Where Goes The Wind?

    I stepped on the porch this morning, coffee in my hand
    I looked aloft at tree and sky, poised above my placid land
    A poplar leaf jumped from the tree, directed by the breeze
    And as it floated to the east, its golden hue my eye did tease

    It was captured in the laurel bush across the rippled stream
    A hundred yards from where it died, a pity it would seem
    I’m sure it would have hoped to fly a little further yet
    But wind did ebb just slight enough, so leaf and laurel met

    Where went the wind that grabbed the leaf of stunning autumn gold?
    That dropped it in the laurel bush, where it waits the wintry cold
    Where goes the wind when it is through with the tangles in my hair?
    Does it swoosh away in secret? Does it vanish in thin air?

    Will it come again today, to pluck another autumn view?
    Will it strip the poplar’s branches before they see the morning dew?
    I have a fondness for the wind, but it’s a mystery I declare
    It comes here from the northwest and where it goes I’m unaware

    Sometimes it creeps in slowly, barely whispers that it’s here
    Or it crashes in with thunder, in a vortex one might fear
    If it’s warm I truly love it, but when it’s cold it makes me numb
    In the harshness of deep winter it can strike me rather dumb

    At dusk the evening thermals chase the sun into the west
    The breeze is stiff and bold as it tries to do its best
    To dust the pollen from the trees and lodge it in my nose
    I wheeze and cough and shudder from my head down to my toes

    But the answer still evades me; it’s a conundrum I declare
    When the wind decides to leave me, it goes I know not where
    It whistles past me suddenly, or trickles by quite slow
    And where it finally settles, I simply do not know

                                                                                    RBS  11-30-2008

About Us   

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31 -2021

    Now here’s the real scoop – remember what I say
    At each mitosis Telomere loses some telometric DNA
    Wow! – that’s the answer, that’s what I’m told
    I have a short telomere, that’s why I grow old

    But listen to this, there’s more to this tale
    There’s evidence of a remarkable, immortal cell
    Unicellular Eukaryotes maintain long telomeres
    So strike up the band, order some beers

    You ask, how do U.E.s maintain telomeres long
    It’s a discovery that rightfully belongs in a song
    U.E.s have Telomerase,  ain’t that really grand
    Cause Telomerase is an enzyme that adds telomere
    repeat sequences to the 3' end of DNA
    strands and by lengthening this strand DNA
    polymerase is able to complete the synthesis
    of the "incomplete ends" of the opposite strand!

    So, there I have it – I’m not in a lurch
    I’ll get on the web and do me a search
    Telomerase I’ll type in the empty search box
    I’ll buy me a case – darn, I’m a sly old fox!

                                           R. B. Savage   2007

    Well, it's 2020 and I'm still here. I hope I've got
    enough length on my telomeres to keep me
    chugging on for a long time. I want to watch Rosie
    get married and have me a great, great, grand-
Blair and Marilyn Savage
We have five beautiful
daughters, mine
biologically, Marilyn's
by marriage. This
picture is a bit dated,
but it's one that's very
special. They had it
done for me. I think it
was around 1987.
A coal miner's
Blair Savage
sits on his
daddy's lap.

    To the right is Sir Isaac helping me catch trout in
    Looking Glass Creek in North Carolina. We named
    him after Sir Isaac Newton because the little feller
    used up such a small amount of gravity. My daughters
    tell me that I finally had a son.  We called him, Zack.
    He's in heaven now and having fun chasing cats.
                                                                                          This I Believe
    I believe the role of the government is to protect the citizenry through the administration of laws according to our constitution. It is beneficial to the people to have certain
    services provided by a central government, i.e. National defense,  police protection, fire fighting, utilities, roads, etc. The government has become gargantuan and is infiltrating
    every facet of our lives. Too many people now think the “government” should “take care of them”. I grew up in the hills of West Virginia where, in many of those steep and
    rugged hollows and valleys there are frequent floods that destroy private homes. Many of the owners then want the government to “bail them out”. Through taxation, I am
    then forced to pay stupid people who choose to live beside a river that historically overflows its banks.  
           I encourage industry. Industry provides jobs and enables parents to feed their children and keep their houses lit and warm. I reject extreme environmental policies that
    destroy industry in favor of marsh insects, one of a hundred breeds of minnows, and obscure birds. Animal species go extinct. They always have, with or without man, and
    always will. But there are new species evolving every day. I reject the idea that animal life trumps human life. However, I also dislike waste and destruction and believe that
    man should protect his environment. If we could live on solar and wind energy, I’d be all for it. I believe safe nuclear energy is entirely feasible. America should be directing
    more research there and building new plants. I care about the environment, but not to the point of earth worship. We should be wise stewards, good managers of the earth.
    Dumping raw sewage in the rivers is bad management. It is also bad management to allow deer to reproduce to such great numbers that they overgraze the land and then
    starve come winter. It's unwise to turn thousands of acres of productive farmland (home to animals, waterfowl, and humans) back into desert in honor of a small fish. It’s dumb
    to stop the harvesting of trees in a well managed, renewable forest because it's home to a little owl with spots. Again, new species arrive as old ones die out.
           I believe that anybody who wants to live in America should apply for legal entry, and if accepted into our country, should become nationalized and learn English. They
    should embrace American culture and values.
           I believe in a very strong national defense. I also believe that the fittest have a greater chance of survival. In my view, a well funded, well equipped, well trained military
    is, unfortunately, essential to an enduring society.
           Leaning conservative does not make me a racist. Perhaps some conservatives in the 1960s rejected desegregation, but I did not, and I certainly was not alone – and there
    were professed liberals who ignored segregation. Today, many conservative minorities hold places of high respect in government, in law, in medicine, in movies and television -
    and conservatives enjoy and appreciate their talents. I believe that Martin Luther King would be outraged at the “give me my share” and “what’s the government going to do
    for me today?” attitude of some. I reject the concept of affirmative action that is, of itself, racist. Martin Luther King's desire was that a man should be judged based on the
    content of his character and not based on the color of his skin. I want people, black or white, to take responsibility for their own behavior and be decent, law-abiding citizens.
           I do not want to steal from the poor to give to the rich. At the same time, I don't want to steal the rich man's money. He has demonstrated that he can create jobs with it. I
    want everyone who can work to do so, and I want the honest man to earn a decent wage for his work and not have it snatched away by the government. I have absolutely no
    problem with a man being rich. In the process of getting rich and staying rich he creates jobs. What will the rich man do with his money? He can spend only a relatively small
    amount on himself, so he re-invests it, usually in his business, and this creates jobs and wealth for everyone down-the-line. Bill Gates created millions of jobs and is also doing
    a wonderful job of philanthropy, as did Carnegie, Mellon, and numerous others. A dollar generated by a successful business turns over multiple times and thereby enriches
    many people.
           I want to get ahead based on my own ability and hard work. I don’t want the government to take my money and manage it unwisely for my retirement. I prefer the
    government to offer tax incentives to encourage individual retirement savings. I don’t want Politicians to assume that they can manage my life better than I can manage it
           I don’t want a handout as long as I can work. I don’t want the government to take my money and give it to someone else. I would like to make the choice myself as to
    where I want to spend my money to help others. And I don’t want to pay for someone’s twelve kids to go to school when I have limited my family to a size that I can afford.
           I believe the family is the backbone of a healthy society. I believe parents have a primary responsibility for the health and welfare of their children. In general, parents
    know and love their children best. Parents' wishes should therefore be given top priority. Parents should be involved in decisions that affect their children, such as which
    materials public schools expose to them, and whether their children undergo potentially dangerous medical procedures, like abortions. I do not believe in abortion except in
    cases where the mother’s welfare warrants a termination. This would include rape and incest, as these certainly would impact on the well-being of the mother, and also the child.
           Unlike pure conservatives, I no longer believe in the death penalty. It has been proven that too many innocent people have been wrongly sentenced to death. Our justice
    system, while better than most, is far from perfect. Further; I do not believe that man has the right to take another's life. Life in prison is an adequate punishment and
           I believe all people have value. We should, through local government, churches and private social organizations, reach out to help needy neighbors who should not need to
    depend on the inefficient and bureaucratic federal and state governments to care for them.
           I do not hate homosexuals, contrary to leftist propaganda. In fact, many conservative groups offer ministries to reach out to the homosexual community. Strong
    conservatives believe that homosexuality is not inborn, that environmental factors contribute to the development of same-sex attractions. I do not agree with this view. I
    believe it is a direct result of something going awry in the development of the fetus, and therefore the individual has no control over his/her sexual persuasion. I do not believe
    in gay marriage, although I do believe there should me a method whereby a gay couple could form a contractual arrangement to be eligible for certain rights afforded married
           I see nothing wrong with prayer in school and I strongly advocate it. I'm certain a common prayer could be drafted which would cover all religions.

    R. Blair Savage      2011

My Love I Must Touch

As I walk thru the kitchen, my love is there
A glint of sunlight brightens her hair
I love this woman so very much
And as I pass, her cheek I touch

We meet again in a little while
In the hallway she tosses me a smile
There’s room to pass within the space
But I crowd a bit and I kiss her face

She rests on the couch at the end of day
And behind that couch is a passage-way
As I trod that path to our bedroom lair
I can never resist, I must touch her hair

        Why is it that I cannot pass
        Without a touch for my pretty lass
        I find it impossible to pass her by
        Without a pat, perhaps on her thigh

                     Or, a stroke of a finger, across her back
                     Perchance a rub on her arm, there’s never a lack
                     Of places to touch my beauty fair
                     Who rushes my heart with a passion rare
                                                                                                              R. B. Savage     6-22-2008

Our Grandson, Tony, is a career Navy guy. We are extremely proud of
him. He spent some time on the USS Nimtz (pictured below center).
He's been on the ground in both Iraq and Afghanistan twice and
came home with a Purple Heart for injuries sustained when an IED
exploded beneath his vehicle.

    Why does my body grow older every day
    Why don’t I stay young in a youthful sort of way
    And I’d like to know the logic applied
    To the aging of my dad, and just why he died

    Dad was solid, full of energy and tough, in his prime
    But as the years took their toll I watched his body
    At sixty-seven his heart began to sputter and choke
    An artery was clogged and that big heart simply broke

    He survived the attack, lived eighteen more years
    Before the injury won and we shed so many tears
    But why did it happen to a body once strong
    And eighty-five years is not very long

    Oh, eighty-five sounded ancient when I was but twenty
    But now my world seems to no longer hold plenty
    For at seventy and two my life limit nears
    To what a man may expect as a total of years

    Science has part of the answer, there’s a reason they say
    Why we age bit by bit and grow old day by day
    Medical research has proven with nary a doubt
    That telomeres grow shorter, that’s the reason, they

    Mister telomere resides on the itty-bitty chromosome
    Which lives in the cell – the place it calls home
    He’s a tiny little squirt, but does he ever have clout
    For it’s his loss of length that finally knocks us out

I Used to Hunt

I don't anymore - haven't for a long time. I didn't kill
anything that I didn't eat and it's more work than I want to
do now. To get a big animal from woods to table and to do
everything necessary to ensure tasty meat takes more
effort than I'm willing to expend these days. The beautiful
whitetail shown here is one I killed on the upper end of a
place we used to have in West Virginia.

I really liked that hat. Don't know what ever happened to it.

    My political persuasion: Somewhere between Conservative,
    Libertarian and Centrist. I guess I'm a Conlibertrist..
  Five daughters and a wife.

                   Do I believe in God?

    Is there a God above me, watching over my welfare?
    Is there a God around me providing tender, loving care?
    Do I pray to God each evening after turning off my light?
    Do I ask he bless my loved ones - keep them safely in his sight?

    Yes, there is a God above me; I know it in my heart
    Yes, he is all around me and he’s loved me from the start
    Yes, I pray to him each night and sometimes in the light of day
    Yes, I pray for all my loved ones, who mean more than I can say

    From where God came I know not – where he lives is mystery
    Science claims eleven dimensions of which only four are real to me
    Could my God be in a dimension which I simply cannot breech?
    Am I close enough to touch him if only I knew where I should reach?

    Theoretical physics theory is far more then my mind can grasp
    Conceiving eleven dimensions is a daunting and formidable task
    And they theorize many universes, some so close we might step
    Might one of them be heaven and it’s just beyond my view?

    They tell us that our universe is made of seventy per-cent dark matter
    What it is they know not, but it causes much scientific chatter
    Perhaps this is where our heaven is, where God sits on his throne
    This matter which reflects no light, could it be where God calls home?

    So many possibilities, so few answers for mankind
    We spend so much time searching for solutions we cannot find
    I have a hunch we’ll find the key when this dimension we abort
    And cross into God’s kingdom where we’ll stand before his court

                                                                                                      RBS 2-8-2009
My Mother;
Violet Lois Bucklew Savage

Above and below, Samantha Florence Stevenson Bucklew.
She went by, Florence
Florence's Father;
John William Stevenson,
Civil War Vet.
John W's Parents;
Ann and Robert Stevenson.
My G, G, Grandparents

                                             My Mom, Violet Lois Bucklew Savage and a bit of her ancestry
Me and my girls some
years ago at Uncle Bill's
farm near Gettysburg.

A few of the Savage clan circa 1977.
Me with four of my five Sibs;
Darrell, Iris, Margo, and
Kathleen, and some spouses
who are color coded.

             The Old Taxi Man

Knurled hands wrap around the old taxi cab wheel
Knobby knuckles harbor pain which the old hands feel
But the old timer still carries a twinkle in his eyes
Eyes as blue as the blue in the Caribbean skies

His head juts forward as his eyes cast about
His neck stiff and bent – the joints worn out
He coaxes the old cab as it chugs up the heights
His eyes scanning the road for interesting sights

His tales are as colored as the churning sea below
Stories of adventure, of glory and woe
Some yarns are his own and some borrowed I’m sure
But all are told with enthusiasm heightened and pure

It is Creole he speaks as he zigs and he zags
And as he tells of his island he boasts and he brags
We allow him this pleasure to show off his land
As he points out mountains and long stretches of sand

His love for this island comes through loud and clear
And if he ever must leave her it will be fatal I fear
Though he complains of the roads, high taxes and such
He is staunch in his support of the French and the Dutch

The island is split down the middle  – one half to each
Two countries share it – both mountains and beach    
There’s no guard at the border with sidearm on hip
Just small signs on each side which read; “Have a nice trip”

My dollar buys well on the Dutch side of the land
While only the euro will the French take out of hand
Still the islanders are loyal to this small haven in the sea
Their unity is remarkable and marvelous to see

With our tour over the old cab limps back to the pier
I pay the wrinkled hands as I hold back a tear
I’ll remember this ride with a remarkable guy
On a sunny December day under a St. Martin sky

                                                                   RBS 12-12-2009
 Florence's Mother;
 Emaline Jones Stevenson
John William Stevenson,
Civil War portrait.
Dad's Father, Milton Jackson Savage

    Milton Jackson "Jack" Savage
    with second wife, Florence
    Myers about 1913. Unfortunately,
    I have no picture of Jack's first
    wife and my father's mother,
    Olive Mae Fike.
Rev. Milton Jackson Savage, Russell Savage,   
Darrell Savage, Clifford Savage, Harvey Savage
and kneeling is myself.  circa 1950

    Three ages of my Dad, Russell Milton Savage

Me, a raw recruit in 1953 at Fort Knox, KY. I spent 8 years in the
Army Reserve, first in the 783rd Ordnance Light Maintenance
Company, 83rd. Inf. Div., in Akron, Ohio and later in the 459th
Transportation Company in Garfield, Ohio.
The function of the 459th was  landings of troops, equipment and
supplies with an amphibious truck designated; the DUKW.    

The "Guess Who" Section
Constituted 2 June 1943 in the Army
of the United States as the 459th
Amphibian Truck Company.
Reorganized and re-designated 28
October 1953 as the 459th
Transportation Company
A hike to Triple Falls
with the grand kids.
November 2013.
Marilyn 1968
DUKWs in
action during

I lost my older brother in 2014. He died the day before his 87th birthday.
Darwin Maxwell Savage joined the Navy in early 1945 at the age of seventeen.
I was ten when his ship, The USS Henrico left San Francisco for the war with
Japan in the South Pacific. I was afraid we would never see him again, but the
war ended before his ship reached its destination and it returned to the
States without having any engagement with the enemy. Dar's war was over
before it started.
Left is T.S. "Sherd" Bucklew and Florence. In front is my father, Russell Savage
Violet's Father,
Thomas Sheridan
Bucklew, her mother
Samantha Florence
and their first born,
Christine Watkins Bucklew,
 mother of T.S. Bucklew, wife
 of Andrew Jackson Bucklew.      
 She was my G. Grandmother.
Fly Tying Table for Norm; the designer, co-builder and
Various Bowls
Coffee Table
Name Plate with Air Force Medallion
Some of my wood working projects
Making purse handles for Judy
Hand carved Jewelry box for Marilyn
Name plate underway. Ready for ink pen mount
Why Do I Grow Old?

Arrrr Matie, I'll be a hoping the page here
were not a cause of ya succumbing
to any serious boredom, or such!
Dressed for the murder mystery dinner. I didn't do it.

Here's a Grandson with his Dad and Mom. He holds the Hudson
High record for most interceptions. He played both offense and
defense. Obviously gets his good-looks from Mom!
Two Sailors

    A grandson. He's
    unique in that he can
    touch his navel with
    his tongue.  At right he
    is with his best friend
    and Girlfriend.
Us with no. 1 grandson.
Number 1 son-in-law and sons.
Number 1 daughter and hubby.

This handsome brute
is a very bright grandson.
Number 2 daughter and family.

My name is Russell Blair Savage, but I've always been called by my middle name, Blair. I was named
after my father, Russell Milton Savage
I was born and spent my childhood in Monongalia County, West Virginia. My family moved to Ohio in
1951 and I remained there until I retired in 1995. After retirement, my wife and I have lived in West
Virginia, Florida, North Carolina and recently returned to Florida.
From the time I was a small boy, living in a grimy coal mining hollow in West Virginia (Dad was a coal
miner for 31 years) I wondered where my Savage family had originated. We knew the name of our
great, grandfather, Nelson Savage, but that was it.
In the mining camps, as they were called then, I played with boys who were of various ethnic
bloodlines and I was intrigued that they knew their nationality, while I hadn't a clue as to mine. So it
was natural for me to, one day, begin the search. Now we know that my Savage ancestor came from
England - and I'd like very much to determine from where in that country he came and who were his
After years of research I traced my Savage line back to Thomas Savage and recorded in book form
as much information as I could on each one of those Savage guys from me back to Thomas. The
father of my wife, Marilyn, was also a coal miner. She spent her childhood in a small mining
community in Clay County, West Virginia. Her family moved to Ohio when she was a teenager.

We live in Boynton Beach, Florida.
Iris was a couple of years
older than me and was
my buddy when we were

   Now a working man.

    These are Russell Milton Savage's Maternal G. G.
    Grandparents, Reverend Jacob Thomas and his wife,
    Mary Fike Thomas.They were parents of Sara Thomas
    who married Adam Rosenberger. Sara and Adam had a
    daughter, Susanna who married Isaiah Fike. Susanna
    and Isaiah were the parents of Russell's mother, Olive
    Mae Fike.

     Tha, tha, tha, that's all folks!!!!
    Mother and daughter on the job in
    2010. Mom was later arrested for
    violating child labor laws.
 Four mud hens played while dad fished in the Oswayo River.
    The farmers daughter, er, no, I think
    that might be my number 4 daughter.

    Rev. Milton Jackson Savage was
    a Pentecostal Minister and when
    I was a youngster, was referred
    to as the Bishop of a branch of
    the church in West Virginia and
    surrounding states.
    From Wikipedia: Pentecostalism
    or Classical Pentecostalism is a
    renewal movement [1] within
    Protestant [2] Christianity that
    places special emphasis on a
    direct personal experience of God
    through the baptism with the Holy
    Spirit. The term Pentecostal is
    derived from Pentecost, the Greek
    name for the Jewish Feast of
    Weeks. For Christians, this event
    commemorates the descent of the
    Holy Spirit upon the followers of
    Jesus Christ, as described in the
    second chapter of the Book of
Milton's WW II Draft Registration
This section is for my extended
family; Siblings, Nieces, Nephews,
Grandchildren, Etc.
My brother, 3 sisters and spouses.
Venice in the water taxi.

Great Grand-Daughter
with mom and dad.  Aug. 2018

   A very, very, very old trio from Falmouth, Maine.

This pretty girl  is our
Granddaughter,  She's a CPA.
For the life of me I can't seem to transfer this
photo without it flipping sideways.
 A bowl still in the lathe.
Some turning wood.

A little older now
   Number 5 daughter and family
Number 3 daughter with husband and son.
Milton's father, Nelson