you on the Ancestry Board, and you told someone that you had a Jerry Savage in your records. Think he could be the same one?

Mary Ann and Isaac Merrill had four children:

Ella m. a Hollis from PA




The search continues...



P.S. I also wanted to mention that the journal said my gg-grandfather, Calvin, was born in Bruceton Mills. Can't remember if I passed that on before.


3-7-02 email from Nancy Yob:

Hi Blair,

I've had a fun evening going through my great-grandmother's letters! I found one written to her by her mother, Sarah Ann Smalley Savage, in June 1924. In it she was trying to provide a bit of the family tree. It is very difficult to read because she was about 76 years old, and had been sick for a few weeks.

She just starts writing the following:

"Meshick Casteel was a brother to Nathan Casteel and Nathan and William Casteel was twin brothers. Aunt Sarah Brant and Aunt Jane Brant two sisters married the two twin brothers and your father and mother I guess you know your mother name my name was Smalley and his name Savedge. That is all I know about that and my fathers father married a ?? her maiden name was ?? that would be your great grand parents. Your (Jennetta Jane Cassandra Savage “Muzzy” 1876) fathers (Calvin) mother was a Casteel Jeremiah Casteel was his name lived in pa, and my father James D Smalley married a woman by the name of heckuthorn (sp?) her maiden name your grandparents."

Now, this matches my info on the Brants and Casteels, AND shows that Calvin's mother was a Casteel, and I'm guessing that she was referring to Jeremiah as Catherine's father. Although, I show that Meshack, Jeremiah, and Nathaniel were brothers. Catherine was Jeremiah's daughter, and Nathan was Nathaniel's son. So, it seems that they were cousins, not brother/sister.

Does that make sense to you? Unfortunately, she gave a good clue on Catherine, but goofed me up on the Smalleys. She said that her father was James and he married a woman by the name of heckuthorn - but, James was married to Elizabeth Brant. His father was Jonas and he married Rebecca Jennings. Now, since she was raised by Nathan and Sarah, maybe she wasn't very close to her mother's family. Then, maybe her father remarried after Elizabeth's death. Oh well, the search is my favorite part of genealogy.

So, this gives us a link to Jeremiah, now I just need to put it all together with some really good supporting data.


Email from Melvin Fike concerning Calvin Savage:

What i have on Calvin Savage is he married Sarah Smalley in Maryland if this is the Calvin. Faye Somero from my understanding of what she tells me is her mother is Nora Mae Savage and Nora father is Lloyd Savage his father is Upton Savage I have ask Faye Severl Times were she got Amos but she has not Responded



1880 census; Wharton Twp, Fayette Co., PA.

Name                           Relationship    Marital status              Gender Race    Age     Birthplace                    Occupation      Father’s b.p.    Mother’s b.p.


Calven                         Self                                          M                                             M                                 W                        44                                VA                  Farmer                         MD                              VA

Sarah                           Wife                                        M                                             F                                  W                        41                                PA                               Keeps house                NJ                                            MD

Martha             Dau                                         S                                              F                                  W                    15                                MD                                                                              VA                              PA

Marshal                       Son                                          S                                              M                                 W                        14                                MD                                                                              VA                              PA

Charles                        Son                                          S                                              M                                 W                        12                                MD                                                                              VA                              PA

John C.                        Son                                          S                                              M                                 W                        10                                MD                                                                              VA                              PA

Mary E.                       Dau                                         S                                              F                                  W                        8                                  MD                                                                              VA                              PA

Fannie                         Dau                                         S                                              F                                  W                        7                                  MD                                                                              VA                              PA

William                        Son                                          S                                              M                                 W                        6                                  MD                                                                              VA                              PA

Jennie                          Dau                                         S                                              F                                  W                        4                                  MD                                                                              VA                              PA

Sanson             Son                                          S                                              M                                 W                    1                                  MD                                                                              VA                              PA

                        Mother                        W                                            F                                  W                    69                                    VA                                                                              PA                                           PA



----------Some data on a Brewston Amos Savage and descendents. Furnished by Melvin Fike and found on the site of Faye O‘Riley: <>

(I have arbitrarily assigned Brewston to the 6th. generation based on his reported birth year and other information I have uncovered as reported below). -RBS-


--------6: Brewston Amos Savage or, Amos Brewston Savage abt 1812  Maryland (See note “A” below).

------------Catherine Casteel  (b. 1813 as reported by Mel Fike) MD. Reportedly married 1837, MD.

------------7: Mary A. Savage 1838

------------7: Jeremiah Savage Dec, 1842 -- 1909        

----------------Mary J. Whetton or Grindstone 1842/45

----------------(Info on Jeremiah’s line furnished by James Friend, Debra Savage and Joyce Glover).  RBS

----------------8: John Wesley Savage 1863

--------------------Martha V. Friend 1863

--------------------9: Alvada Augusta Savage 1883

----------------------- Isaac Newton Fike 6-7-1880 MD

-----------------------10: Ross E. Fike b. Selbysport, MD

----------------------------Goldie Cunningham

-----------------------10: Minnie Florence “Flo” Fike 6-9-1916 Searights, Fayette Co., PA – 5-10-1997

----------------------------Foster Ivan Savage

--------------------9: Benjamin Franklin Savage, 1884 Fearer, MD  -- 1-10-1967

------------------------Elizabeth Victoria Mae Missouri Savage 1894

------------------------10: Foster Ivan Savage 1914

-----------------------------1st. Daisy Florence Ann Fike (Shown as, Minnie Florence Fike by Virginia Galica)

 ----------------------------11: John William Savage

--------------------------------- Debra _____

-----------------------------2nd. Macy Frazee (had 15 children, per Barbara Savage Fike)

-----------------------------11: Ervin Paul Savage Sr. 10-16-1933 Fearer, MD – 12-5-1994

----------------------------------Mary Catherine Merrbach

----------------------------------12: Ervin Paul Savage, Jr.

----------------------------------------Debra Goetz

----------------------------------------13: Jamie Michael Savage  12-25-1975

---------------------------------------------Angie Sines

---------------------------------------------14: Jaden Savage (female)

---------------------------------------------14: Colin Savage (twin)

---------------------------------------------14: Liam Savage (twin)

----------------------------------------13: Jessica Savage  3-13-1977

--------------------------------------------- Marc McClain (divorced)

----------------------------------------------14: Samuel Adam McClain 1-27-1998

----------------------------------------------14: Christopher James McClain 10-22-2001

----------------------------------------------14: Megan Ann McClain 1-13-2007

-----------------------------------------13: Heather Savage  4-29-79

----------------------------------------------Jason Metz

-----------------------------------------13: Joshua Paul James Savage  6-25-1980

----------------------------------------------Katrina Bean

----------------------------------------------14: Jacob Arthur Savage

----------------------------------12: Caroline (Carolyn) Savage  1956

---------------------------------------Larry Joe Matthews

---------------------------------------13: Erin Matthews

-------------------------------------------14: Kiersten _____

-------------------------------------------14: Keely Jo _____

---------------------------------------13: Amy Matthews

------------------------------------------- Ty Martin

--------------------------------------------14: Zachery Martin

--------------------------------------------14: Katie Martin

-----------------------------11: Judith Savage (All of generation #11 from Judith down provided by Galica)

---------------------------------_____ Slone

-----------------------------11: Naomi Savage

---------------------------------_____ Ford

-----------------------------11: Ivan Eugene “Buster” Savage 6-17-1937 Friendsville, MD – 7-23-2002 Friendsville

----------------------------------Waunita Mae Hoover 9-3-1942

---------------------------------12: James Eugene Savage 10-19-1966

---------------------------------------Jennifer Marie Lininger 8-8-1998

--------------------------------------- Tara Lynn Savage 2-10-01

---------------------------------12: Barbara Lee Savage

-------------------------------------- Daniel Fike

---------------------------------12: Robin Lynn Savage 11-30-1964 – 12-1-1964

-----------------------------11: Shirley Savage

--------------------------------- _____ Cramer

-----------------------------11: Sheolden Savage

-----------------------------11: Sheila Savage)

--------------------------------- _____ Seese

-----------------------------11: Robert E. Savage 3-1-1942 Fearer, MD – 10-25-2001

--------------------------------- Susan K. Lewis

---------------------------------12: Lester E. Savage

---------------------------------12: Kevin Earl Savage

---------------------------------12: David Paul Savage

---------------------------------12: Amanda S. Lewis Savage

---------------------------------12: Margaret Ellen Savage

---------------------------------12: Lou Ann Savage

---------------------------------12: Neil Ray Savage

-----------------------------11: Melvin Savage

-----------------------------11: Foster Savage, Jr.

-----------------------------11: Oliver Savage

-----------------------------11: Michael Savage

-----------------------------11: Olivia Savage

--------------------------------- _____ Wolverton

-----------------------------11: Joyce Savage

--------------------------------- ____ Spiker

-----------------------------11: Frances Savage

-----------------------------11: Mary Ann Savage

--------------------------------- _____ Frazee

-----------------------------11: Timothy Savage

-----------------------------11: Tammy Savage

-----------------------------11: Richard Savage

------------------------10: Trisha M. Savage 1916   

------------------------10: Mae Savage

----------------------------_____ Dove (Pa.)

------------------------10: June Savage

----------------------------_____ Thomas (Pa.)

--------------------9: Daisy F. Savage 1888 – 1-17-1961

-----------------------George Washington Fike 11-17-1874 Asherglade, MD – 8-21-1967

------------------------10: Thelma Blanche Fike 1-6-1913 Friendsville, MD – 11-28-1987

------------------------10: Russell Paul Fike, Sr. 5-17-1917 Asherglade – 2-19-1974

-----------------------------Elizabeth Frazee

------------------------10: Leona Pearl Fike 9-9-1920

-----------------------------C. Alfred Hart

------------------------10: Helen May Fike 3-18-1925 Asherglade

-----------------------------Clifford D. Rickey

-----------------------------Park Featherman

------------------------10: Ruth Marie Fike 1-6-1928 Asherglade

-----------------------------Wilbur Ray Bowser

--------------------9: Ida B. Savage 1892 – 1940

-----------------------George B. Thomas 3-20-1883 – 1958

-----------------------10: Charles E. Thomas 7-22-1915 – 6-8-1918

--------------------9: Jonas E. Savage 1895 -- 1968

------------------------Leona P. 1902 -- 1944

--------------------9: William R. Savage 1896 -- 1947

------------------------Dantie K. 1900 -- 1975

--------------------9: Edna P. Savage 1898

------------------------______ Burgess----

--------------------9: Gouldy B. Savage 1900

--------------------9: Harry W. Savage 1902

--------------------9: Clarence W. Savage 1905

----------------8: Thomas A. Savage 1866 (or Thomas R.).

----------------8: David H. Savage 1869  -- 1897 (1870 census gives age as, 2)

(The following wife and children of David H. Savage, born 1869, was shown, incorrectly, by one researcher under the David H. Savage, son of Cornelius Ward Savage of Sang Run. The son of C.W.S. died at age 11. I have transferred that data to the above David H. Savage of Selbysport as the dates seem to reasonably concur. In the 1900 census David, age 31, is in Selbysport with wife, Amanda, age 21, and son, Andrew.)

--------------------Amanda J. Friend abt 1879

--------------------9: Verna B. Savage 1893 (Fowler lists 1906).

------------------------Orval T. Savage 6-12-1901

--------------------9: Andrew Savage Nov 1894

----------------8: Sarah C. Savage 1871

----------------8: Benton White Savage 1874

----------------8: William W. Savage 1877 – 3-23-1883

----------------8: Phoebe Jane Savage 10-25-1878 -- 1-15-1953 

--------------------George Calvin Collins b. circa Dec. 1854

--------------------9: Bessie May Collins 3-24-1894 ---8-13-1927  m.  9-7-1912

------------------------Harry Albert Hinebaugh  8-12-1891---7-25-1971 Oakland , Md.

------------------------10: James Calvin Hinebaugh 12-4-1913---9-21-1975

------------------------10: Ardeth Irene Hinebaugh

-----------------------------Earnest Wilkinson 3-17-01

------------------------10: Mabel Mae Hinebaugh

-----------------------------David Walter  12-30-1918

------------------------10: Carlton Henry Hinebaugh  3-1-1927---1-1975

-----------------------------Marion Field (s)

--------------------9: Leona Collins 3-5-1911—4-30-1993

------------------------Clarence Welch

------------------------10: Willovene Welch

-----------------------------Carl Ridder

--------------------9: Myrtle V. Collins 4-3-1915 – 2-21-1997

-----------------------Isaac G. Harvey   d. 1972

-----------------------10: Maxine V. Harvey   d. 1-25-2002

---------------------------_____ Biggs

-----------------------10: Donna Harvey

------------------------------Donald L. Ahern

--------------------9: Edna Irene Collins 1-18-1909- 1-18-1982   m. 10-14-1923

------------------------McKinley Reed Stephens, sR. 3-5-1898—1-20-1973

------------------------10: McKinley Reed Stephens, Jr. 6-17-1924 – 4-17-1986

----------------------------Betty Carr 2-8-1934 – 2-14-2003

------------------------10: James Calvin Stephens Sr. 6-2-1026 – 5-30-1997

----------------------------Erma Lorraine Opel 9-1-1930  m. 2-2-1948

----------------------------11: James Calvin Stephens Jr. 9-19-1951

--------------------------------Delores Sue Beitzel 10-10-52

----------------------------11: David Eugene Stephens 8-22-1953

--------------------------------Lorraine Frances Wolfe 7-15-1955  m. 9-12-1975

----------------------------11: Carolyn Sue Stephens 9-7-1955

--------------------------------John Emil Beckman 2-8-1954  m. 5-11-1973

----------------------------11: Michael Eric Stephens 11-7-1959

--------------------------------Helen Louise Niner 6-24-1960  m. 5-12-1979

----------------------------11: Bradley Ray Stephens 7-15-1965

--------------------------------Stephanie Lewis – Divorced

------------------------10: Josephine L. Stephens 7-9-1928 – 4-10-2002

------------------------10: Mary Jane Stephens Sept. 1930 – 7-7-2010

----------------------------Harold Lowdermilk

------------------------10: David Alexander Stephens 1932 – 1934

--------------------9: Leona Collins 3-5-1911 – 4-30-1993

-----------------------Clarence Welch 8-8-1907 – 12-15-1975

-----------------------10: Willovene M. Welch 4-27-1927 – 2-22-1976

---------------------------Carl Ridder

--------------------9: Mary Jane Collins 7-14-1918—7-4-1999 (Obit has parents as Fred & Feebie [Savage] Sowers)

------------------------Paul Edward Friend, Sr. 1896

------------------------10: Margie Louise Friend

------------------------------_____ Strawser

------------------------10: Jeanie Friend

------------------------------_____ McGinnis

------------------------10: Patty Friend

-----------------------------_____ Alexander

------------------------10: Barbara Friend

------------------------------_____ Losh

------------------------10: Irene Friend

-----------------------------_____ Thomas

------------------------10: Charlene Friend

-----------------------------_____ Metz

------------------------10: Darlene Friend

------------------------------_____ Roy

------------------------10: Sharon Friend

-----------------------------_____ Wilson,

------------------------10: Charles E. Friend

------------------------10: Paul E. Friend, Jr.

--------------------9: Reuben Collins 3-16-1896 -- 1-3-1971

------------------------Gertrude N. Moat (s) 1927 -- 1979

------------------------10: Margaret Collins

-----------------------------_____ Deem

------------------------10: Harold Collins

------------------------10: Michael Collins

------------------------10: Reuben Collins, Jr.

--------------------9: Cora M. Collins February 1898

-----------------------Charles Martin 1881

--------------------9: Ralph Collins 1-27-1906 -- 2-24-1963

--------------------9: Mary?

------------------------Charles Martin

----------------8: Silas F. Savage 1880

----------------8: May (Mae) A. Savage 1883

------------7: Upton Brewston Savage July 1841 (See 8-14-02 email from Joyce Glover below)

----------------Louisa Inks  Sept 1840 Penna. (Father & mother born Penna)

----------------8: Mary Bell Savage 9-20-1862

--------------------William Bishop

----------------8: Isaac H. Savage Jan 1864 --- Resided in Farmington, Pa. (Family info from Beth; <>)

--------------------Sarah Ellen Knox 1869 MD --- d/o of John Edward Knox and Jane Saylor, Beth’s Great-Grandparents.

--------------------9. Charles I. Savage 1884 PA
--------------------9. Sarah Alice Savage 1888 PA
--------------------9. Mahlon Savage
----------------8: Louvory Savage 1867

----------------8: Martha Ellan Savage 5-21-1869

--------------------_______ Conway

----------------8: Lloyd John Savage July 1871 (See 8-14-02 email from Joyce Glover below)

--------------------Cora Maust Oct 1878 WV (Fam. data from Glover via Faye Bettencourt “whose sister married a Savage”)

--------------------9. Nora Mae Savage – Oct 1898, PA

------------------------ _____ Riley

--------------------9. Lula A. Savage abt 1901, PA

------------------------Marian Couch

--------------------9. Viola Savage abt 1901, PA

--------------------9. Margaret Ellen Savage abt 1903 PA,

------------------------ _____ Hartley

--------------------9. Edna Savage abt 1903, PA

--------------------9. Bessie Pearl Savage abt 1903, PA

------------------------ _____ Prinkey

--------------------9. Chester Franklin Savage abt 1905, PA

------------------------ Ruth Seese

--------------------9. Clarence Edward Savage, Sr. 9-8-1907, PA

------------------------Addie Ethel Dennis 6-29-1905 --- d/o Joe Dennis and Lucresia Fike

------------------------10: Ray Elwood Dennis 2-12-1923 (born to Addie prior to marriage)

------------------------10. Clarence Edward Savage, Jr., 4-17-1938 Rowes Run, PA

----------------------------Audrey Jean Guthrie, 12-20-1937

----------------------------11. Edward Clarence Savage 4-12-1959 – 6-21-1980

---------------------------------Candy or Cindy Humbert 7/21/1961.

---------------------------------12. Rae Savage 8-17-1982 

------------------------10: "LJ" Lloyd Joseph Savage 5-19-1940 Markleysburg, PA

-----------------------------Glenna Mae Glover 12-25-1942 Markleysburg, Pa. --- d/o William Lee"Roy" Glover and Mary Lucretia Myers  (sister to Faye Bettencourt) (descended from the same Glovers as Joyce Glover)

-----------------------------11: Neil Allen Savage 2-10-1962, Confluence, PA

----------------------------------Nancy Jane Dennis) Yommer

-----------------------------11: Renee Eileen Savage 10-10-1964 Cuyahoga Co., OH

----------------------------------Todd Schaefer

------------------------10: Donnie Lee Savage 9-29-1942 Markleysburg, PA

------------------------------Margaret "Peggy" Umbel --- d/o Quincy Umbel and Mildred Teets.

-----------------------------11: Todd Douglas Savage 10-16-1962 (Added per Virginia Galica data)

-----------------------------11: Steven Kent Savage 5-11-1966 (Added per Virginia Galica data)

-----------------------------11: Donnie Lee Savage, Jr. 8-6-1964

----------------------------------1st. Rhonda _____

----------------------------------2nd. Cynthia _____

------------------------10: Steven Savage

--------------------9. Arthur Ray Savage 1909

------------------------Ruth Dennis

--------------------9. Wilber Thomas Savage abt 1912

------------------------1st. Olive Dennis

------------------------2nd. Catherine M. Artice

----------------8: Charles M. Savage Nov 1873 WV

--------------------Alice _____ Jan 1875 WV (parents born WV) (Wife per 1900 census) (Glover shows wife as, Sarah A. Maust)

--------------------9. Mary Savage Mar 1896 PA

--------------------9. Etta Savage Oct 1898 PA

--------------------9. Nephew, Robert, age 10, living with Charles in 1900.

----------------8: Laura Elizabeth 8-19-1878

--------------------Francis Marion Umbel

----------------8: James Newton Savage Oct 1880 PA.

--------------------Etta Maust?

----------------8: Ralph G. Savage

--------------------Bertha ______

----------------8: Robert M. Savage Nov 1884  PA.

----------------8: Nancy Margaret Savage 1876

--------------------William L. Clark

--------------------9: Mary Anniebelle Clark 6-22-1893

------------------------John Singleton Fike

------------------------10: Paul Jonah Fike 3-9-1917

----------------------------Mabel Evelyn Schroyer 2-8-1917

----------------------------11: Melvin Dwayne Fike 2-4-1952

--------------------9: Dollie E. Clark

------------------------Asa F. Brant

----------------8. Alva (Alfie) Savage

--------------------Clara Caton.

--------------------9. Robert Eugene Savage (Icia Wolfe data, which I’ve misplaced, includes children and g-children)

------------------------Sarah Ellen Shaffer

------------7: John W. Savage 1849



----Notes on Brewston Amos Savage:

Is Brewston Amos Savage, as identified by Mel Fike, another descendant of Robinson T. Savage? The fact that he married a Casteel in Maryland, (and probably in Garrett County) and based on other information, as stated below, leads me to believe that he is a member of Robinson’s line and could, in fact, be another son of Robinson. In the 1800 census Robinson T., Sr. has four males under 10. In the 1810 census Robinson T., Sr. has five males under 16 while we have accounted only for four sons; Lemuel 1793, Evan 1797, Robinson T. Jr. 1800 and John R. 1802. In the 1820 census Robinson T., Sr. has one male 10-16 and one 25-45 in his household. The older of these two males is probably John R., who would have been around 18 (and the census records are rife with errors in age). Lemuel, Evan and Robinson T., Jr. are in their own households. Assuming the older is John R., who is the other? Is it Brewston? The 1830 census shows a male aged 20-30 in the household of Robinson Savage. Is it Brewston? The 1840 census has an Amos Savage, age 30-40, located next to John Savage (no doubt John R.) and seven houses from Mary Savage Kent, most likely his sister. There is no Amos Savage of this age range appearing anywhere in the record prior to this date. If Mel Fike is correct in Brewston Savage having the middle name, Amos then this is most likely our Brewston Amos Savage.

The 1840 Census includes Amos Savage in the Selbysport District along with three sons of Robinson T. Savage, Sr., i.e.; Evan, Lemuel, and John R., and Robinson T. Jr. is listed in District #2. This gives us five men named Savage, all in the right place and the right time - and the earlier census records show Robinson T. Savage with five sons. By 1850 Amos had died [1848])


In the 1840 census Amos, age 30-40, is shown with three sons, two daughters, a wife and a 60-70 year-old female which is most likely his mother, Mary Savage, wife of Robinson T. Savage, Sr. Mary does not appear with any of her other four known sons in the 1840 census and she does appear in the 1850 census with son-in-law David Kent. The first identified child of Brewston was named, Mary, possibly for Brewston’s mother, Mary, wife of Robinson T. Savage, Sr. Mel Fike gives Brewston’s birth year as 1812, however, Brewston’s first reported child, Mary, was born in 1838 when Brewston would be 26 - perhaps a little late for a first child by standards of the period, but, recent evidence leads me to believe that Brewston’s first child was Calvin Savage, born around 1835 when Brewston would have been about 23 - and perhaps there was an earlier child who did not survive. The 1840 census shows Amos Savage with one son under five and one son 5-10. One of these is probably, (I stress, probably) Calvin Savage.

It is interesting that the name of Brewston’s wife; Catherine Casteel, (married in 1837, her parents; Jeremiah Casteel and Malinda “Linney” Spurgeon) as reported my Mel Fike, is very close to the name, Mary Catherine Casteel, the wife of Lemuel Savage.

Jim Friend gives Brewston the middle name, Amos, as does Faye O‘Riley. Two of Robinson T. Savage, Sr.’s sons named a boy, Amos; Evan Savage and Robinson T. Savage, Jr.

Lemuel Savage was old enough to father Brewston in 1812, however, the 1820 thru 1840 census records identify only four sons of Lemuel.

The 1850 census for Fayette Co., PA., lists, in the household of Jeremiah and Linnie Casteel, ages 70 and 71, a Catherine Savage, age 27 (should be 37), Upton Savage, age 7, Mary, age 12 and John W., age nine mos. This supports our information that Brewston was deceased by 1848.


A look at the four recorded John Wesley Savages:

------------Birth order--------Birth Yr.--------Father----------------Grandfather----------------G, Grandfather--------G,G, Grandfather

------------J.W.S. 1------------1829------------Lemuel, Sr.------------Robinson T.----------------Robinson, Jr.------------Robinson, Sr.

------------J.W.S. 2------------1849------------Brewston------------? Robinson T.----------------Robinson, Jr.------------Robinson, Sr.

------------J.W.S. 3------------1863------------Jeremiah---------------Brewston------------------?Robinson T.------------Robinson, Jr.

------------J.W.S. 4.-----------1891------------Lemuel Luther-------1829 John W.----------------Lemuel, Sr.------------Robinson T., Sr.

If we assume, for the moment, that Robinson T. Savage, Sr. was the father of Brewston Savage, then each of the John Wesley Savages would be descended from Robinson T. This is, perhaps, evidence that “John Wesley” is a family name and that Brewston Savage is a son of Robinson T. Savage, Sr.



Email from Jim Friend 2-28-02:

Hi Blair, Thanks for straightening out my mess. With your information and
information I got from on Brewston Savage contributed by Faye
ORiley ,<> I now have John Wesley Savage, born 1849 - a
son of Brewston Amos Savage, born 1812 and Catherine Casteel, born 1813 in
MD. Faye ORiley lists Catherine as a daughter of Jeremiah Casteel, born
1778 in PA and Linney Spurgeon, born 1779 in PA. She lists Brewston and
Catherine as married in 1837 in MD.   Jim Friend


From O’Riley’s site:

ID: I13 Name: Brewston Savage Sex: M Birth: ABT 1812 in Pennsylvania Death: BEF 18 SEP 1850  Approximate date of birth for Brewston Savage and name of his spouse (Catharine Casteel), found in the March 1992 version of LDS Microfiche, PA, page 35,583, referring to Batch or Film # 514268, 0024 [Sheet 24]. Note: Approximate date of birth for Brewston Savage, Abt 1812. PA. Name of spouse (Catharine Casteel), found on computer in Brewston's individual record in the 1994 edition of IGI, Version 3.05, Batch #F514268, Sheet 24, Source Call #1553589, Film.

Note: 18 Sep 1850: Brewston's wife is a widow with children, the youngest of whom is 5 months old, and is living with her parents and some of her siblings. Children:

b: 1838

b: 1840 in Pennsylvania

b: ABT 1841

b: JULY 1841 in Fayette Co, PA

 b: 1849 in Pennsylvania

ID: I12 Name: Catharine Casteel Sex: F Birth: ABT 1813 Death: AFT 15 JUL 1870 Note:

18 Sep 1850 PA, Fayette Co, Wharton Twp Census, p. 10, dwelling # 133, family # 133, Reel #M432-779,780: Catharine Savage, age 37, born in MD, apparently widowed, is living with her parents, her brother Jacob, and three of her children, Mary A, Upton and John W. A ten year old female, Mary A. Fisher, is also living in the home.

Note: 10 Aug 1860 PA, Fayette Co, Wharton Twp Census, p. 295: Cath Savage, said to be 47, a widow, born in PA, with personal property valued at $200 was enumerated in dwelling #2043 and family #2040, and 4 children, Mary, Jeremiah, Rollins, and Jm. Note: 15 July 1870 PA, Fayette Co, Wharton Twp, Fayette Springs Census, p. 17: Catharine Savage, said to be age 61, born in WV, a housekeeper, and believed to be Upton's mother, was enumerated along with him, his wife, and four children.
Father: b: ABT 1780
Mother: b: ABT 1779/1780


Email from Joyce Glover 8-14-02


Regarding Upton's marriage - was he married twice? I have a copy of a group sheet saying he (b. ca 1843) was married to Eliza (Little Moon Beam), who was part Indian, and then to a Louisa Inks. The group sheet for Upton and Eliza had the following children: James who md. (?) Maust; Charles M. (1877-1960) who md. Sarah A. Maust; Alvie who md. (?) Caton; and Lloyd John (b. 1872) who md. Cora Maust. These were the same children listed as children of Louisa Inks. Of course, whoever drew up the group sheets is probably wrong.

Regarding the Casteels. Malinda "Lina" Spurgeon, who married Jeremiah Casteel, is the sister to my 3rd great grandmother, Drusilla Spurgeon who married Amos Glover. I believe she and Jeremiah had at least eleven children. This is what I have as follows: Thomas, abt. 1800, James 1802, Amos 1804, Rachal, William, Catharine abt. 1813), Sally, Unknown male, Jeremiah, Jr. abt. 1820, Unknown male, and Jacob. I don't have any families for the children listed.

Parents of Malinda and Drusilla are James Spurgeon and Elizabeth Farmer. Jesse (who md. Catherine Spahr) is a brother to Malinda and Drusilla and lived on the Spurgeon Farm in Glade Farms, WV. After Jesse's death, the farm then was occupied by Jesse's son, Jesse, Jr. Faye and I visited the Spurgeon farm back in the late 1980's, then occupied by the family of Augusta Beerbower Mitchell (she died in 1992). (I've a picture of myself and Faye with her) Anyway, Augusta is the d/o Zar Beerbower and Mary Alice Spurgeon; Mary Alice is the d/o Jesse, Jr. and his 1st wife, Minerva Robinson.

What's even more interesting is: Zar Beerbower is the nephew of Jacob Beerbower who married Elizabeth Spurgeon, the sister to Drusilla and Malinda. Thought I give a little background because of this "Calvin Savage". He's listed in the 1850 Preston Co., WV cenus in the household of John Spurgin, wife and three children, as age 15. This John is the son of Jesse Spurgeon and Catherine Spahr. So it sounds like this Calvin Savage, b. ca 1835, could probably a cousin to John. What do you think?

I'm sorry this email is such a long one. Looking forward to hearing from you again.




Probable Placement of Brewston Amos Savage and Calvin Savage (RBS)


1. Census records show Robinson T. Savage had a fifth son, one which I have not here-to-fore identified and the timing allows for him to be Brewston Amos. Mary, Robinson’s wife, would have been 47 in the year 1812, the reported birth year of Brewston Amos Savage - somewhat late to give birth by today’s standards but not for that time period. However, I believe he was born earlier then 1812. The 1830 and 1840 census records have him being born prior to 1810.

2. Calvin’s mother was Catherine Casteel. Both Lemuel Savage and Brewston Savage married a Catherine Casteel; Lemuel; Mary Catherine Casteel, and Brewston; Catherine Casteel.

3. We assume that Lemuel Savage had no other sons then those identified in the chart because they don’t show up in the census reports. This then, leaves no room for Calvin here.

4. A careful look at the census records reveals no room for Calvin under Robinson’s sons; Evan, John R. and Robinson, Jr.

5. One minor problem with the placement of Calvin under Brewston is one of timing. According to the letters of Nancy Yob’s grandmother, Calvin’s father died when Calvin was 12. If the January, 1835 birth date is correct for Calvin, then his father died in 1847. It’s been reported that Brewston’s son, John W. Savage was born in 1849 so we can assume that he was conceived in 1848-49, too late for Brewston to be the father if he died in 1847. However, the dates are very close to allowing this scenario, and, how sure are we of these various ages and dates?  They are based on hand-me-down information and census reports, both of which, as any person who has spent any time at all researching genealogy knows, can be extremely error prone. The 1850 census lists John W’s age as nine months.

6. The 1850 census lists Catherine Savage and her children living with her father. The 1860 census actually lists her as a widow. Her census reported age gives her a birth year of 1813 which would make her a few years younger than Amos Brewston Savage.


Considering all of the above, I believe that Brewston Amos Savage was the Amos Savage listed in the 1840 census and was the son of Robinson T. Savage, Sr., and the father of Calvin Savage. In the 1830 census I believe he is the 20-30 year-old son of Robinson T. Savage and in the 1820 census he is the 10-16 year-old son. If this concept is accurate, it would give us the following line:          

1. Robinson T. Savage, Sr. 1774

----Mary _____ 1765

----2. Lemuel Savage 1793 

----2. Evan Savage 1797

----2. Robinston T. Savage, Jr. 1800

----2. John R. Savage 1802

----2. Female between 1800 & 1806

----2. Female between 1806 & 1810

----2. Female between 1810 & 1820

----2. Brewston Amos Savage, or Amos Brewston Savage prior to 1810

--------Catherine Casteel abt 1813 MD. Married 1837, MD.

--------3. Calvin R. Savage Jan 1835 -- 5-16-1899     (The “R” is for, “Robinson” per Nancy Yob.)

--------3. Mary A. Savage abt 1838

--------3. Jeremiah Savage 1840

--------3. Upton Savage abt 1841-1843

--------3. Rollins Savage (reported to appear in 1860 census)

--------3. Jm Savage (reported to appear in 1860 census. Is this a “James”, or is it John Wesley?)

--------3. John Wesley Savage abt 1849



Virginia Galica shows the following record of a Park Savage who is probably the Park Savage, age 6 listed in the 1920 census:

Park Franklin Savage 9-12-1913 – 1-29-1965. Thomas cemetery, Markleysburg, PA. Son of William M. Savage and Anna.

Husband of Anna Tucker, daughter of Leslie Tucker and Cora Alice Fike Tucker.


1. William Leslie Savage 2-6-1934

2. Joann Ruth Savage 9-15-1935 – 11-15-2002

----Husband; William Frank Custer, Sr.


--------1. William Frank Custer, Jr. 9-4-1956 Harve DeGrace, MD

------------Mary Darlene Butons

--------2. Deborah Ann Custer 4-18-1957 Harve DeGrace, MD

------------Robert Button

--------3. Bonita Gail Custer 9-23-1958


1920 census:

----------Savage, William M. --------------------36-------------------------PA

----------Anna E. ----------------------------------34-------------------------PA

----------Clyde L. ----------------------------------13-------------------------PA

----------Clarence E. ? ----------------------------10 -------------------------PA

----------Park F. ------------------------------------6---------------------------PA


Virginia Galica shows Martha Savage, daughter of John Savage and Martha Friend, married to Henry Fike with the following children:

1. Della Fike 1870, husband – Joseph Burgess.

2. Mollie Fike 1874, huspand- _____ Sperling

3. Nettie Fike 1876

4. Walter Fike 1878

5. Orville Fike 1880

6. Cora Mae Fike 5-10-1885 Preston Co., WV – 8-2-1961, husband – Albert Cline Shaffer

7. Wesley Fike 5-10-1885 Preston Co, -- 1957. wife – Naomi Harvey


Virginia Galica shows Mabel Aretta Savage 6-21-1911 – 5-20-1970, daughter of Robert McCracken Savage and Lillie Alice Thomas, married to Floyd Grover Dennis 11-25-1908 – 10-18-1987, with the following children:

1. Pauline Grace Dennis 12-11-1928 Gibbons Glade, PA – 5-23-1989, husband – Russell Ellsworth McElroy

2. Agnes Ruth Dennis 12-22-1930, husband – Ralph Palmer Swaney

3. Paul Eugene Dennis 8-2-1932, wife – Alice Artice

4. Carlos Junior Dennis 7-27-1934, wife – Viola Lucille Dennis


Galica shows:

McClelland Savage

Mary Burgess

1. Lewis Savage

Verda Ellen Van Sickle


James F. Savage

Martha Farmer

1. Walter M Savage 9-27-1921 at Star, Ar.

Viola Mae Bechtelheimer 11-18-1922

                                    2. Roger Alan Savage 6-15-1951

                                    2. Randy Bret Savage 4-20-1958

                                    2. Rocky Colt Savage 7-5-1960

                                    2. Rozann Dee Savage 8-21-1963


Mary K. Savage

            Amos Umbel

                        1. Clarence Umble 7-23-1897 – 4-12-1955 Sand Spring, MD

                                    Manilla Thomas


Katherine Savage

            James Clayton Van Sickle, Sr. 8-13-1907 – 7-6-1997 Gar. Co., MD.


Joann Savage

            Robert J. Fike


James Savage

Etta _____

1. Andrew C. Savage 10-14-1910 – 10-21-1989 Farmington, PA.

                        Lauretta Fike 1-22-1919

                        2. Sharon Savage

                                    _____ Merz


Robert McCracken Savage

            Lillie Alice Thomas

            1. Mabel Aretta Savage 6-21-1911 – 5-20-1970

                        Floyd Grover Dennis


Edna Savage

            George B. Thomas 3-20-1883 MD., -- 1958


Clarence Savage

            Vada Guard 1885 Gar. Co.





Miscellaneous Garrett-Fayette-Preston County and surrounding area:


 ----------Some records from Theresa Bonetti. <>


1900 Census, Upshur County, WV Page 143B Bank District
Savage, Albert, b April 1864 36y b. MD. Father b. MD. Mother b. VA.
Lydia, wife b. Dec 1866 35yr, b. WV
5 children - 4 living
Savage, Herbert E. son b Sept 1890 9y b MD
Savage, Charity M. daug b Mar 1892 8y b MD
Savage, Morris O. son b Mar 1897 3y b MD
Savage, Edna M. daug b Mar 1898 2y

Charity M. (Maxine/Maxie) Savage married Calvin M. Tenney in 1905. A daughter, Chlora Alice Tenney was born to them in 1912 at Randolph County, WV.  Chlora Tenney was the grandmother of Theresa Bonetti.

An Albert Savage married an Alice Casteel. She was from Preston Co., WV. They had three sons; Herb Savage 1890 -- 1958, Morris Oakey Savage 1896 -- 1962, and Norman Edward Savage 1903 -- 1942.



----------Some Allegany/Garrett County marriages:

----Amanda Savage to Conrad C. Michaols, Al. Co. 10-3-1872

----Amanda Savage to Lemuel Miniear, 1860 census    

----Amos W. Savage to Sophia Friend, Al. Co. 12-7-1849

----Arthur J. Savage, 28, Gar. Co. to Jennie Bell Railey, 22, Gar. Co. 3-5-99. (Glades Star - Jun 1998.)

----Calvin Savage to Sarah A. Smalley, Al. Co. 6-17-1856.

----Charles M. Savage, 22, Gar. Co. to Bessis M. Shoemaker, 18, Fay. Co. Pa. 3-5-99. (ditto)

----Charles Savage to Cora Virginia Wolfe Gar. Co. 9-14-1892. (Not conf.)

----Cora Savage to Orville Sheridan Miller (Not conf.)

----Earnest Savage to Jessie Chidester (Not conf.)

----Elizabeth Jane Savage; wife of Gabriel Friend and mother of Horace R. Friend born abt 1868.

----Emma Jane Savage 1867 to Elmer E. Trembly Gar. Co. 3-31-1889(Not conf.)

----Everett Savage 1903 to Mary Jane Rodeheaver 1907 (Not conf.)

----George D. Savage,26, Gar. to Lydia E. Fearer, 18, Gar. 9-22-95. (ditto)

----George Wesley Savage to Lydia Humberson, Gar. Co. 12-2-1894. (Not confirmed)

----Gertrude Savage, 23, Pres. Co. WV to William Morris, 24, Pres. 3-19-00. (Glades Star Mar 1998.)

----Isaac Savage 1863 to Anna Fike 1867 (Not conf.)

----James Marshall Savage, 32, Gar. to Louisa Elizabeth Ellis, 33 -- C. 9-21-97. (ditto)

----John G. Savage to Mary A. Hart, Al. Co. 6-28-1865.

----Lida Savage, wife of, Charles Dewey Harvey b. 6-15-1898 Mt. Lake Park, MD 
----Maggie Savage to William Clark. Probably Nancy Margaret Savage. Children; Mary Clark Fike, Joseph, Wilbur, Jonathan.  

----Martha Alice Savage to Daniel Littlefield, Al. Co.  11-21-1871    

----Martha Savage to Benjimin Weiner, Al. Co. 11-2-1866    

----Mary Ann Savage to Isaac Merrill, Al. Co.  5-27-1863    

----Mary Catherine Savage to Amos Myers Umbel Gar. Co. 9-22-1894. (Not conf.)

----Mary Jane Savage, age 16, to William T. Sisler, age 23, on 11-17-1883. (Glades Star - July, 01 issue. Also, Brenda Sisler Goss.>.)

----Nelson Savage (son of Lemuel) to Elizabeth White, Al. Co. 3-30-1849

----Nelson Savage (son of Robert) to Lucretia Clark, Al. Co. 11-4-1864

----Nettie Belle Savage, 26, to Lloyd Milton Welch, 21. July 5, 1896. Both from Gar. Co.

----Newton Savage, 33, Gar. to Mary Martha Casteel, 19, Gar. 2-19-98. (ditto)

----Robinson Savage to Mary J. Dawson, Al. Co. 2-20-1863

----Rosana Savage to Cornelius Sheridan, Al. Co.  2-12-1850    

----Roy Savage to Alberta Chidester (Not conf.)

----Samuel Savage, 23, Gar. to Jane Uphold, 18, Gar. 1-16-98. (ditto)

----Sarah E. Savage to Jesse E. Harvey, Al. Co.  1-23-1873                      

----Sarah Jane Savage; first wife of Elijah Hoye. He born 1846. His second wife; Mary Cordelia Friend

----Sarah Savage; wife of James Thomas. Married 1887. James born 1863

----Sarah Savage, wife of Geo Miniear – “moved to Ohio by 1840”

----Savilla Savage to John Friend, Al. Co. 6-5-1854

----Sophia K. Savage to Isaac Abernethy, Gar. Co. 8-1-1873

----Thomas Perry Savage, 30, Gar. to Ella Fleda Glotfelty, 27, Gar. 9-7-98. (ditto)

----Viola Savage abt 1867 to Enos William Sines 1862 (Not conf.)



----------Some Fayette Co., Pa. Marriages:

----William Savage to Annie Seese, 7-21-1906


----------Garrett County Index to wills:

----Thomas Savage   ----     Book B,-Folio 149   ----1896 - 1915.

----John R. Savage    ----------------A --------53     ----1873 - 1895.

----Amos W. Savage ----------------A --------603    ----1896 - 1915.

----Charles Savage   ----------------D --------302    ----1931 - 1940.

----Isaac Savage         ---------------D --------509   ----1931 - 1940.

----Walter W. Savage ---------------F --------137   ----1951 - 1960.


----------Some Sand Springs Cemetery inscriptions found by RBS - and others included in MARYLAND’S GARRETT COUNTY GRAVES, 1987, LC #87-50355, ISBN #0-9618240-0-X:


Asa, Born Feb 20, 1881. 3 mos. Infant.

Alberta, 1888 - 1919.

Asa -- Feb 20, 1894. Son of J. and A.

D.E. ----

Dantie K., 1900-1975.

Delcie Rea, Sep 5, 1918 - Apr 15, 1958.

Elizabeth, 1892 - 1958.

Elsie, 1888 - 1942. (With Walter).----

Freeman, 1872-1922 or 42. (With Savilla 1879).

George D., 1864-1941. (Beside Lydia E. 1878).

George W., Oct 21, 1864 - Nov 25, 1913.

Infant. Child of W.W. and M.C.

Isaac, 1862 - 1937

J.R.  Dates unreadable

J.W. Born June 3, 1829

Jerome, 5-26-1872. - 12-13-1882. Son of J.W. and Julia.

John M. d. 11-22-1865. 3 yrs. Son of A.W. and S.

Jonas E., 1895-1968. (Beside Leona P.).

Julia A., Wife of J.W. Savage. Born Aug 13, 1825

Laura, 2-23-1885 - 1-17-1889. Grandaughter of J.W. and J.

Leona P., 1902-1944

Louis D. 1934 - 1971.

Lydia E., 1878-1933. (Beside Geo D. 1864).

Mary V., 1903-1969.

Mary F. Savage. 1862-1922.

McClellan,  1864-1908 and Mary F. Savage  1862-1922 - Children; Nettie and Monroe.

M.C., 1849 wife of S. Savage

Savilla, Born Mar 26, 1876. Died Dec 27, 1876

Sevilla, 1879-1975

S, 1847. G.A.R. Post No. 11. Co. D, 3rd Regt P.H.B. Md. Volunteers.

U.G. Dates unreadable

Wilbur H., 1902-1961 and Mary V. Savage 1903-1969

William R., 1898-1947 and Dantie K. Savage 1900-1975


----------Savage headstone inscriptions at other cemeteries and listed in MARYLAND’S GARRETT COUNTY GRAVES, 1987, LC #87-50355, ISBN #0-9618240-0-X: (Given names). Where only a number follows a name this designates the page number where that name was found.

Albert H., Md Pvt 125 CML Processing W.W. II

Alberta, 1888 - 1919.

Alice, 1881 - 1952. (Beside Edward).

Anna M., 1914 - 1939. (Beside Elsie, 1888 - 1942 and Walter, 1885 - 19__).

Annie -- Aug 12, 1907. 46 yr, 7 mo, 9 dy

Aubrey O. Nov 13, 1903, Friendsville - Aug 18, 1970, Mt. Lk. Park. Husband of LeEsta (Weimer).

Burlton H. Sept 6, 1924 - Dec 12, 1944. WW II Pvt.

Calvin -- May 16, 1899. 64 yr, 4 mo, 14 dy. (Father of Ida Florence, listed below, and husband of, S.A. [Sarah]).

Celesta M. -- 4-14-1866. 25 dys. Daughter of G.W. and M.A.

Charles, 1879 - 1935. (Beside Daisy).

Chancy A. (Beside Noah, 1877 - 1949 and Sarah C. 1884 - ____).

Cora E., 1912 - ____. (Beside William R.)

Cornelius W., Jan 12, 1824 - May 5, 1893.

Daisy, 1886 - 1968. (Beside Charles).

Dale Eugene, Nov 25, 1938 - Feb 3, 1939. Son of P.M. and G.M.

David H. -- 6-16-1857. 11 yrs. Son of C.W. and M.A.

Della A. 164

Edith 230

Edward, 1876 - 1962. (Beside Alice).

Eliza A. 1869 - 1944. Husband of Mary E. Fike. (That’s what the book says!)

Elizabeth 41, 231

Ella L. 51

Emily J., 6-11-1855 - 12-29-1860 or 1880. (Beside Mary C.)

Eric 51

Eugene Earl 30

Fannie L. 206

Florence Etta, 8-26-1912 - 4-24-1941.

Floyd D. 231

Foster N., 191_ - 1976. (Beside Willie Junior, 1955-1981).

Frank, 1881 - ____

Georgena C. Sterne 41

Harold 51

Hanna A. 23

Herbert A. b/d Mar 1, 1873. Son of J.W. and S.

Hugh William 172

Ida Florence -- Oct 16, 1898. 39 yr, 1 dy. Daughter of Calvin and S.A..

Irma J 53

Irvin E., 1916-1945. PFC. (Beside Odie A.)

Isabella 41, 185

James A. 1899 - 1961. Husband of Leona J. 1914 - ____.

Jerry M., 1842 - 1909. (Beside Mary, 1848 - 1917)

John A. 206

John M. -- Nov 12, 1865. 3 yr 11 mo 9 dy. Son of J.W. and S.

Larry Eugene, Jan 4, 1968 - Jan 5, 1968.

Lemuel L. 1858 - 1944. (Beside Monliza, 1862 - 1930).

Lena, Aug 20, 1882 - Feb 23, 1950.

Levenia -- 6-22-1857. 9 mos. Daughter of G.W. and M,A.

Leslie Earl 30

Luther W. 98

Lydia 135

Mable Irene, Jun 30, 1907 - Jan 27, 1908. Daughter of W.C. and E.A.

Mabel Irene -- Dec 2, 1922. 4 yr, 11 mo, 22 dy.

Martin Luther 134

Mary, 1848 - 1917. (Beside Jerry M.)

Mary A. (Polly) Friend, Oct 30, 1829 - Jun 23, 1897.

Mary C., 4-6-1859 - 12-29-1960. (Beside Emily J.)

Mary E. 29

Mary E., 1850 - 1928. (Beside Winfield).

Mary M., 1879 - 1923. Wife of N. Newton.

Milton R. 30

Nelson 41, 185

N. Newton, 1864 - 1932. (Husband of Mary M.).

Noah, 1877 - 1949. (Beside Chancy and Sarah C.).

Norman V. -- Dec 16, 1867. 7 yr, 3 mo, 28 dy. Son of G.W. and M.A.

Oakey A. 31

Odie A., 1914-1944. (Beside Irvin E.)

Orval G., 1871 - 1958.

Orval T. 30

Paul, 1890 - 1938.

Ray E. 30

Robin 229

Ruth Teets, Apr 11, 1900 - Aug 1, 1925.

S.J., (Husband of Sarah J.)

Samuel J. 30

Sarah C., 1884 - _____. (Beside Chancy and Noah.)

Sarah E. 30

Sarah J., Aug 3, 1882 - Oct 31, 1909. Wife of S.J.

Samuel R., Jun 3, 1867 - Nov 14, 1975. (Son of Cornelius and Mary A. “Polly”).

Sherman G., 1864 - 1946. Husband of Martha C. 1872 - 1970.

Sophia -- Feb 4, 1901.67 yr, 2 mo, 15 dy.(Beside Wesley).

Thelma F. 30

Thomas W. 164

Verna 30

Wesley -- Sep 6, 1901. 75 yr, 6 mos. (Beside Sophia).

William R., 1902 - 1969. (Beside Cora E.)

William W. 22

William Junior (Beside Foster N.)

Winfield S., 1854 - 1889. (Beside Mary E.).

W.R. 51

A.W. 232

E.A. 233

G.M. 31

G.W. 233

J.W. 232

LeEasta 90


Myrtle E. Carter 98

P.M. 31

S. 232

S.J. 137

W.C. 233

W.W. 229



------Savages buried in Preston Co., West Virginia: Taken from the first three volumes of Janice Sisler's books, In Remembrance, Tombstone Readings of Preston Co., WV.

Lutheran at Lenox:

Floyd Savage, 1910-1970 with wife

Glendene Savage, 1914-1984

Maplewood Cemetery in Kingwood:

*David H. Savage, 1848-1930 (Father)

Jerusha (Cale) Savage, 1853-1929 (Mother) (wife of David)

Gloria Savage, 12/12/1924-8/13/1925, d/o Russell & Violet (Sister of R. Blair Savage)RBS

Gustave R., 8/13/1901-12/7/1917, s/o SR & DA

John M. Savage, 1880-1951

William H. Savage, 1872-1914

*Son of UR Thomas and Elizabeth Savage

Masontown Cemetery in Masontown:

Clifford E. Savage, 1903-1979 (Son of Jackson Milton Savage and uncle of R. Blair Savage.) RBS

Mary M. Savage, 1910-nc (wife of Clifford)

Shay's Chapel Cemetery nr Tunnelton:

Kenneth Savage, 1935-1995

Lala Marie Savage, 1942-1990

Terra Alta Cemetery in Terra Alta:

Helen Whitehair Savage, 1920-1964

Thomas Cemetery in Salem Community, Brandonville:

Lester J. Savage, 8/21/1913-9/19/1949 Pa Cpl 1508 Base Unite AAF WWII

Lillia A. Savage (Mom), 11/26/1883-7/14/1960

Roy Savage, 1945-1945

Russell R. Savage, "Pap" 1916-1986

Willard R. Savage, 1920-1980 Pfc US Army WWII

Savage Cemetery (where the Arthur A. Savage farmily farm was located):

Cora A. Miller, 1895-1974 (md. to Orville Sheridan Miller)

Asa Savage*, 1/9/1826-10/16/1908

Elisa Savage, 6/16/1824-9/29/1903 (wife of Asa)

Troy M. Savage, 1904-1938 (Father)

Oakey O. Savage, 1896-1975

Arthur A. Savage, 1870-1936

Lilly Blanche Savage, 7/26/1890-10/4/1891

Paul C. Savage, 1924-1926, s/o BV&TM

Sarah E. Savage, 1874-1955

William Gilmore Savage, 12/23/1891-11/26/1894

*Asa is son of Lemuel and Mary Catherine Savage

Shady Grove Cemetery:

Alva B. Savage, 1910-1989 (Dad)

Clara A. Savage, 1911-1991 (Mom)

Shawnray Savage, 4/16/1980-5/23/1980

Webb's Chapel Cemetery:

Arthur J. Savage, 1874-1914

Elizabeth Savage, 7/26/1830-1/20/1906 (wife of Thomas) this is UR

Thomas E. Savage, d. 2/5/1881, aged 23y, 5d (s/o Ur. T & E)

Thomas Savage, 2/3/1827-2/8/1905

William W. Savage, d. 7/14/1890, aged 25-8-17, s/o Ur. T & E)

The following came from the Vol. I. of Donna Keener's book, Written in Stone, Tomstone Readings of Preston Co., WV:

Mountain View United Methodist Church/Cemetery near Tunnelton:

Goldie M. Savage, 10/7/1915-nc (wife of Nathan)

Nathan Savage, 5/14/1910-4/10/1989



----------Savage names in the book, INDIAN BLOOD, by Evelyn Guard Olsen, 1967, LC 66-24419:

----Robinson Sr. - pgs 85, 103

----Robinson  - 87, 102,103, 128, 163, 183, 252

----Robinson T. - 104

----Savage’s Store - 252

----John - 102, 183

----Perry - 102

----Amos Wesley - 110, 163

----John - 132-D

----Newton - 132-K

----Walter - 132-N

----Aubrey - 132-O

----Cornelious Ward - 163

----Wesley - 183

----Thomas - 183

----Salathiel - 183

----Ed - 224

----Walter - 240


----------Misc information from various sources:

Silas A. Savage was a grandson of Franklin Peter Brant.

Silas Savage was once called, “Little Up.”

Upton Savage married Louisa “Moonbeam” (a Cherokee).

I have copies of the civil war military records of Robinson Savage (born around 1842) and Nelson Savage (son of Robert).

Della Savage; A school teacher at Casteel School in Sang Run in 1899-1900. (Glades Star, Mar. 1999.)

Martha A. Savage married to Henry Fike b. 1845.

Florence Savage of Sang Run married Walter DeWitt. Children; Howard, Clara.


----------Some Savage records from Icia Wolfe:

---- Julia A. Savage married to John Ervin. A daughter, Irene Ellen Ervin 1855 - 1931 married to James Christian Junior Feather. (Includes a line of descendents).

---- James Savage md to Fanny Dietrick. A son, Raymond McKinley Savage, Sr. b. 11-11-1902. (Includes some descendents).

---- Floyd Savage md to Glendine Reckart. Son, Willard Leon Savage, Sr. b. 2-12-1937. (Includes children).

---- Estella Mae Savage md Orval Fleming Walls. Daughter, Ardath Rachel Walls b. 6-12-1912 and siblings.

---- Earl G. Savage md Sarah Caton. Daughter, Carol June Savage b. 12-26-1937 md. Neil Lee Wheeler, Sr. (Includes ----children)

---- Bertha Augusta Savage b. 9-13-1900 md William Henry Riley Jr. Daughter, Edna Pauline Riley b. 2-16-1919 md Floyd Arthur Davis. (Includes children)

---- Alva Savage md Clara Caton. Son, Robert Eugene Savage md Sarah Ellen Shaffer. (Includes children and g-children).

---- Robert Glen Savage md Lillie Alice Thomas. Son, Willard Ray Savage b. 4-23-1920 md Evelyn Louise Wheeler. (Includes children and g-children). 

---- Nora Mae Savage 10-28-1898 -- 11-16-1968 md Charles Ray Riley. Son, Donald Charles Riley b. 10-31-1916 md Grace Leighty. (Includes children and g-children).



Savages listed in various census reports: (There has not been an attempt here to list all Savages found in all the tri-state (MD, PA, WV) census reports. I have only listed those which I’ve run across while looking for particular Savage information. Today, all persons have ready access to on-line census records.


1800 Census, Allegany (Garrett) Co., Maryland, Sandy Creek Hundred

(Garrett formed from Allegany in 1872) (127 heads of families listed)


----------Head of Family:

--------Robinson Savage; Males; 4 under 10, one 16-26 (Robinson). Females; one 26-45 (Mary)

--------Adjacent families listed before and after Robinson include; John Liston, Wm Coddington, Rosanna Jones, John Coddington, --------Robinson,  John Ruttan, Silvester Ryland, Henry Teats, Jacob Markley, Ben Ayers, Catherine Umble.


1810 Census, Allegany (Garrett) Co., Maryland, Selbysport dist.


--------Robinson Savage; Males; 2 under 10, three 10-16, one 26-45. Females; two under 10, one 26-45.

--------Adjacent; Samuel Ward, [  ] Catleff, James Wallace, Robinson, Nathaniel Wallace, John Liston, Hugh Mullin, James Mullin.


1820 Census, Allegany (Garrett) Co., Maryland, Selbysport, dist #1.


-------Robinson T. Savage;----Males; one 10-16, one 26-45, one 45 +. Females; one under 10, one 10-16, one 16-26, one 45 +.

--------Evan Savage; Males; one under 10, one 16-26. Females; one 16-26.

--------Robinson Savage; Males; one 16-26. Females; one 16-26.

--------In District #2:

--------Lemuel Savage; Males; one under 10, one 26-45. Females; one under 10, one 26-45.


1830 Census, Allegany (Garrett) Co., Maryland. 2nd District.


-------Robinson Savage; Males; one 5-10, one 20-30, one 50-60. Females; one 15-20, one 60-70.

-------Lemuel Savage; Males; 2 under 5, one 5-10, one 10-15, one 30-40. Females; one under 5, one 5-10, one 30-40.

--------Evan Savage; Males; 2 under 5, one 5-10, one 10-15, one 30-40. Females; one under 5, one 30-40.

--------John Savage; Males; 1 under 5, one 20-30.

--------In District #1:

--------Robinson Savage; Males; one under 5, one 5-10, one 30-40. Females; one under 5, one 5-10, one 30-40.


1840 Census, Allegany (Garrett) Co., Maryland, Selbysport dist.


-------Evan Savage; Males; one under 5, three 5-10, one 15-20, one 40-50. Females; one 10-15, one 40-50.

---------Elemiel (Lemuel) Savage; Males; three 10-15, one 20-30, one 40-50. Females; one 10-15, one 15-20, one 40-50.

-------Amos Savage; Males; one und 5, one 5-10, one 30-40. Females; one under 5, one 15-20, one 20-30, one 60-70 (Mother, Mary).

---------John Savage; Males; one 10-15, one 30-40. Females; one under 5, two 5-10, one 10-15, one 15-20, one 20-30.

-------In Dist. #1, Glades

---------Sarah Savage; Males; one 10-15, one 15-20, one 20-30. Females; one 10-15, one 15-20, one 40-50.

-------------(This is undoubtedly Sarah Friend Savage, the wife of Robinson T. Savage, Jr. who died in 1839).


(The 1840 Census thus accounts for the five sons of Robinson T. Savage, Sr., i.e.; Evan, Lemuel, Amos, John R. and Robinson T. Jr. By 1850 Amos had died [1848])


1850 Census, Allegany (Garrett) Co., Maryland,  Dist 2, July and August


Dwell. ----Fam.----Name----------------Age------Occupation----R.E.----Place/birth


329------332----Robert Savage--------31--------Farmer--------$200--------Md

--------------------Nancy Savage--------30----------------------------------------Md.

--------------------Nelson Savage-------- 8----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Richard Savage---- ----7---------------------------------------Md

--------------------Sarah Ann Savage---- 3---------------------------------------Md

--------------------Henry Savage------------2/3-----------------------------------Md

--------------------Jeremiah Savage--------2/3------------------------------------Md


336------339----David Kent------------39--------Miller-----------------------Pa

--------------------Mary Kent------------39----------------------------------------Md--------(Probably a daughter of Mary & Robinson T. Sr.?)

--------------------Robinson Savage--------8--------------------------------------Md--------(Probably the son of John R.)

--------------------Mary Savage------------85--------------------------------------Md--------(Wife of Robinson T. Savage, Sr.)


354-------357---Amos W. Savage--------23--------Farmer--------$500------Md

--------------------Sophia Savage--------16----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Mary Savage------------2/3--------------------------------------Md


375--------378---Daniel Crise------------[  ]*----Laborer------------------------Pa

--------------------Elisabeth Crise--------38----------------------------------------Pa

--------------------Catherine Crise--------14----------------------------------------Md

--------------------[              ] Crise (F)----[ ]----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Barbara Crise------------1/6----------------------------------------Md---- (Wife of Nelson Savage, son of Robert Savage)


379--------382---Evan Savage------------55----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Mary Savage------------54----------------------------------------Md

--------------------David Savage------------ 9----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Evan Savage------------14----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Amos Savage------------15----------------------------------------Md

--------------------John Savage------------18----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Jacob Savage------------23----------------------------------------Md


390--------393---Asa Savage------------23------------Farmer--------$200--------Md

--------------------Eliza Savage------------24----------------------------------------Va

--------------------Selathiel Savage-------- 3----------------------------------------Va

--------------------Matilda Savage--------2/3----------------------------------------Md


391--------394---Lemuel Savage--------57------------Farmer--------$800-------Md

--------------------Mary Savage------------58----------------------------------------Md

--------------------John Savage------------21----------------------------------------Md


392--------395---Israel Savage------------24------------Farmer------------------Md

--------------------Maria Savage------------24----------------------------------------Va

--------------------Ellen Savage------------ 2----------------------------------------Md


393--------396---John Savage------------48------------Farmer--------$1200---Md----(John R. Savage)

--------------------Carran Savage--------47----------------------------------------Md----(Karrenhappuck Friend)

--------------------Eliza Savage------------21------------Teacher------------------Md

--------------------Elisabeth Savage--------18----------------------------------------Md----(Elizabeth Evans Savage)

--------------------Savilla Savage*--------12----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Mary Savage------------7----------------------------------------Md


427--------430---Holliday Savage (F)----18----------------------------------------Md  (With the J. S. Friend family).

--------------------Maria Savage------------17----------------------------------------Md


583--------586---Thomas Savage--------23----------------------------------------Md ----(Shown as, Ur Thomas Savage by James A. Friend records).

--------------------Elisabeth Savage--------21----------------------------------------South Wales

--------------------David Savage------------ 2----------------------------------------Md


613--------616---Nelson Savage--------32-------------------------------------------Md

--------------------Elizabeth Savage--------30----------------------------------------Md


--------* Garrett County census data on Savilla Savage Friend:

------------1860; In the household of John Friend, Jr. She is 23.

------------1870;  ------------ditto--------age 33.

------------1880; ------------ditto--------age 43.

------------1900;------------ditto--------age 62. Married 45 years, 13 children - 8 living. Able to read, write.

------------1910; In the household of Sherman Friend, relationship; Mother. Age 71.


1860 Census, Allegany (Garrett) County, Maryland

Dist 2, Selbysport, 10 December




1868----1793----John R. Savage-----------------50(58?)----Farmer--------$1200---Md

--------------------Carene Savage (Karren) -----50(57?)--------------------------------Md

--------------------Mary Savage-------------------18----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Rebecca Ringer-----------------11----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Susan Ringer-------------------30----------------------------------------Md

--------------------John Tyson---------------------- 8----------------------------------------Md  (Probably John Ison Ringer). RBS


1869----1794---Thomas Savage----------------28(33?)----Farmer--------------------Md (See Note #1 at end)

--------------------Elizabeth Savage--------------25(31?)--------------------------------Md

--------------------David Savage------------------13----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Martha Savage----------------11----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Emily Savage-------------------9----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Thomas Savage----------------7----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Maria Savage-------------------2----------------------------------------Md


1871---1796----Lemuel Savage----------------67------------Farmer--------$800------Md

--------------------Mary Savage------------------67----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Ezra Savage------------------34------------Farmer--------------------Md

--------------------Maria Savage----------------30------------------------------------

--------------------Preston Savage -------- -----8----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Lucretia Savage--------------6----------------------------------------Md

--------------------James Savage----------------5----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Malinda Savage-------------2----------------------------------------Md


1873----1798---John W. Savage------------30------------Farmer--------$300--------Md

--------------------Julia Savage----------------25----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Lemuel Savage------------3----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Mary Savage----------------4/12------------------------------------Md


1874----1799---Aza Savage----------------38------------Farmer--------[        ]--------Md

--------------------Eliza Savage----------------40----------------[    ]

--------------------[Mahetable]* Savage--------14----------------------------------------Md  *(Must be Selathiel)

--------------------Matilda Savage------------11----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Winfield Savage------------8----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Marshal Savage-------------6----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Milford Savage-------------4----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Albert Savage----------------3----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Samantha Savage-----------1----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Harriet Glover-------------16------------Servant--------------------Md


1856*--1781*--Huldah Savage--------------38----------------------------------------Md     *(In John L. Friend’s home)

--------------------John Savage------------------8----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Lucretia Savage--------------3----------------------------------------Md


1862---1787----Robert Savage*------------19------------Farmer--------------------Md   *(Must be Robinson Savage). ----(In David Kent’s home)


1865----1790----Mary Dawson* -----------  20--------------Md  (In Cornelius Garig’s home.)   *(Marries Robinson Savage).

1937----1862---Thomas Savage------------35------------Farmer--------$400--------Md (See Note #1 at end)

--------------------Elizabeth Savage--------------25(31?)--------------------------------Wales

--------------------Harrison Savage---------------11----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Martha Savage-----------------9----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Maria Savage-------------------7----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Benton Savage------------------5----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Sabrina Savage----------------8/12------------------------------------Md


1989----1914----Jeremiah Savage------------[23]----Laborer------------------------Md--------(In S. Frazee home)


2007----1932----Amos W. Savage---------------34--------Farmer------------$400-----Md

--------------------Sophia Savage------------------27----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Mary Savage--------------------11----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Ann Savage----------------------8----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Sarah Savage---------------------6----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Lucretia Savage-----------------4----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Benton Savage-------------------1----------------------------------------Md



1860 Census, Allegany (Garrett) County, Maryland

Dist 14:

2050---1976----Cornelius Savage------------36--------Farmer-----$4000--------Md

--------------------Polly Savage----------------32----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Martha Savage------------14----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Sarah Savage----------------12----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Sophia Savage------------10----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Maria Savage----------------9----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Mary Savage----------------5----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Malissa Savage------------1----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Norman Savage ------------4/12------------------------------------Md


2064----1990---Calvin Savage--------------25---------Farmer----$3000------------Md

--------------------Sarah Savage----------------21---------------------------------------Pa

--------------------Mary Savage----------------2----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Sarah Savage----------------1----------------------------------------Md


1860 Census, Allegany (Garrett) County, Maryland

Dist. 4:

--------------------Evan Savage---------------28-----------Laborer-------------------Md

--------------------Mary Savage--------------24----------------------------------------Md

--------------------James Savage-------------8-----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Mary Savage--------------6-----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Emily Savage-------------5-----------------------------------------Md


1860 Census, Carmichael, Cumberland Co. PA.

--------------------Robert E. Savage----------33 (probably 43)-----Carpenter-----MD

--------------------Mary Savage---------------39---------------------------------------MD (Should be Nancy)

--------------------Nelson Savage-------------18---------------------------------------MD

--------------------Richard Savage------------14---------------------------------------MD

--------------------Sarah Savage---------------10---------------------------------------MD

--------------------Jeremiah Savage-----------9----------------------------------------MD

--------------------Henry Savage---------------9---------------------------------------MD

--------------------Charles Savage-------------8---------------------------------------MD

--------------------Cornel Savage--------------7---------------------------------------MD (Kimmel)

--------------------Robison Savage------------5mos----------------------------------PA


1870 Census, Allegany (Garrett) County, Maryland

168---169---Savage, Robert----------58--------Farm labor

----------------Nancy--------------------50--------Keeps house


----------------Kimball----------------14 (Kimmel)




169---170---Savage, William--------46--------Farm laborer





----------------M Clellan----------------7

----------------Ulyssus G.------------5



170---171---Savage, Evan-----------73--------Ret’d farm labor

----------------Mary--------------------72--------Keeps house

----------------Amos--------------------35--------Farm labor

----------------Jacob--------------------39--------Farm labor

----------------Eliza--------------------25--------Keeps house


183--184----Savage, John R.--------69--------Farmer


185--186----Savage, John W.--------41--------Farmer

----------------Julia ----------------------------------------------------------------------Pa.







190--191--- Savage, Ezra---------45


----------------Preston  ---------------18





191--192----Savage, Lemuel--------76--------Ret’d farmer









192--193----Savage, Salathiel--------22--------Farmer





193--194----Savage, Marshall--------18--------Farmer




195--196----Savage, Thomas--------42--------Farmer

----------------Elizabeth----------------40------------------------------------------------S Wales









211--212----Savage, Jeremiah--------42--------Farm labor (1880 census gives age as 41)






82-------------Savage, Lititra --------14--------Domestic  (In the home of Richard White.)


1870 Census, Allegany (Garrett) County, Maryland Dist. 4

----------------Evan Savage------------36

----------------Ellen Savage------------31 (1860 census reports wife as, Mary. Ages differ as do children’s names).

----------------Thomas Savage--------15

----------------Mary A. Savage--------13

----------------Samantha C. Savage---10

----------------George C. Savage-------7

----------------Columbus Savage-------5

----------------William H. Savage------1



1880 Census, Selbysport, Garrett County, Maryland (June, 1880)

----------------Savage, Ezra------------56


----------------[John A.]----------------14  (John Albert?) RBS

----------------[Ju__y Anne]------------13  (Possibly Mary Jane) RBS


----------------Savage, William--------51 (Age disagrees markedly with 1870 census.)

----------------Lydia A.----------------42----( ditto )



----------------Grant--------------------16  (probably Ulyssus Grant)

----------------David E.----------------13  (probably David Ellsworth)


23---23------Savage, James--------24


----------------John A.----------------5




28---28------Savage, Jerry------------41  (1870 census gives age as 42)

----------------Mary--------------------38  (1870 gives age as 25).

----------------John W.----------------17

----------------Thomas [R]------------14  (Possibly Thomas A.).

----------------[David] H.------------11

----------------Sarah C.----------------9

----------------Benton [ W]------------6

----------------William W.------------3

----------------Phebe Jane------------1


----------------Savage, [Ur] Thomas 58 (1870 census gives age as 42).


----------------Thomas Benton--------22

----------------William Ur------------18

----------------George W.------------15

----------------[Emily] Jane------------14

----------------Arthur [J]----------------10




----------------Savage, Kate------------19  ----( “Servant” in the Hinebaugh home)


----------------Savage, Adolph--------8  --------(in the Wm McCabe home)


----------------Savage, Preston--------25




----------------Savage, Aza------------53








----------------Savage, John W.--------51


----------------[Seward] S.------------22

----------------Mary C.----------------20

----------------Isaac M.----------------18

----------------George W.------------16


----------------Thomas P.------------12


----------------Anna Bell----------------4----

----------------Charles----------------3---- (listed as a grandson. RBS)


----------------Savage, Robert--------67




----------------Savage, Nelson--------38


----------------Sarah A.----------------11




----------------Savage, [Kimmel]----24    (correct name is Kimball. RBS)



----------------Savage, Jerry------------28




----------------Savage, Henry--------28



----------------Savage, John------------45










1880 Census, Sang Run District. Garrett Co. MD (June 26, 1880).

-------------Savage, Amos--------54











----------------Savage, Winfield--------26





----------------Savage, Cornelius----52









1880 Census, Dist. 9, Barton, Allegany Co. MD.

----------------Evan F. Savage----------45------------------Farmer

----------------Ellen Savage-------------40

----------------Evan F.  Jr.---------------24

----------------Samatha C. --------------20

----------------William H.---------------19 (Nephew)------Coal Miner

----------------George McClellan------16-------------------Coal Miner

----------------Columbus E.-------------14-------------------Farmer

----------------William H.---------------11


----------------Sarah E.------------------7

----------------John W.------------------2


(Worth noting: Email from Mauri Savisky: Birth records of Emory, Mineral County, WV report a daughter, E. Myrtle Savage born on Jan. 19, 1894 to E. F. and Emma Savage).


1900 Census, Garrett County, MD - Friendsville/Selbysport – June 1, 1900

----------------Thomas Savage, MD May, 1866 age 34, Single, Border in the home of Jasper Guard


----------------William Savage-------31, Jan 1869 MD. m. 8yrs.

----------------Annie Savage----------39, Jan 1861 WV. m 8yrs.

----------------Iva P. Savage-----------2, Jun 1897 MD


----------------McClelland Savage----37, Feb 1863, MD. m 17yrs.

----------------Mary Savage------------24, Jun 1875, MD. m. 17yrs.

----------------Lou Savage---son-------13, Jul 1886, PA

----------------Cora Savage E.----------12, Mar 1888, PA

----------------Loyd----------------------10, Jan 1890, MD

----------------Roy------------------------8, Aug 1891, MD

----------------Albert R.------------------6, Dec 1893, MD

----------------Dorcia---------------------3, Apr 1897, MD

----------------Munroe--------------------1/2 Jan 1900, MD


----------------George Savage----------34, Mar 1866, MD. m. 5 yrs. Father b. MD, Mother b. Wales.

----------------Lydia E.------------------22, Feb 1878, WV. m. 5 yrs.

----------------Nellie---------------------4, July 1895

----------------Ada------------------------3, Feb 1897

----------------Bertha A.-----------------1, June 1898


----------------Delie A. Savage---------16, Aug 1883, MD. Single. Servent in home of John Crappet


----------------Salathiel Savage---------58, May 1847, WV. m. 33 yrs.

----------------Mary C. Savage---------51, May 1849, PA.

----------------Mary A. Savage---------20, Aug 1879, MD. Niece. m. 4 yrs.


----------------William W. Savage------32, 1868, WV. Father b. WV, Mother b. PA.

----------------Catherine A. Savage-----30, Feb 1870, MD.

----------------Lula M. Savage-----------8, Aug 1891, MD.

----------------Bessie Savage-------------6, Jul 1893, MD

----------------Iva Savage-----------------3, Jul 1896, MD

----------------Ione V. Savage------------2, May 1898, MD


----------------James W. Savage---------46, Mar 1854, MD m. 23 yrs.

----------------Fannie Savage------------42, Feb 1858, PA m. 23 yrs. (All children are shown with mother born in Maryland ??)

----------------Edward Savage-----------23, May 1877, MD

----------------John A. Savage-----------21, Apr 1879, MD.

----------------Ezra Savage---------------16, Mar 1884, MD

----------------Bruce E. Savage----------14, June 1885, MD

----------------Milton O. Savage---------13, Nov 1886, MD

----------------Ella E. Savage-------------12, Aug 1887, MD

----------------Alice Savage----------------9, Oct 1890, MD

----------------Minnie F. Savage-----------7, Dec 1882, PA

----------------Dora B. Savage-------------5, Apr 1895, PA

----------------Loyd L. Savage-------------4, Apr 1896, MD

----------------Clyde H. Savage------------1, Aug 1898, MD


----------------David Savage---------------31, Jul 1868, MD. m. 7 yrs.

----------------Amanda Savage------------21, Mar, 1879, MD. m. 7 yrs.

----------------Andrew Savage--------------5, Nov 1894, MD


----------------Preston Savage--------------49, Oct 1850, MD. m. 27 yrs.

----------------Lucinda Savage-------------49, Jul 1850, WV. m. 27 yrs.

----------------Samuel J. Savage-----------26, Mar 1874, MD

----------------Noah Savage----------------23, Mar 1877, MD

----------------Charley Savage-------------20, Aug 1879, MD

----------------Lizzie Savage---------------18, Nov 1881, MD

----------------Taylor Savage---------------15, Nov 1884, MD

----------------May E. Savage--------------13, May 1887, MD

----------------Mary J. Savage-------------10, Sept 1889, WV

----------------Katie H. Savage------------7, Aug 1892, MD


----------------Ezra Savage----------------76, Feb 1824, MD. m. 52  yrs.

----------------Mariah Savage-------------75, 1825, WV. m. 52 yrs.


----------------Jeremiah Savage-----------62, Dec 1837, MD

----------------Mary J. Savage-------------55, 1845, MD

----------------Silas Savage----------------19, Dwc 1880. MD

----------------Mary A, Savage------------16, Aug 1883, MD

----------------Mauda J. Savage----------- <1, Mar 1900, MD (Grand Daughter)


1900 Census, Dist. 156, Lonacoming, Allegany Co. MD.

----------------Evan Savage-------------67





1900 Census, Dist. 12, Frostburg, Allegany, Co. MD (June 1)

--------------George M. Savage-----36, b. June 1863 in MD-----------Coal miner

--------------Hattie Savage-----------36, b. Feb 1864 in WV

--------------Blanche Savage---------6, b. Feb 1894 in MD

--------------Ruth C. Savage----------5, b. 1895 in MD

--------------George Savage----------3, b. 1897 in MD

--------------Olin L. Savage ---------6mos, b. Oct 1899 in MD


1910 Census, Dist. 12, Frostburg, Allegany, Co. MD (April 15)

--------------George Mc Savage-----47, b. 1863 in PA-----------------Coal miner

--------------Harriet Savage----------46, b. 1864 in WV

--------------Blanch Savage----------15, b. 1894 in MD

--------------Ruth C. Savage---------14 b. 1895 in MD

--------------George Savage----------13, b. 1897 in MD

--------------Olin Savage-------------11, b. 1899 in MD

--------------Mary Savage-------------8, b. 1892 in MD

--------------Oscar Savage------------6, b. 1904




1810 Census, Fayette Co. PA., Redstone Township:


----Samuel Savage; One male under 10, one male 26-45, one female 16-26.

----John Coleman; (Probably the husband of Peggy Savage - sister of Robinson T. Savage, Sr.

--------Two males under 10, one male 10-16, one male 26-45, one female under 10, one female 26-45 (Nancy)

----Conrad Crise; (Possibly the grandfather of Barbara Crise, wife of Robert E. Savage.

--------Two males under 10, one male 45+, one female under 10, one female 10-16, one female 26-45


1810 Census, Fayette Co. PA., Dunbar Township;

George Savage; One male over 45.


1850 Census, Fayette Co. PA., Wharton Twp

------- Savage, Catherine, age 27, (probably 37) listed with her children in the home of Jeremiah Casteel (Most likely her father).

--------Mary, age 12

--------Upton, age 7

--------John W., age nine mos.


No other Savages were found in all of Fayette County in 1850 census.


1860 Census of Fayette Co., Pa.

-------- Savage, Cath ---------------- 47-- F ----- Widow----Penn.

-----------Mary -------------------------23-- F -------------------Penn.

-----------Jeremiah -------------------- 21-- M ------------------Penn

-----------Rollins -----------------------19 --M ------------------Penn

-----------John --------------------------10-- M ------------------Penn   

Previous house:

-----------Casteel, Jacob ------------------34 – M

------------ _______ -----------------------18 – F

-------- ---Jeremiah ------------------------80 -- M

Next house:

-------Savage, Upton------------------18 M ------------------Penn   

---------Louise --------------------------20 F --------------------Penn


1910 Census Fayette Co. PA,

------- There are 70 Savages listed in Fayette Co.


1920 Census Fayette Co., PA, Henry Clay Township, Dist. 46

--------- Savage, Kimel E.-------------60-----------------------MD

--------- Sarah L. -----------------------54


----------Savage, Delphe C. (sp ?)--------------50


----------Savage, Samuel  J. ---------------------43-----------------------MD

----------Daisy ------------------------------------40


----------Norra C. (?)-----------------------------16-----------------------PA

----------Mary M.---------------------------------11-----------------------PA

----------Margaret E.------------------------------7------------------------PA


----------Savage, Silas A.------------------------23 ----- grandson of Franklin Brant


----------Savage, Richard------------------------43-----------------------MD – MD – MD

----------Ina A.------------------------------------ 31----------------------PA – PA – PA

----------Charles B.-------------------------------14-----------------------PA – MD – PA

----------Mary -------------------------------------8------------------------      “

----------Ruyanon ??? ---------Son--------------6------------------------      “

----------Julin A. ??? ----------Son---------------3-----------------------      “

----------Nellie M.---------------------------------Under 1 ---------------     “


----------Savage, William M. --------------------36-------------------------PA

----------Anna E. ----------------------------------34-------------------------PA

----------Clyde L. ----------------------------------13-------------------------PA

----------Clarence E. ? ----------------------------10 -------------------------PA

----------Park F. ------------------------------------6---------------------------PA


----------Savage, Lloid J. -------------------------47--------------------------PA

----------Nora M. ----------------------------------40--------------------------WV

----------Lulu A. -----------------------------------19--------------------------PA

----------Margaret E. ------------------------------17--------------------------PA

----------Berrie P. ----------------------------------14--------------------------PA

----------Arthur R. ---------------------------------10--------------------------PA

----------Wilber ? -----------------------------------8---------------------------PA

----------Chester ------------------------------------5---------------------------PA

----------Edna ---------------------------------------1 ---------------------------PA


1920 Census Fayette Co., PA, Henry Clay Township, Dist. 47

---------Savage, Silas -----------------------------58

---------Mary ---------------------------------------55

---------Alice E. -----------------------------------20

---------J.T. ?? -----son----------------------------17

---------Simon -------------------------------------14

---------Gertrude ----------------------------------12



1890 Veterans census:

----Upton R. Savage,  Farmington, Fayette County, Pa. Wharton Township. Hs 26, Fam 27.

--------------------Private, Co. K, 6th Regt W.Va. Inf. Enlisted 12-17-64 to 6-10-65

----Lemuel Savage, War of 1812 Pension application files, roll 82 - S-Sci. In Capt Thomas Blair’s Md. Mil.

------------------------Sur. Orig. 23168      Sur. Ctf. 14856


Savages in the Civil War:

(From Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System on the net at; <>)

All listed as Union soldiers except for John H. who is listed as a Confederate.


----Amos------------2nd Regiment, Maryland Infantry, Potomac Home Brigade


----Nelson------------ditto (Same Nelson as listed under WV. He served in both).


----George F.--------Purnell Legion, Maryland Cavalry

----John H.--------1st Regiment, Md. Cav. (Confederate)

----John W.--------3rd Regmt, Md. Inf. Potomac Home Brig.


----Thomas Ur----ditto


----Ur Thomas----ditto


----William--------3rd Regmt., Md. Cav.

West Virginia:

----James------------4th Regmt., WV Inf.



----John------------6th Regmt., WV Cav.



----Upton------------6th Regmt., WV Inf.

----Thomas--------2nd Veteran Regmt., WV Inf.

----Valentine--------1st. Regmt., WV Cav.

Pennsylvania: No Savage names appear.


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Misc. data from a variety of sources: I include a number of email messages here. Some of us are searching for certain old Savages and a few “Cuzzins” have sent me various snippets of information that may prove helpful to others.


Email message from Cindi Wood <>: I have been trying to find out info on Savage family from Fayette Co., PA and surrounding areas. This is my husbands family and he would really appreciate any info. His grandmother, Pauline Savage was married to Floyd Savage, May 1, 1900 / Aug., 1986. I know his father was Upton Savage - married to Moonbeam, an Indian from Jumonsville PA. From that I do not know more. Please Help.


Email from Mauri Savisky: Emory, Mineral County, WV birth records, a daughter, E. Myrtle Savage was born on Jan. 19, 1894 to E. F. and Emma Savage

Email from Reta Brant Diethorn to Mel Fike: Do you have any dates? I have Dollie E. Clark (daughter of William Clark and Maggie Savage) married to Asa F. Brant on Nov 29, 1916. They are from the right area. Do you think that Nancy went by "Maggie"? Are you sure that there were only 3 children? I am confident that we are working on the same line in any event. Are you looking for Dennis' too?


From Rita Diethorn:

1: Franklin Brant

----Barbara Chrise

----2: Franklin Peter Brant 1852

--------Mary Melvina Thomas

--------3: Susan Brant

------------Frank Fear (probably Fearer). RBS

------------4: Nancy Brant

----------------Eli Savage

------------4: Debbie Brant

----------------Sam Savage

------------4: Laura Brant

----------------Jasper Savage

------------4: Mollie Brant

----------------Mannie Thomas

------------4: William Elliott Brant

----------------Nora Helen Savage

------------4: Asa F. Brant

----------------Dollie E Clark


Taken from Ancestry message board, written by; Shirley Hufford  <> :


1: Sarah Savage b. VA/WV.

----George Miniear (probably Minear) They moved to Muskingum Morgan Co., Ohio by 1840.

----2: George Alexander Miniear (g, grandfather of Shirley Hufford).


There was a Nimrod Savage (wife, Wynafred Miniear) with a son, Edward Savage (who is living with George Alexander Miniear in 1860 census). Also, a Lemuel Miniear (wife, Amanda Savage) family. In 1850 census Lemuel and Amanda had Melissa, age 11, Charlotte, 8, Winniford,6, Elizabeth E., 4, and Alonzo E., 2.

----- Email from Tammy Irwin 2-13-02: (I emailed her for clarification - no reply). RBS

Well first of all here are the Savage names I could find I did not get no obts. yet....

(I assume these to be dates of death)RBS
> Ethel Savage 9/28/1981 
> Agnes Savage 12/15/1980
> Mary Savage 4/5/1980
> Frances Savage 4/23/1981
> Harold Savage 3/12/1981
> John Savage this is my mother's newphew they called him Jack 6/11/1981
> Alferd Savage this is my mother's brother in law 10/16/1986 (Husband of Leona) RBS
> Ruth Savage 10/12/1982
> Leona May Daugherty Savage 9/10/1983 this is my mother's sister. (2nd wife of Alferd) RBS
> Ray Savage 5/3/1983


---Emails from Barb Milza:

-------Seeking any information on Charles A Savage born 18 aug 1888 in maryland. Have very little information on his life before age 12 when he lived in Connellsville Fayette Co Pa. He had no family or record in Pa. and married Sarah Bodkin born 23 Jun 1893. they had 6 children , one of whom is my mother in law. Mary Catherine Savage Milza.
On the 1920 Census of Fayette Co Pa it states Charles' age as 32 and his and his parents place of birth as "Maryland" there is no listing of his parents names.
Any and all information you might have on the Savage surname I would greatly appreciate.
Please contact me at Schoney 50
Thank you, Barb  11-29-01

-------Thanks for your reply. Any of them could be my Charles! LOL He has been elusive forever. Rumor was that he was born in Maryland...also backed up by the 1920 Census of Fayette Co PA. His wife was Sarah Bodkin....don't know middle initial. They did have 6 children, Anna May, Dorothy, Mary Catherine, Sarah, Charles and Robert. I have info on all but Charles and Robert, who were said to have died in childhood. the family lived in Connellsville Fayette Co PA until Charles Sr's death in 1939-40. He worked for the coal mines and died of black lung. He was buried in an unmarked grave in "Logan's Crossing".
His past has always been a mystery. Some believe he was adopted by a woman named Mocks Savage when he was about 12 years old...he was working for a funeral director in the area as a livery boy. At that age in those times it is hard to believe he was "adopted" most his age were working full time and almost self supporting. His daughter Mary Catherine is my Mother in her 80's and memory failing. I would love to put the history together for her as she has such a great interest in her ancestry. Anything you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time.  Barbara in South Carolina  11-30-01

-------Hello Blair, I have found the Charles H. Savage I have been looking for in the 1917 Selective Service records of Fayette Co Pa.
Charles was born in Oakland, Garrett Co Maryland Aug 19,1886. Could you please check your files and see if you have any info on his parents or siblings? In the selective service records they state his wife's name is Sarah Elizabeth and they have one child. Also that Charles's mother was living with them in Dunbar Fayette Co at the time. Thank you for your time.
Barbara in SC ( 2-25-02

-------Blair, My husband's aunt found 1915 documents from the Linton Coal Co in Dunbar Pa which led to the search of Charles Henry Savage in the records of Dunbar, Fayette co in the time frame of 1915-1920. In the Selective Service Records for Fayette Co in 1917, Charles Henry Savage is listed with a birth date of August 19, 1886 Oakland Garrett Co Maryland. On the record it states his wife was Sarah Elizabeth, one child, who would be Anna May born May 9 1916 and his mother, name not listed. He was employed as a coal miner by Linton Coal Mines in Dunbar at that time. He later worked as an iron policeman for the same company and died from "Black lung" in Logan's Crossing (Connellsville) Fayette Co Pa in approx 1939.
If he is not in your files then I need to look for another branch of the Savage family.....of course, I was hoping you would have all the info I need and save me YEARS of WORK!! LOL, Thanks for your assistance
fondly, Barbara in SC   I am sending you a money order on the 1st for your book..I would love to read of all your research.

-------Emails from Nancy Yob:
-------I am the great-great granddaughter of Calvin R. and Sarah SMALLEY SAVAGE. Calvin was the son of Eli Savage (Nancy now corrects this, not the son of Eli, 2-27-02).
Eli may have been married to Nathan Casteel's sister - name unknown. Sarah was the daughter of James D. and
Elizabeth (BRANT) SMALLEY, and a niece of Daniel Brant. Calvin and Sarah lived in the Deer Park area, and had ......
Nancy Yob

-------Hi Blair, I just recently (finally!!!) found some information that I think might connect my Savages. I found a notation in my g-grandmother's journal that my gg-grandfather Savage was Eli Savage, supposedly married to Nathan Casteel's sister(?). His father was William Savage, son of Evan Savage, and William was married to Lydia Ann Savage. Lydia's parents were John R. and Karrenhappuck FRIEND Savage. I checked your book, and did find references to John R. and Karen, and was hoping that you might be able to point me to additional info. It's exciting to FINALLY locate a definite connection to the Garrett Co. Savages.
Your book has been a wealth of information, and I am constantly using it as a reference. Thanks again for all the hard work. Nancy
-------Calvin's parents. Mostly from some info on "http://www.genforum's" Savage forum. In fact, you repsonded to a couple of the messages from Deborah Savage and Melvin Fike. Anyway, here's what "facts" I have and some ideas that have developed in my "thinking".

The only mention I have of Calvin's parents are from two sources, my great-grandmother and grandmother. Here goes:

In my great-grandmother's journal has a hand drawn framily tree which states about Calvin's parents:

"Parents died, Eli Savedge, married sister Nathan Casteel. Raised by Jessie Spurgeon, Bruceton, W.Va."

A note in my grandmother's Bible states: "Grandad Savedge died when mom's daddy - Calvin Savedge - was 12 years old and he was raised by Sphergin's, they had two sons. He stayed with them until he was 16. Then left to make his own way."

Now, for some of my thoughts. I believe that the Sphergins (I think Spurgeon) must have been relatives of Calvin's mother. Somewhere else in my great-grandmother's journal, she mentions Jessie Spurgeon and I found a couple Jessie Spurgeon's on the Spurgeon forum. The area and dates seem to work.

In Deb Savage's e-mail with your additional information I saw that Brewston's wife was a Catherine Casteel and her mother was Linney Spurgeon. I don't find Catherine as a sister to Nathan anywhere in the Casteel references, and this is the second link I've found of a Casteel and a Savage. You and Mel have a Catherine Casteel married to Lemuel Savage. Also, Catherine's father was Jeremiah Casteel and he could have been a brother to Nathan's father, Thomas.

I have become sooooo confused that I'm going to start looking again without limiting the name of Calvin's dad or grandad. I have tried to guestimate "Eli's" age, and I believe it must have been 1798 + a year or two or three or... I need to look at birthdates I do have and work backwards a bit more.

So, did I muddy up the waters or does any of this help?? As it stands, I'm pretty sure William was not Eli's father - now just to verify if "maybe" Brewston was. Isn't Genealogy just great!?!?!??!?! =:-)

Thanks so much for all of your research, both in your book and the e-mail info that you provide to all of us Savage relatives.


--------Thanks for the information. I was probably the one who mentioned Calvin's middle initial. I believe I have a document somewhere that says it stood for Robinson. I do know that my great-grandmother's brother was named William Robinson. I'll double check my records to see if I can find out where I found the reference to Calvin Robinson Savage.

Nancy Yob 3-3-02

-------Blair, I've been doing some late night perusing on the Savages. As I was re-reading my great-grandmother's journal, I found a couple references to Calvin's brother and sister: Jerry, a mail carrier in Friendsville; Mary Ann, who married Isaac Merrill; and possibly a Floyd. She didn't say Floyd was a brother, but his name was mentioned.

I also found an response from you on the Ancestry Board, and you told someone that you had a Jerry Savage in your records. Think he could be the same one?

Mary Ann and Isaac Merrill had four children:

Ella m. a Hollis from PA




-------Thanks Blair!!!! I will go back through EVERYTHING I have. Also, the Calvin Savage you listed is my great-great-grandfather. S.A. is Sarah Ann Smalley. Ida Florence was only one of twelve children. My great-grandmother was the youngest daughter, and she said she was the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. She moved back from Washington, D.C., right before her father passed away, May 1899, and married Lewis C. Baldwin in August, 1899.

I will start going through my papers tomorrow night. I have several letters, many over 100 years old, that belonged to my great-grandmother. I'll check those for other information.

Thanks again, especially for lighting the spark on my Savage genealogy quest.  Nancy

From Mel Fike to Nancy:

Nancy, William H savage b.oct 1820 Wife Lydia Ann savage b.aug 1825 Children Ulysses Grant,
Henry McLellan "clellie"b.1864 Mother Of Lydia Karren Happuck Friend b.march 16 1802 Sang Rin Allegarny Co,Maryland,John R Savage b.Abt1802 Children Thomas b.abt 1824,Lydia b. Aug 1825,Lavinia b.abt 1826,Eliza b.abt1829,Eliza Savage Married Elisha Leighty.Elizabeth jane b.abt1832,Savilla M
b.1837,Mary "poly" b.abt 1841,Robinson b.abt 1842,mary b.abt1843 William H his father is Evan b.abt1797 Maryland Evan wife is Mary Markley I can go back 5 more gernations with children if you don't have them Nathan Casteel b. jun 8 1801 Married Sarah Brant Nov 7 1843 in n my files Nathan had three sisters put none married a savage i have a files if you give more names i will try to help. Mel


------- Email from Dick McFarland:

First I'd like you to send me your family, and I'll fill in my savage line and send to you.
Been reading your book, which I like very much. I have a couple
of pictures of Fike family, one of my grandmother and her best friend, a Fike. Also one of the Fike family taken probably in the early 40. We've had it In my family since I was born. The Mother in photo looks exactly like my Aunt Iva Savage Carr. My aunt Margaret wife of Arthur just died last year. Two of her daughters still line there, Shelby Jean Paugh lives in Mchenry, and Lucille Glotfeltylives between Kaisers Ridge and McHenry. Their son Harold (Bud) lives in DE. and daughter Betty Lou Roberts in your area W.VA...My aunt Beryl Geohringer lives in Buford Ga. retired there to be close to their son Warren, there only child.I don'tremember the road number, but when you come from Kaisers Ridge to Mchenry and come down the hill, now there's a big Motel, hotel condo thing. When I was Kid That was where my grandmothers house was, right beside it was the house my mother lived in while in high school, right across the road was Fred Blends house ant the road down to Sang Run. Heading in to Mchenry the next house was The Bowman family, their son Sammy, and my cousin Ronnie Carr run around together then the house right across the road from Sammy was my Uncle Paul, then the next house across the road again was my moms uncle Perry and aunt Nora, their son Dean Savage. Forgot the house across the Road to Sang run from Fred Bland was Grandmothers sister Aunt
Lizzie Hoff. Back to Uncle Perry Savage the next house across the tip of Deep Creak Lake was Uncle Arthur the home in front of them was Thomas, they run a little store, then across the road was the little three little trailer motel, the two small homes and the store grocery gas owned by Glodfelty relation, taken over in the 50s by Paughs, their son Dale married Shelby Jean Savage.
My sister Carolyn worked in the summers for the Paughs, The first little house beside them was Aunt Katie Savage, she was a glotfelty. I loves loafing at her house, one of her sons was Marched, that had a son Leroy.My uncle Arthur was described in your book, history repeating its self, he was a carpenter, constructed many homes along the lake, as a kid he always said that I would grow up and be an architect and he would build the homes. He was a fine cabinet maker also, had a big wood shop. He also was the
deacon of the church at the top of the hill still standing. And his sermons were for 3 Sundays then a preacher would come on the fourth one. Shelby played the piano. My aunt Margaret had cows chickens pigs, hand separated their milk, mad her own butter, baked bread and sold it in the summer to vacationers. They smoked their own meats. Known for her food, and my favorite
coca and bread, rolls, my cousins and I would eat breakfast at Aunt Ivy's then walk over to Aunt Margaret's and eat again. SO muck for my ramblings, I was born in 1942. I meet my moms Uncle Earle once he provided me with the Savage family info.

Keep in touch maybe we will meet someday.
Dick McFarland



Savages inter-married with Friends in Garrett County and the surrounding area. Following is information on Savages who are descendants of Nils Larsson Friend. This data obtained from Genealogy.Com @:



Kinship of Nils Larsson Friend -- Page 43 of 50:


Savage, Amanda Nicole 9th great-granddaughter XI 11

Savage, Amos Wesley 4th great-grandson VI 6 Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter

Savage, Anabelle 7th great-granddaughter IX 9

Savage, Andrea Renee 9th great-granddaughter XI 11

Savage, Andrew 6th great-grandson VIII 8

Savage, Angela Kay 9th great-granddaughter XI 11

Savage, Ann 5th great-granddaughter VII 7

Savage, Arthur J. 5th great-grandson VII 7

Savage, Arthur Milton 6th great-grandson VIII 8

Savage, Barbara Ellen 8th great-granddaughter X 10

Savage, Barry 9th great-grandson XI 11

Savage, Benton B. 5th great-grandson VII 7

Savage, Betty Fay 8th great-granddaughter X 10

Savage, Beulah Leota 6th great-granddaughter VIII 8

Savage, Billy Ward 8th great-grandson X 10

Savage, Brian Michael 9th great-grandson XI 11

Savage, Bulah 6th great-granddaughter VIII 8

Savage, Celeste M. 5th great-granddaughter VII 7

Savage, Clarence Milford 6th great-grandson VIII 8

Savage, Connie Laverne 8th great-granddaughter X 10

Savage, Cornelius Ward 4th great-grandson VI 6 Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter

Savage, Dale Edward 8th great-grandson X 10

Savage, Daniel G. 7th great-grandson IX 9

Savage, David 5th great-grandson VII 7

Savage, David H. 5th great-grandson VII 7

Savage, Deborah 8th great-granddaughter X 10

Savage, Deborah 8th great-granddaughter X 10

Savage, Della Jean 7th great-granddaughter IX 9

Savage, Dennis Elwood 8th great-grandson X 10

Savage, Diane 8th great-granddaughter X 10

Savage, Diane Elaine 8th great-granddaughter X 10

Savage, Donald Lee 7th great-grandson IX 9

Savage, Dora A. Wife of the 5th great-grandson

Savage, Doris Leota 7th great-granddaughter IX 9

Savage, Dorothy 7th great-granddaughter IX 9

Savage, Dyanne 9th great-granddaughter XI 11

Savage, Edith V. 6th great-granddaughter VIII 8

Savage, Edward Harold 6th great-grandson VIII 8

Savage, Effa 5th great-granddaughter VII 7

Savage, Eliza 4th great-granddaughter VI 6

Savage, Elizabeth Ann 8th great-granddaughter X 10

Savage, Elizabeth Jane 4th great-granddaughter VI 6 Wife of the 4th great-grandson

Savage, Ellwood S. 6th great-grandson VIII 8

Savage, Elsworth Husband of the 8th great-granddaughter

Savage, Emily Jane 5th great-granddaughter VII 7

Savage, Eric Douglas 8th great-grandson X 10

Savage, Esther Alberta 7th great-granddaughter IX 9

Savage, Freeman 5th great-grandson VII 7

Savage, Gary Richard 8th great-grandson X 10

Savage, George W. 5th great-grandson VII 7

Savage, Gilbert W. 6th great-grandson VIII 8

Savage, Gregory Scott 8th great-grandson X 10

Savage, Gustave R. 6th great-grandson VIII 8

Savage, Hallie G. 5th great-granddaughter VII 7

Savage, Hazel Martha 6th great-granddaughter VIII 8 Wife of the 6th great-grandson

Savage, Heather Melissa 9th great-granddaughter XI 11

Savage, Helena Roberta 7th great-granddaughter IX 9

Savage, Huldah 4th great-granddaughter VI 6

Savage, Iva P. 5th great-granddaughter VII 7

Savage, Jacob Grant 9th great-grandson XI 11

Savage, James Arden 8th great-grandson X 10

Savage, James Arnold 9th great-grandson XI 11

Savage, James Arthur 6th great-grandson VIII 8

Savage, Jason Lee 9th great-grandson XI 11

Savage, Jaume Lynn 9th great-granddaughter XI 11

Savage, Jay Denny 9th great-grandson XI 11

Savage, Jennifer Dawn 9th great-granddaughter XI 11

Savage, Jeremy Scott 9th great-grandson XI 11

Savage, John Edward 8th great-grandson X 10

Savage, John Edward, Jr. Husband of the 8th great-granddaughter

Savage, John M. 5th great-grandson VII 7

Savage, John R. Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Savage, Johnni Gwen 9th great-granddaughter XI 11

Savage, Joy A. 7th great-granddaughter IX 9

Savage, Juanita Marie 8th great-granddaughter X 10

Savage, Karen Lynn 8th great-granddaughter X 10

Savage, Karen Lynn 8th great-granddaughter X 10

Savage, Kathleen 7th great-granddaughter IX 9

Savage, Kayla Ann 8th great-granddaughter X 10

Savage, Kenneth William 8th great-grandson X 10

Savage, Kevin Lee 8th great-grandson X 10

Savage, Lavinia 4th great-granddaughter VI 6

Savage, Lavinia 5th great-granddaughter VII 7

Savage, Lillian 7th great-granddaughter IX 9

Savage, Lucretia 5th great-granddaughter VII 7

Savage, Lydia Ann 4th great-granddaughter VI 6

Savage, Maria Jane "Jenny" 5th great-granddaughter VII 7

Savage, Mariah 4th great-granddaughter VI 6 Wife of the 4th great-grandson

Savage, Marlin Lee 7th great-grandson IX 9

Savage, Marsha 8th great-granddaughter X 10

Savage, Marsha Christine 8th great-granddaughter X 10

Savage, Martha A. 5th great-granddaughter VII 7

Savage, Martha Jane 7th great-granddaughter IX 9

Savage, Mary 4th great-granddaughter VI 6

Savage, Mary 5th great-granddaughter VII 7

Savage, Mary 7th great-granddaughter IX 9

Savage, Mary Ella 5th great-granddaughter VII 7

Savage, Mary Ethel 6th great-granddaughter VIII 8

Savage, May Elizabeth 6th great-granddaughter VIII 8

Savage, Melissa E. 5th great-granddaughter VII 7

Savage, Misty Dawn 9th great-granddaughter XI 11

Savage, Naomi 7th great-granddaughter IX 9

Savage, Nora Nadine 7th great-granddaughter IX 9

Savage, Norman V. 5th great-grandson VII 7

Savage, Orval Clark 5th great-grandson VII 7 Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter

Savage, Orval T. Husband of the 6th great-granddaughter

Savage, Paul 7th great-grandson IX 9

Savage, Paul Basher 6th great-grandson VIII 8

Savage, Prissa A. 6th great-granddaughter VIII 8

Savage, Regina Ann 8th great-granddaughter X 10

Savage, Regina Ann 8th great-granddaughter X 10

Savage, Robert Jackson 7th great-grandson IX 9

Savage, Robinson T. Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter

Savage, Roger 8th great-grandson X 10

Savage, Ronald 8th great-grandson X 10

Savage, Ruth Ann 8th great-granddaughter X 10

Savage, Samuel Grant 7th great-grandson IX 9

Savage, Samuel R. 5th great-grandson VII 7

Savage, Sandra Ann 8th great-granddaughter X 10

Savage, Sarah 8th great-granddaughter X 10

Savage, Sarah E. 5th great-granddaughter VII 7

Savage, Sarah Jane 5th great-granddaughter VII 7

Savage, Sarah Juanita 7th great-granddaughter IX 9

Savage, Savilla M. 4th great-granddaughter VI 6 Wife of the 4th great-grandson

Savage, Scheree Lynn 9th great-granddaughter XI 11

Savage, Sherman Grant 5th great-grandson VII 7

Savage, Sherman Lee 8th great-grandson X 10

Savage, Sophia K. 5th great-granddaughter VII 7

Savage, Stanley Steward 7th great-grandson IX 9

Savage, Stephen Grant 8th great-grandson X 10

Savage, Stephen Grant 8th great-grandson X 10

Savage, Stephen Grant 8th great-grandson X 10

Savage, Stewart Sherman 6th great-grandson VIII 8

Savage, Susy O. 6th great-granddaughter VIII 8

Savage, Teresa Ann 8th great-granddaughter X 10

Savage, Thelma 7th great-granddaughter IX 9

Savage, Thelma Rae 8th great-granddaughter X 10

Savage, Theresa Alberti 5th great-granddaughter VII 7

Savage, Thomas 4th great-grandson VI 6

Savage, Thomas Benton 5th great-grandson VII 7

Savage, Thomas Elwood 7th great-grandson IX 9

Savage, Thomas Lester 8th great-grandson X 10

Savage, Thomas Ward 6th great-grandson VIII 8

Savage, Ur Thomas 4th great-grandson VI 6

Savage, Verna B. 6th great-granddaughter VIII 8

Savage, Virgie O. 6th great-granddaughter VIII 8

Savage, Ward Edward 7th great-grandson IX 9

Savage, Ward Scott 9th great-grandson XI 11

Savage, Warren Kim 8th great-grandson X 10

Savage, Warren Kim 8th great-grandson X 10

Savage, William Husband of the 6th great-granddaughter

Savage, William Arnold 7th great-grandson IX 9

Savage, William H. Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter

Savage, William Richard 9th great-grandson XI 11

Savage, William Robert 6th great-grandson VIII 8

Savage, William V. 5th great-grandson VII 7


Garrett County genealogy sources:

---The Friend Family Association, % of, Ina Hicks, Friendsville, Maryland, 301-746-5615.

---The Garrett County Historical Society, P.O. Box 28, Oakland, MD 21550.




Note #1:

Are these the same Thomas Savage?


1860 census:

--------------------Thomas Savage---------------28----Farmer---------------------------Md  

--------------------Elizabeth Savage--------------25---------------------------------------Md

--------------------David Savage------------------13----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Martha Savage----------------11----------------------------------------Md  

--------------------Emily Savage-------------------9----------------------------------------Md  

--------------------Thomas Savage----------------7----------------------------------------Md  

--------------------Maria Savage-------------------2----------------------------------------Md  


--------------------Thomas Savage---------------35---------Farmer--------$400--------Md

--------------------Elizabeth Savage--------------25-------------------------------------Wales

--------------------Harrison Savage---------------11----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Martha Savage-----------------9----------------------------------------Md  

--------------------Maria Savage-------------------7----------------------------------------Md  

--------------------Benton Savage------------------5----------------------------------------Md

--------------------Sabrina Savage----------------8/12------------------------------------Md


1870 census:

----------------Savage, Thomas--------42--------Farmer

----------------Elizabeth----------------40------------------------------------------------S Wales











            From Joyce Glover:

----- Original Message ----- From: ""  Sent: Friday, August 16, 2002 Subject: Thomas Savage


Thought you'd like to have this for your files - in case you don't have it. If you already have, I don't mean to add more. I'm finding the census takers made a lot of errors in ages, dates, etc. In your update, there were two Thomas Savage with spouse Elizabeth - same family for the 1860 census but with a little difference. Family No. 1869/1794 & 1937/1862 (your pages 107 & 108 out of 130) The 1900 census stated they had a total of 13 children with 6 still living in 1900. At first I had 14 children but found I had duplicated one of them so I think I have them all accounted for.



1860 Census


1869/1796 (Dec. 8)------------1937/1862 (Dec. 15)

Thos.------28    -----------------Thos.---------35




Emily------- 9------------------Thom---------7


Maria-------2------------------ Sabina--------7


1870 Census-----------1880 Census


Eliz.-------40----------Elizabeth----------47 (should be 50)

Harrison---21---------Thomas Benton---22

Martha----19----------William W.-------18

Thomas---13----------George W.--------15

William---9-----------Emily Jane--------14

Geo--------6-----------Arthur J.-----------10



Children missing in the 1880 Census:

---------David - he married - living in WV

---------Martha  - missing

---------Sabina - missing

---------Maria - missing

---------Wesley - missing

Adding the 5 missing to the 7 children listed in 1880 gives a total of 12.  1900 Census says they had 13 children with 6 still living.  Which one is considered to be missing?  My gut feeling is Thomas is missing and it’s his first name tacked onto Benton.  This is the one who was listed as Thomas in the 1870 Census. My list of UR’s children by following the census would be:  David H. (Harrison); Martha; Thomas; Benton; Maria; Sabina; William M. or W..; George W.; Emily Jane; Wesley; Freeman; Arthur J.; and Effa M. (total of 13)



1900 census lists Delie A. Savage age 16 as a servant in the John Cuppet home.


From Flo Nicklo Elliot;

My brother and his wife found your ad in the newspaper.  I thought Brewston
sounded familiar so I dug out the old notes...
I found these notes but cannot find the rest of the info on just where they came
from...thinking it was LDS files, not sure, but maybe you can help me figure that
Upton Brewston Savage b July 1841, Fay Cty PA
Parents:  Brewston Savage m Catharine
Batch #5011013, Sheet 27, Source Call #, Film, 1553466
Upton Brewston Savage m Louisa Inks (m. 1859, Farmington, Fay, PA
Batch F511013 Sheet 27  Source Call # Type Film, 1553466
Upton Brewston Savage, b. Jul, 1841, PA

Prents Brewston Savage and Catharine Castee;
Batch # F514268 Sheet 24, Source Type Film , 1553479
Scattered notes from census pieces:
1850 John Savage ,Fay Cty, Allegh, Somerset Twp (????)
1850 Catharine Savage Fay 010 Wharton
1860 Upton Savage,  Fay 205 Wharton
1860 Upton Savage (age 18), m. Louisa  (age 20)
1870 Upton Savage (age 25 or 28) M, W, MD, Fay, Wharton 1343    560
The people who have researched the Savage line (who live in the Markleysburg
area) are Clarence and Audrey Savage.  Their address is RD#1, Box 208-A,
Markleysburg, PA  15459  (724) 329-4909.  They refer to their residential area as
Flat Rock Road.  I have a few pages of their research from several years ago,
they tried very hard to help me link up but couldn't fit Silas in.  They probably
have a ton of information...she spent years going to the court house for info.
Upton and Louisa had a photo taken and Clarence and Audrey sent me a copy of it.
He was tall and thin; she was short and round...understandably because she gave
birth to 11 children!!  There is a family quandary over whether she was Cherokee
or Shawnee.  She was called "Little Moonbeam" and after he purchased her from her
father with a wagon load of corn she was raised by an Inks family until she was
old enough and he was ready to marry.  She was also called "Elisha" or "Eliza".
Upton was the gggrandfather of Clarence. 
My Silas was nicknamed "Little Up" because he looked so much like the Upton
Savage, which I think must have been the son of your Brewston. This information
was shared with me by my paternal aunt, Margaret Fry (Fye?)Gwin Nicklow.  Her
grandparents had a farm in the mountains. Silas and Alice had a farm
nearby...after Silas sold his farm to the Confluence Dam project, he and Alice
moved the family in with Marshall Thomas. 
Alice, being the medicine woman of the area, carried her herbs and natural
remedies throughout the area to attend to the neighbors in exchange for food.
She took care of Mr. Thomas' wife and family.  The granddaughter of Marshall
Thomas, Mrs. Heinbaugh (I think she said her name was) told me that Mr. Thomas
was dragged to death by one of his horses.  She was the owner of the Thomas
Cemetary where many Savages are buried.  For Alice's care of the family, he gave
them a hillside to bury their dead.  Silas was one of the first buried there, she
thought and she was certain that Alice was there too.  My grandmother Effie Mae
Savage is buried there too, with her son.  I can't help but wonder if my
grandfather Nicklow might be up there...Grandma's son was.  Because of the old
ways of hiding the dead to avoid theft and maybe no money for markers, there are
many graves there without markers. 
In the 1880 census, Silas and his brother, Joseph were boarding at dwelling #220,
as family #244. Sarah Trex(sler was 21 and keeping house for 19 boarders. At that
time Silas and his brother said they were born in Maryland and their parents were
listed as having been from Maryland.  This census was for Somerset County,
Addison Township, Super Dist No 8, Enum Dist No 1, dated June 4, 5, 1880.
Unfortunately, I do not have the recorder's name.

Hope these tidbits help.  I will try to get some copies made this week and send
the photo and the census sheets from Audrey.  I know she will have newer
Take care, Keep in touch,  :) Still winter up here :)
Cuzzin Flo




--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From the Oakland Republican:

OBITUARY -pub. 09/26/1901

Amos Wesley Savage was born at Sang Run, Md. on August 30, 1826, and died at his home in the same neighborhood on September 6, 1901, aged 75 years and 6 days.He was the youngest son of Robinson and Sarah Savage, who were both noble Christian characters and preceded him years ago to the better land.His father was a leading man in his neighborhood and served a number of years as magistrate and was also a school teacher in his time and was noted for honesty, integrity and general uprightness.In character the son closely resembled the father. He was converted in early life and united with the Methodist Episcopal church, in which he was an active member and a faithful Sunday school worker for many years. He died the peaceful death of the righteous, and after the funeral services, which were conducted by his pastor, his body was laid to rest by the side of that of his recently departed wife, where they together await the dawning of that "Blessed Day."He was the father of nine children: had 25 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren. May they all live so that they meet him in that Heavenly Home.
D.A. Friend, Pastor.


--Work of Vandals -pub. 08/08/1901-(Vol.25, No.22) The lively stable of C.R. Savage at Deer Park was entered on Wednesday night by some person or persons unknown who damaged his property to the amount of four or five hundred dollars, by cutting his harness to pieces and slashing the tops of the upholstery of buggies, carriages, etc. Entrance to the stable was made easy owing to the insecurity of the building. The destruction of the property was done between the hours of ten and two o'clock Wednesday night. The destruction consisted of a set of new draft harness, several sets of buggy and carriage harness. The tops of the buggies and carriages were ripped into ribbons and the cushions were slashed beyond repair. The act is one which has no parallel in this community and indignation is freely expressed by all over the deed. The perpetrators of the outrage are not known at this time, but it is the wish freely indulged in by all that the guilty parties may be apprehended and brought to justice. A subscription paper is now being signed offering a reward for the arrest and evidence sufficient to convict the perpetrators of the deed.

--GORTNER -pub. 10/10/1901-(Vol.25, No.31) Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ferguson and daughters Vera and Lenore, of Mt. Lake Park, and Miss Muzetta Savage, of Sang Run, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. P.P. Gortner last Sunday.

---Wallman -pub. 03/07/1901-(Vol.24, No.52) Mr. Harmon Savage and his bookkeeper, of Dobbin, were Sunday visitors.

---REPUBLICAN CONVENTION -pub. 07/04/1901-(Vol.25, No.17) HELD IN OAKLAND TUESDAY AND TICKET NOMINATEDIT IS CONSIDERED A VERY STRONG ONE The Gathering Composed of Representative Republicans From All Section of the County. The delegation from the several districts were as follows:

No. 6 - Thaddeus Glotfelty, Sherman G. Savage, James Friend, W.A. Maffett, E.A. Weimer

---FEARER -pub. 06/20/1901-(Vol.25, No.15) Freeman Savage, our painter, is much crowded with work.

---LOCAL AND OTHERWISE -pub. 04/25/1901-(Vol.25, No.7) Messrs. Daniel Miller and John A. Delawder, employees of the Government Printing Office and George W. Moon, of the Census Office, Washington, came up to Oakland Saturday morning and made oath as to their citizenship of the State, the new election law providing that they should do so in order to enjoy the franchise. Mr. Miller has moved over into Montgomery county, near Washington. Mr. Moon is undecided whether to move his family to this county or to some other section of the State. Their return was made to Washington Monday, Mr. Moon being accompanied by Miss Hallie Savage, of Sang Run, who will visit in Washington for a few weeks.

---LEVY LIST, 1901 -pub. 04/18/1901-(Vol.25, No.6) ELECTION EXPENSES DISTRICT NO. 2 Wm. W. Savage, judge and register. DISTRICT NO 6  Samuel R. Savage, judge and register.


From the Uniontown Herald Standard:
Nora C. Savage Fisher, 97, of Markleysburg, Pa., passed away Thursday, February 14, 2002, in South Fayette Nursing Center, Markleysburg.

She was born September 17, 1904, in Markleysburg, Pa., daughter of Samuel Savage and Debbie Brant Savage.
Mrs. Fisher was a member of Markleysburg Church of The Brethren.
Her husband, Dorsie L. Fisher, died in 1960. Also deceased are three sons, Leamon Fisher, Dorsie J. Fisher and Millard Fisher, six grandchildren, brothers, Arthur Savage and Ira Savage, sisters, Margaret Casteel and Mary Casteel, and her parents. Surviving are five children: Wanita Caton of Uniontown, Pa., Luella Fike of Friendsville, Md., Dolores Sliger of Markleysburg, Pa., Roland R. Fisher of Friendsville, Maryland, and Roger Fisher of Streetsboro, Ohio; 32 grandchildren; and numerous great-grandchildren, great great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews.


Loretta Faye Savage, 68, of Confluence, Pa., died Monday, April 28, 2003, at Somerset Hosp, Somerset, Pa.
She is survived by her husband, Robert J. Savage; a son, Robert J. Savage Jr., and his wife, Joanne of Brownsville; daughters, Rose Savage and her friend, Bruce Suess and Terace Savage and her friend, Carl Fazenbaker, all of Markleysburg; nine grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. Friends will be received at the Humbert Funeral Home, Confluence, today from 2 to 9 p.m., and Friday from 10 to 11 a.m., the hour of service.

Colonial Naming Customs

Source: Colonial Homes magazine...Feb 1996, p. 24, 
Author: Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG,

"The history of given (first) names in early America offers a glimpse at our forebears and their customs, as well as clues to their origins."

"New England's first settlers bore names of three different types: those of English origin, those of Hebrew derivation and those intended to have moral significance. Old English names, connected with the Church of England, were not often favored by the Puritans. The Massachusetts Puritans named their children somewhat differently than other English-speaking settlers, preferring biblical names. Evidently, some parents shut their eyes, opened the Bible, and pointed to a word at random -- what else could account for a child being named Notwithstanding or Maybe? The early Massachusetts Brewster family had two sons, Love and Wrestling, and two daughters named Patience and Fear. The names Humility, Desire, Hate-evil, and Faint-not also appeared in the region."

" Other New England onomastic practices included obscure references and names that commemorated an occasion -- such as Oceanus Hopkins, who was born on the Mayflower in 1620. Early settlers seemed to favor names for their associated moral qualities. Among girls' names, which were no doubt intended to incite their bearer to lead godly lives were: Content, Lowly, Mindwell, Obedience, Patience, Silence, Charity, Mercy, Comfort, Delight, and Thankful. In many families, the first names of the father and mother were given to the first-born son and daughter, respectively."

" In the Massachusetts Bay Colony, 53% of all females were named Mary, Elizabeth, or Sarah. Other popular girls' names were Rebecca, Ruth, Anne, Hannah, Deborah, Huldah, Abigail, and Rachel. Meanwhile, prevalent boys' names included John, Joseph, Samuel, Josiah, Benjamin, Jonathan, and Nathan"

" In Virginia, biblical references were less common. Early settlers often names sons for Teutonic warriors, Frankish knights, and English kings. Favorites included William, Robert, Richard, Edward, George, and Charles. Daughters received names of Christian saints and traditional English folk names, such as Margaret, Jane, Catherine, Frances, and Alice, along with English favorites Mary, Elizabeth, Anne, and Sarah. First-born children were named for their grandparents, and second-born for their parents."

"A popular custom in both Virginia and New England was the use of surnames as given names. This occurred mostly with boys, but it was not unknown for girls. Some names were also chosen for their magical properties, and astrologers were consulted in an attempt to find a "fortunate" or "lucky" name."

Among Quakers in Colonial Pennsylvania and Delaware, babies went through a ritual called nomination. An infant's name was carefully selected by the parents, certified by friends, witnessed by neighbors, and then entered in the register of the meeting. First-born children were named after grandparents, honoring maternal and paternal lines evenly, often with an eldest son named after his mother's father, and an eldest daughter after her father's mother. While this practice was not universal among Quaker families, it was common in the Delaware Valley Many names came from the Bible, with favorites for boys being John, Joseph, Samuel, Thomas, William and George; and for girls, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, Anne/Anna/Hannah, and Esther/Hester. Also popular among the Quakers, was Phebe, which rarely appeared in New England or the South. ( There was a group of southern Quakers) They also favored the names Patience, Grace, Mercy, and Chastity. One family's eight children were named Remember, John, Restore, Freedom, Increase, Jacob, Preserve, and Israel"

Naming patterns differed in the "back country" of early America, which was heavily populated by Scotch-Irish as well as German, Scandinavian, Irish, Scottish, French, and Dutch families. In these rural areas, many given names were "Americanized", making it difficult for genealogists to identify a family's ethnic origin. As a general rule, the patterns included a mixture of biblical, Teutonic, and saints' names. Among the most popular given names for boys were: John, Robert, Richard, Andrew, Patrick, and David. Celtic names such as Ewan ( and variants Ewen and Owen), Barry and Roy were often used, as were Archibald, Ronald, Alexander, Charles, James Wallace, Bruce, Percy, Ross, and Clyde. Again, eldest sons were often named after their grandfather's, and second or third sons after their fathers- similar to patterns found in early Tidewater Chesapeake families."

"One peculiar naming pattern found among the back-country settlers was the one bestowing unusual -- sometimes made-up-- given names. From an early date, these rugged pioneers cultivated a spirit of onomastic individualism, a spirit still found today in this country as parents search for a special, perhaps unique, name for their baby. Others prefer to select a name from their family tree that has been passed along for generations."

Naming Patterns

Our early ancestors often used an unwritten, but mutually understood formula for naming their numerous children. The following is a general pattern that can be used to determine the previous generation of ancestral names in a family.


1st son named for Father's father
2nd son named for Mother's father
3rd son named for Father
4th son named for Father's eldest brother


1st daughter named for Mother's mother
2nd daughter named for Father's mother
3rd daughter named for Mother
4th daughter named for Mother's eldest sister

Many children were named after their aunts, uncles and grandparents before they were named for their parents. It is not unusual to find a young child in census records before 1900 with no name. The mortality rate was high, and often a child was not named until the family was almost certain the child would live. In some cases in rural America, the child was allowed to name him/herself.

If you are researching in the South, after 1840, you will find an abundance of names for one individual -- often 2 or 3 middle names, as well as the given (first) name and surname. Individuals in the South were/are often called by their middle name--not the proper first name as given in official documents.










Relationship Chart

To find the relationship between two individuals with a common ancestor, follow these instructions. Assuming Individual "A" is the 3x Great Grand Child of the common Ancestor, place him in the 3x Gr. Grand child portion along the top of the chart. To make things simple, Assuming that individual "B" is also a 3x Great Grand Child of that common Ancestor, place him in the 3x Gr. Grand child portion along the left hand side of the chart. Follow both lines to their intersection, and you will find that they are Fourth Cousins to each other.


Common Ancestor



Gr. Grand

2x Gr. Grand

3x Gr. Grand

4x Gr. Grand

5x Gr. Grand

6x Gr. Grand



Niece / Nephew

Grand Niece / Nephew

Gr. Grand Niece / Nephew

2x Gr. Grand Niece / Nephew

3x Gr. Grand Niece / Nephew

4x Grand Niece / Nephew

5x Gr. Grand Niece / Nephew


Niece / Nephew

First Cousin

First Cousin 1x Rem.

First Cousin 2x Rem.

First Cousin 3x Rem.

First Cousin 4x Rem.

First Cousin 5x Rem.

First Cousin 6x Rem.

Gr. Grand

Grand Niece / Nephew

First Cousin 1x Rem.

Second Cousin

Second Cousin 1x Rem.

Second Cousin 2x Rem.

Second Cousin 3x Rem.

Second Cousin 4x Rem.

Second Cousin 5x Rem.

2x Gr. Grand

Gr. Grand Niece / Nephew

First Cousin 2x Rem.

Second Cousin 1x Rem.

Third Cousin

Third Cousin 1x Rem.

Third Cousin 2x Rem.

Third Cousin 3x Rem.

Third Cousin 4x Rem.

3x Gr. Grand

2x Gr. Grand Niece / Nephew

First Cousin 3x Rem.

Second Cousin 2x Rem.

Third Cousin 1x Rem.

Fourth Cousin

Fourth Cousin 1x Rem.

Fourth Cousin 2x Rem.

Fourth Cousin 3x Rem.

4x Gr. Grand

3x Gr. Grand Niece / Nephew

First Cousin 4x Rem.

Second Cousin 3x Rem.

Third Cousin 2x Rem.

Fourth Cousin 1x Rem.

Fifth Cousin

Fifth Cousin 1x Rem.

Fifth Cousin 2x Rem.

5x Gr. Grand

4x Gr. Grand Niece / Nephew

First Cousin 5x Rem.

Second Cousin 4x Rem.

Third Cousin 3x Rem.

Fourth Cousin 2x Rem.

Fifth Cousin 1x Rem.

Sixth Cousin

Sixth Cousin 1x Rem.

6x Gr. Grand

5x Gr. Grand Niece / Nephew

First Cousin 6x Rem.

Second Cousin 5x Rem.

Third Cousin 4x Rem.

Fourth Cousin 3x Rem.

Fifth Cousin 2x Rem.

Sixth Cousin 1x Rem.

Seventh Cousin





The following email copies are listed here because there is an on-going effort to identify some of the people discussed. If anyone has information that would help in this effort, please pass it on to;



From Rob Tomcanin August 2010


Here are a bunch of other updates for the Robinson Savage tree. I have compiled the following information from research online and from pictures, family bibles, etc. A few things to note:

-Kimmel Savage's wife, Sarah; I am not sure is Lily is her middle name or her maiden name.

-Kimmel Savage's daughter Rada, I have seen her listed as "Rada", "Rhoda", and "Rhodie". Her obituary from the Connellsville Daily Courier lists her as Rhoda E. Bird. She was also listed with two additional daughters, but the girls would have been born after the death of her husband, so I am not sure how they fit.

-Kimmel's daughter Nancy (B: 1878, listed in the 1900 census). I have found an obituary for A.J. Dennis which lists her as his wife & census information which shows the Dennis & Savage families lived in the same town.

-George Floyd Savage; He and Sara Alice Savage divorced some time between 1912 & 1917. She remarried a Christopher Dennis around 1919-1920. I found his obit listing her as his wife and George Savage's kids as his step-children.

-Ralph E. Savage, son of Robert Harrison Savage; I believe he married Marian Kovach & they had a son, Ralph Floyd & this Ralph is the one who married Shirley Petruska. The ages of Terry and Laurie would confirm this. I have found birth announcements & marriage announcements from the Uniontown newspapers which seem to back this up, as well. Terry and Laurie Savage went to high school with my uncles in the 1970's & 1980's.

-Beverly O'Hern, daughter of Thelma Savage; Beverly died in 1958, and her obituary lists her husband as Charles Lulich, with one son, Thomas. There is no mention of Timothy.

-James F. Fike, husband of Nettie Ann Savage; Jim Fike was a brother of your Grandmother, Olive Mae Fike. His father was Isaiah R. Fike. Based on birthdates from his WWI & WWII registration cards and the US Social Security Death Index, I believe I have found his correct dates of birth & death. Based on obituaries, I am 100% confident in my information for their son Harold Fike, and 99.9% for Edgar and Arthur.

-Dora Pearl Savage; She married Adolph Priester in 1920, and I believe they were divorced before 1935 or 1940. I have found many newspaper articles, and apparently Adolph Priester was a local con-man and criminal during the Depression in Uniontown. The marriage announcement for their son Wallace names him as the son of Mrs. Dora Savage, and makes no mention of Adolph, either alive or deceased (that was in 1946). My Mom's memories of her Aunts (Dora, Mary, & Edith) are of the three of them living together in the old family home on Fairview Street in Uniontown.

-Wallace V. Priester, son of Dora, was a War hero. He served with the US Army in WWII & Korea, and was wounded in action in both wars. He was awarded two Purple Hearts.


To Thomas Casteel from Malinda Black:

I saw your posting and noticed David H. Thomas who married Molly Casteel. I am research the THOMAS family. Did they marry 3 July 1907? Was David's father James William THOMAS b.1863, who married Sarah Savage and Minnie Savage? If so James's father was Abraham THOMAS, who is my great-grandfather. If so, then we would be distant cousins. If you see a link let me know. I have lots of THOMAS information.


Hi again Mauri,

Thought I'd spend a little time tonight pouring thru the stuff you sent me.

Some comments:

1. I have been 95% confident that the two Thomases in the 1860 census are the

same, but not 100%. It's true that the kids were passed around, and there are

two different census dates, but there were also a number of Savage guys with the

handle, Thomas, and a lot of Elizabeths, so to me there is always the

possibility that the two fellows could be cousins. Remote, yes, but possible,

and I don't like to steer people in the wrong direction. Too many researchers do

that and I've been stung several times. A good example of what I'm talking about

is Hoye himself. Although he did a valuable service for many of us, that raskel

cost me almost two years of searching in New Jersey for our Garrett County

pioneer, Robinson T. Savage, because he said he came from NJ. He didn't say

"probably", or "perhaps", but "he came from". Well, Robinson came from Deleware.

Yes, I've had Hoye's book for many years and his collection of newspaper pieces

that he wrote back in the thirties. I believe most of his stuff was hear-say

based on talks with family members with rusty memories. Hoye didn't say that

Robinson T. Savage had "only four sons". He said "four of his sons were" and

then went on to name the four that he was aware of. Remember, Brewston Savage,

who I think was the fifth son (there were five in the early census reports) was

born well over a hundred years before Hoye was doing his work. In the thirties

Hoye did not have access to much of the information we have today and he was not

a diligent researcher, so you must be very careful to document anything that he

says. Hoye wrote mainly about the families to which he claimed a relationship.

He was a Savage descendant. You will note that I have a disclaimer in the

preface to my web site that explains that although my own line is well

documented, most of the information in my chart has been provided by others and

I cannot vouch for its authenticity. It is a place for interested researchers to

gleen info and then try to prove same.

I am simply amazed at how many descendants of Thomas Savage, "The Carpenter"

claim to have made the jump to his English family. It just isn't true. They pick

up some faulty information on the internet, assume it's true and pass it on.

Pretty soon everyone believes its gospel.

Well, here I am ranting again! LOL LOL

I really and truly appreciate the data you've sent me and I will study it very

closely and add it to my chart unless something stands out as questionable.

I'll keep you posted.

Warm regards,

Blair 2-29-04


Florence Elliot to Mel Fike 2-22-04

Hi! Renewing my pursuit of ancient you have more information on Evan Savage and his wife? My great great grandfather (paternal) was Silas Wesley Savage married to Alice J. Walters in 1885 per marriage license copy from Fay. Cty. We think Silas' parents were John and Catharine Savage. We believe we are linked to both the Markleysburg clan of Savages and the W.VA clan of Savages. I also think that Silas Wesley and Upton Brewston were related...perhaps Silas was a nephew of lore says Silas was nicknamed "Little Up".

I spoke with the caretaker of the Thomas Cemetery in Markleysburg. She told me that my ggrandparents were buried in the cemetery without headstones and shared a bit of family lore. Alice was Cherokee and after Silas passed away, she fed her children by attending to health concerns of neighbors around the Markleysburg area in exchange for food instead of money (Per Reta Diethorn also). Alice's parents were listed as Sarah A. and Joseph C. Walters of Menallen Twp, Fay Cty, PA. Silas once owned a farmette in Ursina until the dam went in....he sold his farm at that time and lived on the Marshall Thomas hill in Markleysburg. He was buried there. Marshall Thomas gave them burial spaces for their families. He gave my Great Aunt Nora Savage Brant all the space she needed to bury her put so many relatives there that there was no room for her...she is buried at the Bethel Church cemetery.

So far I have had no luck with the Walters surname. Also, the caretaker told me I should be thinking of Lilly or Teets. Do you have anything on this line?

Thank you...


Gary White

R.Savage,I have been searching for the last name of one of my gr gr grandmothers born about 1804. The exact date I do not have in my head and am at the library. To trace this branch of the family I ordered her husbans War of 1812 papers from Washington. I was very pleased with what I received. In these documents that she submitted for his pension she states that           her maiden name was Nancy Savage and that she was married at Selbysport,Md. I wonder if this may be one of Robinson's daughters. Do you have any other suggestions? Thank you, G White.


Cuzzin Gary,

This is very exciting. If she was born near 1804 and was married at Selbysport she is almost certainly the daughter of Robinson T. Savage. Robinson had two sisters - Nancy and Peggy. Nancy was evidently the eldest as she was the excutrix to her father's estate. She married William Argo. Peggy married John Coleman.

Robinson T. Savage was the only Savage living in Western Maryland and near Selbysport (at Blooming Rose) at that time.

Who did your Nancy marry?

Do you have any other information?

Have you read my book?

I'm very excited to learn the name of one of Robinson's daughters. I would love to know the line from her to yourself!

Of course this means that you are descended from Thomas Savage "The Carpenter" who appears in the Virginia Colonial records in 1632.

Regards,   Blair 1-25-05

Dear R.B.Savage, Thanks for getting back to me. I have most of my info on a disk that is in another place. I will be there Saturday and look for the dates from Nancy's tombstone. This goes for the line also from her to me. Most of it is in my head but I may forget something so I'll get it Saturday. I live outside Columbus,Ohio. I looked at the papers from DC again. On 27 July 1878 Nancy said she was 75. That woulf make her born maybe in 1803 but it still fits doesn't it? In short William And Nancy had Elizabeth that married Jackson Rodeheaver. They had a son Hosea Rodeheaver that married Mary Emmaline Van Sickle. They had a son Haman Rodeheaver that married Ada Myrtle Reckart. One of their daughters Lottie June Rodeheaver my mother. All had many other children as well.

Gary White


5-02-05 From Deb


Here are some add ons to the Ervin Savage line

 Ervin Paul Savage Sr son of Daisy Florence Fike

 M - Mary Catherine Merrbach

 Son- Ervin Paul Savage Jr

M- Debra Goetz

 Son - Jamie Savage 12/25/1975

M- Angie Sines

Daughter Jaden Savage

 Daughter Jessica McClain 3/13/1977

Son Samuel McClain

Son Christopher McClain

 Daughter Heather Metz 4/29/1979

M- Jason Metz

 Son Joshua Paul Savage 6/25/1980

 Carolyn Savage Matthews 10/14/1956

M- Larry Joe Matthews

 Daughter Amy Martin

M- Ty Martin

 Son Zachery Martin

Daughter Katie Martin

 Daughter Erin Matthews

Daughter Kiersten

Daughter Keely Jo

 Judith Sloane M- Terry Sloane


hope this helps.  I may have more info, feel free to contact me



 From Rick Horne

Blair, good to meet a cousin also. Wonderful to hear you have copies of the book

available. So, yes I wish to order one. Do you have a PayPal account? It would

pay you right away if you do. I was hoping to have it for Mom for Mothers Day,

but she will just have to know it is coming. I would like it shipped to my

Mother, Peggy Sue Scales Horne (Cressa's Daughter, who was married to James

Phillip Scales). Mom is now 84 years old and living with my Brother in Milton

FL. Their address is:6412 Butternut Dr., Milton FL 32583. My Father(deceased)

was Hobart Eugene Horne. His Father was Jasper Kendrick Horne and married to

Jessie Mae Stewart. My full name is Richard Eugene Horne(married to Karen Lynn

Kimble), I have 4 Children and 8 Grandchildren from 2 previous marrriages. My

Brothers name is Michael Arden Horne(married to Teresa Mabry,who also has Indian

heritage??), and he has 2 children and 3 Grandchildren from a previous marriage.

Also, do you have a Web Site with information on it?

So, let me know how to pay you right away and I will get it done.

Thanks again, Rick



Hello im looking for anyone who has any info on a Pearl May Savage Guthrie she was born in Maryland around Friendsville later she is showen lived with a Aunt in Preston County West Virginia aount 1900-1910 she married Lloyd M Guthrie in oakland maryland around 1912 i think she had a sister Ella and her aunts name was May Walls with who they lived with in WV she is Buried in Blooming Rose Cemetery along with her husband and a son George Dale Guthrie.
if anyone has any info please let me know
Thank You
Mary Guthrie


I have a few Pearls in my records, but I think the following may be the one you're looking for since she had a sister, "Elen", probably called, Ella. If this doesn't connect email me at; and we'll check the others.
Your Pearl was undoubtedly descended from Robinson T. Savage who settled at Sand Spring/Blooming Rose between 1787 and 1793. Robinson was descended from Thomas Savage who first appears in Virginia records in 1632.
The Joseph Savage below was the son of, John, who was the son of, Evan, who was the son of Robinson T.
Their ancestry is detailed in my book; SAVAGE IS MY NAME.
R. Blair Savage


thank you for getting back to me im very greatful
this line is my husbands and he doesnt know his side very well so im going in blind here looking for his family.
in the 19100-10 census records pearl and ella are liven with May Walls in Grant Preston WV I WAS WONDERING IF HER PARENTS DIED IF THATS WHY THEY LIVED WITH HER AUNT.
and on the info you sent it has elen born in 1888 pearl was born in 1899 elen was younger then pearl but i still hope this is the same line im still waiting for pearl's marriage records to come and see who her father and mother was. Pearls Aunt was Mae Walls And Orvilla Walls from WV so im sure its the right tree.
thank you so much for replying to me.


The girls may have simply been visiting their aunt on the day the census taker was there and he included them in the Walls household - this was common.
The dates of birth for the two girls could easily be mistaken. Much of the information on my Savage master chart was sent to me by others and much of it is hand-me-down information with errors in dates. Even many, many of the old records have incorrect dates so sometimes you just have to put all your information together and make a judgement based on the whole instead of individual pieces.

One thing is 99.99 per cent sure; If Pearl lived in or around Friendsville-Sand Spring-Blooming Rose, she was a descendant of Robinson T. Savage.


hello, i got the marriage  license today it has her name as May Pearl Savage married on aug 28 1915 does not give any parents names for either person and it says she was 19 and him 22 which isnt right the must have lied to get married cause she was born 1899 and him 1887 said she lived in friendsville MD so did  he im going have to find another way to find out who their parents were.  Mary                                                                          



Delaware Marriages, 1645-1899 Record
(William Argo married Nancy Savage, sister of Robinson T. Savage, Sr.)


William Argo



Spouse Name:

Nancy Savage

Spouse Gender:


Marriage Date:

1 Jan 1793






Record of this marriage may be found at the Family History Library under microfilm reference number(s) 0006416.



William Argo
Born: 12 Aug 1763 in [city], Sussex, DE, USA
Died: 22 Feb 1846 in Green, Harrison, OH, USA


Marriage: 1788 in Milford, [county], DE, USA






Anna Argo


1789 in Moore, Northampton, PA, USA

Jeremiah Argo


21 Jun 1791 in Luzerne, Fayette, PA, USA

Susanna Argo


12 Oct 1794 in Luzerne, Fayette, PA, USA

William Argo


9 Jun 1798 in Luzerne, Fayette, PA, USA

Margaret Argo


1800 in Luzerne, Fayette, PA, USA

Eleanor Argo


1801 in Luzerne, Fayette, PA, USA

Elizabeth Argo


28 Jan 1803 in [city], Fayette, PA, USA

Lucintha Argo


8 Dec 1807 in Warren, Jefferson, OH, USA

Julia Ann Argo


1810 in Warren, Jefferson, OH, USA

Joseph Argo


1815 in Warren, Jefferson, OH, USA





Family Finder DNA match - Wayne Steven Humberson  --

Perhaps from;

George Wesley Savage to Lydia Humberson, Gar. Co. 12-2-1894. (Not confirmed)